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3. Can I transfer data bundles? Only subscribers who are the Master Account Holder or have the relevant privileges will be able to transfer data. 4. Which bundles can I transfer? All standalone once-off and recurring bundles of General, Night Owl and URL Based data bundle types. Subscribers will not be able to transfer roaming data bundles. 5 You can now transfer your cellphone data to other people for free - except if you're with Vodacom. Vodacom, South Africa's largest mobile carrier, will charge up to R20 to transfer 1GB data. The service is free at other South African cellular providers. Vodacom will also charge R0.49 for out of bundle data usage - the most in the country Select ' Data bundles'. Select 'For another number'. Enter recipient's Vodacom number. Select the data bundle to transfer

To transfer a data bundle from Vodacom you'll need to use the USSD string *111#. But before we go there, you need to know that you cannot transfer a data bundle from your own data. It's more like you'll be buying a data bundle for someone else from your airtime Bundle Transfer allows Vodacom customers to send SMS, MMS and Data Bundles to other Vodacom customers. 2. Bundle Transfer is a transfer of airtime from the transferring customer that is immediately converted into a bundle for the receiving customer. 3

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Whether for your mobile number or someone else's, the first step in the process is to link the Fixed Broadband account and the Vodafone mobile number. From any Vodafone mobile number, dial *900# and then choose 1 from the options that show up on the device. Also, select 3, which will grant you access to sharing the data To get started, download the My Vodacom App and follow the steps to . On the app homepage, select the 'More' menu at the bottom of the screen. Then select 'Airtime Transfer' from the menu options. If you are a Prepaid customer, you don't even need to activate the service and you can start sending airtime straight away If you have been wondering how to convert Vodacom airtime to data, this is how to go about it: Open your phone dialer and dial *135# Select the data bundle you will like to purchase Pay for the.. how to transfer all data from one phone to another with one click for Android and iOS,.MobileTrans-Phone to Phone Transfer: MobileTrans lets you transfer dat.. First, you must ensure that you have enough data on your SIM so as to transfer MTN data to another MTN SIM. If you do not have, you can buy data bundles by dialing *136*2*163#. Next, ensure that you activate the MTN data sharing service. To do this, simply dial *136*5#

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  1. READ ALSO: Internet Service Providers in Ghana 2018 Vodafone transfer credit from one SIM to another using Cedi & Pesewa value Image: unsplash.com Source: UGC. How to transfer Vodafone credit using this value is very simple as long as you have the transaction fee, the recipient number, credit in new Ghana cedi, Credit in new Ghana pesewa, your password, and then click send
  2. Open the dialer on your phone and type *135#. If your phone is a dual SIM phone, do ensure that you select the Vodacom SIM for the code you have dialed before sending. After sending the USSD code, a dialog box with instruction pops up, select 1. Then wait for few seconds for your airtime balance to be displayed
  3. • Find out how much data you've used using one of these options: - Log onto vodacom.co.za (using your data card's cellphone number), and go to the My Account menu option - SMS the letters MM to 31050 from the Vodafone Mobile Connect Software. This is a free servic
  4. Dial *147# from your phone. Select 3 Send Data & Airtime. Select 1 Send Data. Enter the phone number of the person you wish to send the data to OR selecr from your list of beneficiaries. Select the bundle you wish to send data from. Enter the amount of data you wish to send. Confirm the details and click continue

If you're a prepaid user on one of South Africa's mobile phone networks, chances are that you use a USSD code every day. Send airtime to another user. Vodacom - *135*072# (*135*1002# for. Purchase a new Vodacom SIM card. Register the SIM card with RICA. Your RICA registration will require that you have an ID number. Using your current number, send 'portme' followed by your new SIM..

How can i steal airtime from a vodacom sim to another vodacom sim . Asked by: Len: How can i transfer airtime and sms`e from a cell c contract phone to a vodacom pay as you go phone? 57% - How do i get the free airtime mtn sents to me that i`ve won? - Free data vodacom sa tricks. How to get free data on vodacom illegally Be like Isaac, Isaac Shares Data, Isaac is a Data-Hero. Data Transfer is one of the finest most valuable Telkom services that allow Telkom Prepaid Customers to share data amongst one another hustle free. By doing so, you allow your closest friends and family to stay connected with you Transferring Airtime from Telkom Mobile to another Telkom Mobile Prepaid customer. Dial *180#. Select option 3 to Transfer Airtime. Choose the amount of airtime you would like to choose from, options will be show in Rand value, R10, R20 and R50. Enter the recipients Telkom Mobile cellphone number One of their better products is the ability to transfer credit from one Vodacom line to another, in the event that you purchased more airtime than you actually need. Available Ways To Check Vodacom Airtime Balance. Vodacom subscribers now have several ways to ascertain their airtime balance

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To port to a Vodacom prepaid account, you need to purchase a Vodacom SIM card registered with RICA. Using your existing cellphone number, send an SMS saying 'portme' followed by your new SIM number to 0827678287. You will receive two SMSs. One will be a confirmation SMS, and the other will contain the date the porting will take effect Press the menu icon . Press Import/export . Copy contacts from your SIM to your phone, go to 2a. Copy contacts from your phone to your SIM, go to 2b. Press Import from SIM card . Press Phone . Press the box next to Select all . Press the confirm icon . Press OK to confirm If you have a GSM phone and contacts and text messages have been stored on a SIM card, you could read these off with a SIM card reader device. They are pretty cheap. A long time ago - more than 20 years - phone stores had SIM copying devices which.. Make sure the SIM cards for both devices are the same size. Explore our SIM card device tutorial. Heads up: Check if you already have a compatible data plan. If not, add one. Want a replacement SIM card? Find out how to get one; Have an eSIM? It's non-transferrable, so you'll have to go to a store or call us to get a new one Sometimes we need to transfer this information to another SIM card, for example when we have bought a new phone that comes with its own SIM. We might also want to share the contacts stored on a SIM card by transferring them to a friend's SIM. This is all easily done, and if you want to find out how to transfer contacts from SIM to SIM, read on

Tap either Cellular or Mobile Data. Tap Add Cellular Plan. Tap Enter Details Manually, at the bottom of your iPhone screen. You can store more than one eSIM in your iPhone, but you can use only one at a time. To switch eSIMs, tap Settings, tap either Cellular or Mobile Data, and then tap the plan you want to use In the Dual SIM settings, tap on one of the SIM card names or the Edit option next to them. Tap on the SIM card or the pen icon next to it. On the next screen, you should be able to insert a new name of the SIM card and, for some devices, change the color associated with it You can divert all of your incoming calls by following the steps below; Divert all calls:- To divert your calls, dial *21* followed by either the: * extension number and then press # * or site location code and extension number and then press # *. 2. Launch the program and connect your Android phone to the computer with a USB cable. 3. Choose SMS tab from the left side menu. 4. Preview and select the text messages you need. 5. Click the Export button from the top menu and choose an output format you want to save to from the drop down list

For many Data Plans Users, we do not know it is actually possible to Share or Transfer Data from One MTN Line To Another Line. In this post we would be looking at MTN Data Bundle and How We Can Share Data Between different devices and different MTN Lines how to transfer my vodafone data to another vodafone number *I Unlocking a device. Repairs. Lost & stolen. My Vodafone App. How do I transfer content from one phone to another? Find the best way to transfer your photos, contacts and other content to your new phone. Device help. Warranty & insurance. Unlocking a device

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  1. Next, using the SIM you want to port to MTN, which could be Vodacom, Telkom, Or Cell C SIM, Send an SMS, PORTME# ( 10-digit MTN SIM number) to 083 767 8287. Note that the 10-digit MTN SIM number is found on the SIM Pack. Hence, the SMS will take the form of the following; 'PORTME#0000000000.'. After a short while, you will receive a.
  2. Step 6: Get the SIM card from the operator and pay Rs. 19 for the porting. Step 7: Replace the old SIM with the new SIM at the date and time provided by the operator. Points To Conside
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  4. Be like Isaac, Isaac Shares Data, Isaac is a Data-Hero. Data Transfer is one of the finest most valuable Telkom services that allow Telkom Prepaid Customers to share data amongst one another hustle free. By doing so, you allow your closest friends and family to stay connected with you
  5. You would think that transferring your phone number to a new carrier would be instantaneous, but due to the nature of the telecom infrastructure, it does take a little time. There are a few things that have to happen to move your number from one carrier to another (this is called a port), and the elapsed time may vary depending on how quickly your current provider processes the port. On.

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Step 3: Initiate the data transfer. Choose which type of data you wish to move from one device to another and hit Send . You should not be able to see your Samsung smartphone receiving data you had stored in your Huawei phone. Do cross-check the final transfer to ensure everything has gone according to plan how to transfer vodafone data bundle to another vodafone number. Home; Uncategorized; how to transfer vodafone data bundle to another vodafone numbe This is another great offer from Vodafone. If you're lucky enough, you can get up to 30GB free data for your Vodafone sim. To activate this free data offer, all you have to do is simply dial this Vodafone free 10GB data number. Dial 121365 or 121363 from your Vodafone number & press 5 when asked. If you are eligible, 10GB Vodafone 4G data.

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Then, click Start Transfer to transfer files from Android to another Android Phone quickly. That's all. It isn't easy to transfer all your data from Android to Android. Try Dr.Fone - Phone Transfer free to transfer Android files to your new Android phone. It is the best Android to Android data transfer tool YOUR AGREEMENT WITH US - V-SIM. Your agreement is with Vodacom (Pty) Limited. It's made up of these V-Sim Terms and the V by Vodacom Charges Guide which cover the connectivity charges provided by the V-Sim card, acceptable use and out of country use. We encourage you to take a look at these documents which make up your Agreement with us Importing contacts to and from an SD card on a device running Android version 4.4 (KitKat) 1. From the Home screen tap Apps.. 2. Touch Settings.. 3. Touch Contacts.. 4. Touch Import/export.. 5

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Porting means switching from one service provider to another while keeping or retaining the digits of your initial mobile phone service provider. The only thing that changes is the prefix for the service provider. Simply put, as a mobile user, you can retain your telephone number when changing from one mobile company to another What you need to know about FNB's SIM cards. From 15 June FNB will offers it customers the options to buy SIM cards directly through it's FNB Connect arm, which already offers ADSL and 3G data. This means FNB is now a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). FNB is using Cell C's network to offer its new services

Select - Transfer Data Select - Bundle type to transfer by choosing any of the options displayed Confirm data bundle from which you want to transfer data Enter a number that you wish to transfer data to Select - Option 1 to confirm data transfer. Do I get eBucks rewards for data transferred? No, customers may receive eBucks for data purchases made 0. Its not possible to transfer data from one network to another. Each network provider has different rates and promotions with their data packages and bundles. It would be very difficult to implement a solution thats fair to the client as well and the provider. By: legend

Press Copy your data. 2. Establish connection from your phone to another phone. Press the required setting. 3. Transfer content from another phone. Follow the instructions on the screen to transfer the content from the other phone and finish the activation of your phone. 1. Find Copy your data A SIM card is a small card that's inserted into the phone. It contains all your contacts and settings, and it's linked to your account. You can take the SIM card out, put it into another phone, and if someone calls your number, the new phone will ring Which SIM card is best in South Africa? Vodacom and MTN have the best coverage, especially outside the cities, with Cell C and Telkom trailing behind. LTE data is available with all providers if your phone supports the right frequencies. I decided to pick up a Vodacom SIM, since the company boasted of having the fastest network in the country VODAFONE TO VODAFONE BALANCE TRANSFER CONDITIONS FOR 2016: ⦁ Give a call to the Contact Center on 0 800 400 007 (toll-free) ⦁ Visit one of the Vodafone stores One request may contain from 1 to 200 numbers for further transfer Like balance transfer now you can also transfer internet data from one sim to another. To transfer MBs from one.

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How to transfer Airtime with the help of USSD code. This is another simple method, that is fast and convenient. All you need to do is dial the code *600* phone number of the recipient * amount of airtime * your transfer PIN#. For example *600*08137699466*100*0000#. After that you will receive a verification message to confirm the transaction Similar steps applies on Vodacom, Cell C or MTN data and airtime transfer All FreeMe subscribers are being redirected to the Out of Bundle page when their data allocation is depleted, Telkom said. By December 1, 2018, an option to opt into or out of out-of-bundle usage was implemented, data extension periods introduced and transfer of data on. To check your Vodacom balance, dial the USSD code *136# for a summary. For a more detailed balance that includes data and SMS balances, dial *135# and choose option 1 (balances). Another option is by logging in to your My Vodacom account via the website. You will find your balances displayed on the My Account Summary page The rental provider must give their consent to transfer the rental agreement, unless there is a good reason to refuse to transfer one's rights in a contract to another person. failure, without legal excuse, to perform any promise called for in a contract The party transferring a benefit received under a contract to another person

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  1. With the Afrihost App you have access to #ClientZone which means you can top-up, change your package and share your data in one App! Send and receive data Help out the fam! With Air Mobile Prepaid you can send and receive mobile data between you and another Air Mobile user via the Afrihost App. All you need is a MTN Prepaid SIM
  2. Vi (formerly Vodafone & Idea) is offering free sim delivery with new prepaid connection. Simply select a plan & fill your details online and get a new 4G prepaid sim delivered to you for free
  3. When the old SIM Card is replaced by a new one. HERE IS HOW TO UN-BLOCK SIM CARD Just insert the blocked sim inside phone, then remove it and switch off the phone. and insert the blocked sim in the phone again and switch on the phone. then press this code: *22233421# . after that press the new pin you wish
  4. Donated Data bundles validity period shall be as per the donor data bundle validity period, e.g. if a customer transfer 1GB from 10GB anytime data bundles that was bought on 1 November and expire on 31 December (which is 61days) from date of activation, the 1GB donated data bundles shall expire on 31 December
  5. Transfer of Vodafone Sim Ownership to your Name To transfer vodafone sim ownership to your Name, submit ownership request form at nearest Vodafone store. The first thing you must do is collecting the Identity proof and address proof documents of both the parties. (ID and Address proof documents of both current owner and yours) and submit along with request form
  6. You can transfer airtime load on MTN to your family and friend, strangers not included via MTN Me2U. In Me2u it allows you transfer purchases airtime through other valid and qualifying MTN subscribers PayAsYouGo, MyChoice, TopUp, Anytime TopUp or OffPeak TopUp. Transfer costs are free. To do this, follow the instruction below: 1) Dial the *141*3# and following the prompt

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Vodacom reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 6, 2008. The latest review cancelation of a product (data and computer) was posted on Jun 21, 2021. The latest complaint paying for service I did not get: listed on my invoice as blackberry internet service was resolved on Jun 15, 2018. Vodacom has an average consumer rating of 1 stars. The only way Vodafone can do this is when the SIM has been used and there has been a small top up and a chargeable activity, it doesn't need to be big, as small £5.00 top up would suffice. When the number moves PAYG, it will terminate the contract and generate the final bills, one of which may contain a credit and a final and last zero bill

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SIM Card Type SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module which securely stores subscriber's information such as phone numbers and text messages. Users can easily switch SIM card from one mobile set to another. SIM card is responsible for communication among several mobile devices using different kinds of networks such as GSM, UMTS, LTE etc How to transfer airtime using USSD. Dial *777*Recipient's Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK. For example, dial*777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/OK. When the transfer has been completed, you will receive a message informing you that the transfer was successful. You can only transfer in Naira amounts and. Hey There!In this video, I have shown you how you can create a WhatsApp account without a phone number or SIM card easily. Using this trick, you can make mor.. I called 0821950 and was told that Vodacom was out of Nano sims and I must go purchase one from an vodacom-shop . Vodacom will then reimburse me with the cost. I went to a vodacom shop in Menlyn on 31 of May 2017 and bought a new Nano sim from 4U Menlyn Park While adding any new contacts, we generally consider saving contacts to SIM card. There is an advantage of saving contacts On SIM card as it is independent device that can be worked on different mobile phones and hence, one can easily transfer contacts from one phone to another with the help of SIM card