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  2. They don't have to deal with the heat of the summer and established grass will start going dormant soon which will give your growing seeds a better chance of grabbing up essential nutrients. Seed warm weather grass seeds in early spring and into the summer. Wait until temperatures get above 65°F during the day and then seed
  3. As a general rule, plant cool-season grass seed at least 45 days before the estimated date of your first fall frost, before soil and air temperatures drop to less favorable levels. Your grasses will enjoy a full fall season, plus a second cool, growing season come spring
  4. ate until the ground warms up enough anyway, you're better off waiting until late March
  5. Lawn and Grass Seed for Ultra Low Maintenance Lawns Pearl's Premium Fall or Early Spring is the best time of year to plant or any time soil temperatures are between 50 and 70 degrees

Make sure you wait for the right time of year to plant new grass seed. If you're planting cool-season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or tall fescue, the best time to plant is in spring or early fall The best time to identify seedlings is when plants are at the 2- to 3-leaf stage. Grasses usually reach this stage 1 to 4 weeks after germination, depending on the species. Germination time (shown below) can sometimes help determine grass type. 2 PASTURE GRASSES When grass produces seedheads. Kevin Frank, Michigan State University Extension, Department of Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences - May 30, 2013. Seedheads in lawns are a natural process that can't be avoided, but keeping your mower blade sharp and applying fertilizer will keep the lawn healthy and looking good The best time to plant depends on where you live and the type of grass you're planting. If you live in the North and are planting cool-season grass varieties, like Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, or fescues, the best time to plant grass seed is the spring and again in the fall Containing a blend of Italian and perennial ryegrass, the mixture is ideal for overseeding your lawn during the coldest months of the year. This grass seed establishes quickly and germinates within four days, even in the fall and winter. After a few weeks, you'll have dense growth of fine-bladed grass with a deep green color

Plant cool season grass seeds in the late summer through early fall. Some common cool season grasses include the following. Kentucky Bluegrass: Kentucky bluegrass has a beautiful blue-green color and fine texture. It tolerates cold and heavy foot traffic and fills in quickly The seeds feature Penkoted coating that protects seedlings from soil born diseases and insects, and produce a light green, drought-resistant turf grass. This cool-season grass seed should be planted during the early spring or fall in temperatures of 61 to 70Ð? Seed in early spring or early fall (spring plantings are at risk from hot and dry conditions over the summer). Fertilize in early spring, late spring or early summer, late summer and fall. Tall fescue tolerates hot, dry conditions better than other cool-season grasses When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring Warm-season grasses are best planted during the spring and early summer. You want to wait until daytime temperatures are consistently 65 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and all danger of late spring frost in your area has passed. Pros to Plant Grass Seed in Sprin The best time to sow grass seeds is in early fall. The majority of the summer heat is passed, but the soil is still warm enough to support germinating seeds. For most parts of the country, this time period can fall between late August and early October

You have to plant the correct grass seed type based on the time of year and your location. If you pick a seed that needs hot weather and it is only early spring, your germination rate is going to be much slower. Cool season grass needs soil temperatures between 45 to 55 degrees. Warm season grass prefers soil temperatures to be 55 to 65 degrees Sprouting Grass Now, most germination failure (especially with warm season grass) is because the grass seed was planted too early. Grass seeds have an outer shell (the hull) that prevents germination until conditions are right. Proper soil temperature is a big factor in the success you'll have 20 lbs. EZ Seed Patch and Repair Sun and Shade Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Sun and Shade Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair Sun and Shade is a revolutionary seeding mix that guarantees seeding success. The unique combination of Scotts high performance seed, premium continuous release lawn food and Scotts super-absorbent growing material, make it possible for grass to grow anywhere Simply insert a long screw driver into the ground. If it pushes down 6 to 8 inches without much resistance, you have the proper water saturation. Water new grass seed for 5 to 10 minutes immediately after planting to gently moisten the first several inches of soil. You'll want to maintain moisture in the seeding area from this point on

Best tme to attempt spring grass seeding The best time to seed in the spring is mid-March through early April. Like fall seeding, the soil must first be prepared. The recommended method is verticutting. A verticut slices grooves in the soil that allows for the necessary seed and soil contact for germination For your grass seed to thrive, it requires the right amount of warmth and moisture. This is why it's typically recommended to seed in the fall. If you are seeding in the spring, know that it will take slightly longer for the seeds to germinate. Ideally you need two weeks of continuous daily temperatures that sit between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius Centipede grass seed. This grass is slow to grow, but very low in maintenance once established. In climates that stay warm, it has virtually no dormant season, so it stays green year-round unless there's a cold snap. Zoysia grass seed. A slow grower, but one of the most cold-tolerant varieties of warm-season grasses The best time to plant warm-season grass seed is late spring or early summer, or when temperatures hover near 80 degrees or higher in your area. Plant cool-season grass seed in late summer or. Late summer to early fall is the best time to plant tall fescue seed. Fall offers several advantages not available any other time of year. As air temperatures drop in autumn, soil still retains some summer warmth

Well, it just so happens that experts recommend mowing your new grass from seed when it reaches a height somewhere between 3-4 inches. As I remarked earlier in the article, a height less than 3 inches might still have the grass at a stage of infancy and can be potentially damaging. Again, after 4 inches, it might be a little harder to mow it. Turner seed shows Johnson grass and Sorghum Almum can be planted at just about any time. 8-15 to 6-1. Taking a grass that likes to stem early, like Common Bermuda, Bahia, JG, Foxtail Millet, and Fescue, to name a few of which I am aware, probably could add Switch grass and Love, Blue Stem for a few more, Reading the readily available. The High Mountain Native Grass Seed Mix is an expertly formulated blend of cool season native grasses that re-creates high elevation meadows for states in the Intermountain West. These grasses thrive in cool mountain areas with late frosts in spring and early frosts in fall. This grass seed mix is formulated to withstand drought, will provide. The best time to plant grass seed is in mid spring, after danger of frost and before it gets too hot: this timing offers the best conditions for germination and growth. That said, you may find you have to plan later in the season for various reasons, such as construction of landscaping projects Bestselling Grass Seeds. Free Shipping Worldwide & Safe Payments. Shop Now

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Typical seasons to grow new grass are in the early fall and spring when temperatures remain mild, but it is possible to establish a lawn during the heat of summer. Planting grass by seed or sod in. Shop Menards for grass seed online or in store. Please Note: Prices, promotions, styles and availability may vary by store and online. Inventory is sold and received continuously throughout the day; therefore, the quantity shown may not be available when you get to the store

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1 (800) 552-1027. Mon.-Fri. (8AM-5PM) Sat. (9AM-12PM) Sun. (Closed) The Farm. 18724 Hancock Farm Rd. Dade City, FL 33523. Hancock Seed has been constantly introducing innovative ideas and custom seed solutions for our customers since 1978. Read more to find out how Farmer Direct brings you the best seed at the best prices Midwest Shortgrass Native Grass Seed Mix is a low-maintenance blend perfect for adding year-long interest to meadows, lawns, and garden beds. Featuring a variety of low-growing grasses native to the Midwest, including Blue Grama Grass, Sand Dropseed, and Prairie Junegrass, this mix creates habitat for birds and local wildlife During this period, the seeds germinate quickly and the seedlings grow rapidly. Another time to start grass seed is in late winter or early spring. This is a more difficult time because the soil is usually wet and cold, reducing the chances for good tilling. Grass seedings started in late spring through mid-summer are rarely very successful The Best Grass Planting Time. The best time to seed cool-season grasses in Iowa is late summer/early fall (ideally mid-August to mid-September). The soil temperatures and moisture at this time of year promote optimum seed germination and the cooler air temperatures are better for grass growth

Grass Seed. Bent Grass Seed (5) Bermuda Grass Seed (5) Bluegrass Seed (7) Buffalo Grass - Supreme Centipede Grass Seed Fescue Grass Seed (7) Lawn Seed Mixes (4) OSP Rye Grass Seed Putting Green Seed (7) Seashore Paspalum (1) Shade Grass Seed (7) Zoysia Grass Seed This Thursday's native plant profile is on the prairie grass, Little Bluestem, Schizachyrium scoparium. Given the name for its sometimes bluish green color in summer, it turns crimson or magenta in the fall, keeping its seeds for the early part of winter before they blow away. A great ornamental grass that grows up to 3 feet tall If you have your heart set on planting grass in spring, early April is, in fact, the best time to do it. But, depending on where you live, spring seeding could come with complications. Here's the thing—spring elements in the Midwest or Northeast (i.e., temperatures in the 60s and 70s and steady rainfall) are actually great for growing cool. When Do I Plant Grass Seed in the Spring? Cool-season grasses, bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue and tall fescue, take time to begin growing in the spring. Soil temperatures have to reach the 45 to 55-degree mark before growth starts to pick-up. It is also the minimum temperature for cool season grass seed to germinate Grass seed needs the correct soil and air temperature, as well as moisture content, to sprout. Planting it too early in the spring can result in less-than-ideal germination, because the seeds can die off or become unproductive. Sow grass seed once the danger of frost has passed

DLF Kentucky-31 Tall Fescue Grass Seed, 50 lb., 216AX0005UC-50. SKU: 685922999. Product Rating is 4.2. 4.2 (724) See price at checkout. Was Save. Free In Store Pickup. Standard Delivery Eligible. Same Day Delivery Eligible A good rule of thumb is to sow cool weather grass seeds in the late summer or early fall. If you have access to a thermometer, or even just check the weather reports, the ideal soil temperatures for growing cool weather grasses would be between 50°F and 65°F. Soil temperatures of this range could possibly mean atmospheric temperatures between. The seed will stay wet in cooler weather and gladly wait for ground temperatures around 50, at which point it'll wake up and grow. A late freeze can hurt young grass, but it's not likely with cool-season lawns like you almost certainly have in WI. It has to get *really* cold for it to be a problem. zhotster

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  2. If you don't plan early, fertilizers for new grass seeds can't pack as much of a punch as if you were to, let's say, plan to do a September or November fertilizer application. Fertilizers deliver all-important and much-needed nutrients to the soil, adding to what's already present. In healthy soil, this means other organic matter such as fallen.
  3. ate and grow then you know how long of a wait it can be between mowing sessions. In this vid..
  4. seed passed off as treated that may have been dyed to look like treated seed by checking the label for the source, method of treatment, and other information. If cost is a concern, note that the actual cost of seed for a buffalograss lawn is about the same as for turf-type fescue, considering that only 1 to 2 pounds of seed per 1,000 square fee

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The best time to seed cool-season grasses is late summer. I generally pick August 15 as the target date for the best time to seed. Seeding can generally take place as late as the end of September. Seeding dates in October can work, but the chance of success goes down each day after the first of October. The primary reason for seeding in late. Its distinctive seed heads look like a bottlebrush, making this species popular as an ornamental grass. In the wild, it is found growing in wooded and shaded areas, but can also be grown in full sun if need be. This grass is a cool-season perennial grass and ripens to a straw color in the summer. Starting at $2.75 USD Zoysia Lawn Grass Seed Is Very Popular. Zoysia Grass has been traditionally grown from vegetative or hybrid (no seed) varieties. Now that the seeded versions of Zoysia Grass are available people are planting these quality seeded Zoysia varieties in droves This grass seed is disease and traffic-resistant, resulting in a strong and durable lawn. Plant it in early spring or early fall and see results in 8-days to 16-days. This 7 lbs. bag covers up to 1,750 sq. ft. for overseeding an existing lawn and 580 sq. ft. for starting a new lawn from scratch. What makes Smart Seed smart Getting Started: When to Plant. Planting Grass Seed in Fall or Spring: The ideal time to plant grass seed varies by hardiness zone, but is usually in the spring, once temperatures have reached a consistent 60 F and there is no more danger of frost. Grass can be planted through the end of July but no later. If you're planting in the fall, wait until after there have been a few killing frosts.

The best fertilizer for Bermuda grass will have an N-P-K ratio that's high in nitrogen, contains little or no phosphorus, and may include a small amount of potassium. For example, an NPK ratio. The Best Way To Sow Seeds. Grass seeds need a good and healthy start to begin the process of germination. We suggest that you should water the seeds daily twice a day in the beginning. Continue doing this till germination and make sure that the topsoil is always moist. But remember not to apply excess water at one time When you should sow grass seed. You can sow Lawn UK lawn seed mixtures at any time from late March to mid-October providing that in periods of unusually dry weather the seedbed is kept constantly moist until the grass is about 6cm (2.5 inches) high. Always water with a fine spray; to great a force of water will displace the seeds

Grass seed production is a long term cropping system and may require more than two years before a seed crop is harvested and profits are realized by the producer. Unlike many annual crops, the value of the seed is dependent upon the market value of the variety produced and usually requires the grower to have a production contract with a seed. The seeds of cool-season grasses germinate quickly in the warm soil of late summer. The warm days and cool nights of early fall promote rapid turfgrass growth. The growing grass also has less competition from weeds, as few weed seeds germinate in fall. Grass seed can also be sown in spring (April to mid-May) in Iowa That's why I advocate early spring and fall for planting grass seed. Trust me, I used to install lawns and summer is just flat out challenging to grass seed. Reply. Randy says. June 3, 2014 at 8:38 am. I assume that you don't live in a hot climate. If you live in the northeast, we have what's known as cool weather grasses This native grass showcases purplish seed spikes that uniquely grow only along one side of the stems. This grass is a very popular clump-forming species for short grass prairie plantings. It is a warm season perennial grass, so greens up when the ground gets good and warm. Starting at $2.75 USD Carpetgrass was introduced into the United States in the early 1800s and has become naturalized in the southeastern states, especially on poorly drained soils. Carpetgrass physically resembles centipede grass in terms of leaf density and shape. Seeding Rate: 3-5 lbs. per 1000 sq. ft. for lawn; 50-150 lbs. per acre. Seed Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch

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Grass seed harvesting does not have to be a complicated task. The most important factor is waiting until the seedhead has matured before detaching it from the plant. Cut too early and the seed will not be viable and will not germinate. Take time to let the grass grow and the seedheads to fully mature, and you will be. Pasture grass is the most natural feed for cattle. Raising beef cattle and dairy cows on high-quality pasture grass is also beneficial both nutritionally and economically. A pasture with the proper species selection is able to supply a cow with all the energy necessary to convert grass into beef and milk day after day, year after year The certified seed varieties, mixtures, and blends we sell are your assurance of a superior lawn that will beautify your property for years and years to come. Through the science of conventional plant breeding, turfgrass breeders select individual grass plants for quality, color, density, resistance to diseases and insects, tolerance to heat. Preparing your grass seed is the best way to ensure optimal germination and the fastest germination. It's easy to do, relatively cheap, and helps your grass. Simply put, yes, grass seed will germinate if left on top of soil. The seeds will need sunlight, oxygen, moisture and the correct temperature to grow, as long as there's also soil that it can absorb the appropriate nutrients and moisture from. However, this is hardly an ideal state for grass seeds. If they're just laying on top of the soil.

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Alaska SEED (System for Early Education Development) As part of the early childhood and school-age workforce, you play an important role in the development of Alaska's most important resource - our children. Advancing your professional development with training and education helps you meet state requirements and to be successful on the job KY-Early gives you more horse-happiness per acre. For many horse owners, timothy is the grass of choice and is oftentimes recommended by trainers and veterinarians. It has been known to bring a shine to their coats, help mares foal easier, expedite recovery of colic surgery, and even help reduce boredom in horses confined to stables Choose The Right Grass Seed For Pennsylvania Lawns. UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Early fall is the best time to plant new lawns. A turfgrass specialist in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences offers tips for choosing seed. The seed to use depends on whether you want to repair damaged areas or put in a new lawn, says Peter Landschoot.

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  1. No Mow Lawn Grass Seed: 5 lbs covers 1000 square feet; 10 lbs covers 2000 square feet. Low Work and Water Dwarf Fescue Grass Seed: 5 lbs covers 500 square feet,10 lbs covers 1000 square feet. To make sure you're spreading the seed evenly, scatter 1/2 of the seed walking north to south and 1/2 of the seed walking east to west. 3
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  3. Spring plantings have the advantage of early-season soil moisture, while early fall plantings have the advantage of moderate temperatures and fewer competing weeds. Seeds can be hand broadcast or distributed with a grass-seed spreader and should be lightly raked in and then watered well for the first month or two, if needed
  4. Top 3 Best Grass Seed for Shade Reviews. 1. Jonathan Green Black Beauty Dense Shade Grass. If you have a densely shaded lawn area (we talking that 75% of the day or more it is covered by shade), then this is a great mixture of seed. Currently on Sale. Jonathan Green JOG10600 40600 Dense Shade Grass Seed, 3 lb, 3-Pound
  5. Grass seed that lies on dead thatch in a lawn will likely not reach the soil and will likely not begin to grow. Break up the thatch and top inch or so of soil with a rake or use a special machine called a slit seeder to place the grass seed next to the soil. Then early one morning while using my flashlight to find the newspaper in the dark.
  6. ate. Consider testing your soil prior to planting. You can use a DIY test kit, or send a sample to a professional lab to test your soil. Understanding your pH will help you deter

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  1. Seedhead Prevention In Bermuda Grass. The formation of blooms -- commonly called seedheads -- is often mentioned as a concern of turfgrass managers and architects, due to possible seed formation, and also due to possible pollen and allergy concerns. This is not a factor when these turf-type bermuda grass varieties are kept mowed and maintained as an attractive, healthy turf
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  3. Sowing Early Grass Seed. by Gardenadvice Tim Whitcombe · Published 24/06/2016 · Updated 19/06/2016. Question When is the earliest I can sow grass seed for my new lawn? Answer This largely depends on the weather and the aspect of the site on which you are sowing the seed.For example,a south facing, well drained slope will warm up a lot quicker.
  4. Product description. Miscanthus Sinensis Early Hybrids (Japanese Silver Grass) is a lovely ornamental grass that makes a dramatic addition to any garden area. It features green foliage and silvery plumes, and it can reach 86 inches tall and 36 inches in width. Miscanthus Sinensis gracefully flows in the winds and makes an ideal ornamental grass.
  5. Forage Grass and Turfgrass When looking for forage grass seed for hay or pasture, the correct choice will depend on what type(s) of animal(s) you will be feeding and the climate in your region. Choosing turfgrass seed will depend primarily on whether the grass will be growing in a sunny or shady area. For high-traffic areas such as playgrounds.
  6. The Best Time to Sow Grass Seed. Ideally, you should sow lawn seed when growing conditions are ideal. This means; Warmth - when temperatures are consistently above 8-10 degrees Celcius but not high enough to bake the seed. Plenty of moisture - usually provided by rain but supplemented by a sprinkler if needed

A healthy, thriving lawn requires quality fertilizers, seeds and soil. What better place to get the supplies you need to grow a lush, green lawn than Costco? Costco's selection of grass seed, soil, and fertilizer are designed to work together, creating results your neighbors will be admiring all year Orchard Grass. Orchardgrass is a perennial, cool-season bunchgrass best suited for fertile, light to medium soils with good drainage. It can persist on moderately poor drained soils. Orchardgrass has good winterhardiness, tolerance to shade and moderate tolerance to drought. It is an excellent choice for pasture, hay, greenchop or silage and is. An early flowering grass, strongly scented with coumarin, often found in old pastures and meadows. At one time it was included in seed mixtures as its scent was evident in hay but, as it has a high proportion of stem to leaf, it is unpalatable to stock With the many different types of grass seed available today, choosing what type of grass to seed alone is a difficult decision, but choosing to overseed adds another component to the mix. Let's face it — grass seed is expensive, and if you want to get the best bang for your buck, you'll want to choose the best grass seed for overseeding

Grass seed germinates at different rates, depending on various factors such as the grass species, weather, time of year and soil moisture. Typically, germination takes between five and 10 days. Once germinated, the grass will continue to grow at a rate of about 2/3cm per week Grass seed needs moisture to germinate. Dry, brittle conditions are not ideal for planting a lawn. Before spreading grass seed, it is essential to add nutrients to the ground. Watering is another key to successful grass growth; 30 percent of grass seed can fail to sprout if it dries out. Disperse grass seed over sandy soil in the spring or summer When it comes to new grass seeds, consider this activity daily. The seeds require water early in the morning and midday for about5 to 10 minutes. Whether you are watering using your hands as well as hose-end, make sure that it is consistent. Provide equal amounts of moisture through the areas except places covered with shade Nature Jims Sprouts Wheatgrass Seeds - 100% Organic Wheat Grass Seed for Sprouting - Cat Grass Planter Seeds, Rich in Vitamins, Fiber and Minerals - Non-GMO, Healthy Wheatgrass Sprout Growing Seed 4.6 out of 5 stars 6

Description. Early Durban is a great choice for outdoor cultivation especially in higher latitude regions where it will finish flowering early enough to beat the advance of colder and wetter weather patterns. It is a cross of South Africa's famous Durban Poison with a Skunk #1 Depending on the variety of grass seed you use, it can take as little as five to as long as 30 days for the grass to germinate. Cut carefully. The new grass will not be well-established with deep roots for about eight weeks, so mow your lawn carefully the first few times. The grass should be at least three inches tall before the first mow Cutting the grass will encourage it to send out more shoots to thicken up the sward. In the first six months, tend to any weeds by hand and avoid using grass feed or weed product. Weed seeds from the soil will germinate with the grass seed, most will be annual weeds which will die out with cutting, and in the winter To optimize the timing to swath grass seed crops and to maximize the quantity of seed harvested, seed growers must balance cutting late-maturing seeds too early with cutting early-maturing seeds too late. Cutting too early at high seed moisture content shortens the seed fill period leading to immature seed and reduced seed size or weight In areas of your lawn that receive 4-hours to 6-hours of sun daily, plant this grass seed mix in the early spring or early fall and see results in 8-days to 21-days. This 20 lbs. bag covers up to 5,000 sq. ft. for overseeding an existing lawn and 1,660 sq. ft. for starting a new lawn from scratch. What makes Smart Seed smart

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It's best to sow grass seed in the late summer to early/mid Autumn. Grass seeds love warm & moist soil which allows them to germinate quickly. You can also sow the seeds throughout Spring, Summer & Autumn but weather conditions vary across the UK. Continue reading to find out how to get the most from your grass seeds at any time of year This type of grass seed can grow best in the spring and early summer and goes dormant in the winter. It should be planted when temperatures are between 32-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm-season grass seed is perfect for southern climates This grass has an aggressive creeping growth habit from rhizomes and can produce a significant thatch layer over years of aggressive management. Seed is readily available, but it is slow to germinate (14-21 days) and complete establishment usually takes months, making spring plantings much less successful than those of early fall That said, cool season grass is still useful for overseeding in much of Florida. Overseeding is a technique where you sow one type of grass seed on top of another type. When you put cool season grass seed on top of warm season grass, you get a secondary grass that will remain green when the temperatures drop below 65. Best Warm Season Grass For.

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This grass seed mixture is composed of more than a few varieties of red fescue and ryegrass seed. Every single seed is picked for its striking, bright green shade. This four-grass blend of hardy grasses is resilient to temperature, wildflowers and bugs Seed, certified. A seed lot inspected to meet minimum standards and to ensure trueness to type for a given cultivar. Sheath. The basal portion of the leaf surrounding the grass stem. In grass plants, it is usually split with overlapping edges. Spiking. Penetration of turf in a vertical plane by series of solid round tines. Spri

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Generally, it is recommended you sow the grass seeds in mid to late spring and again in the early autumn. Do note, however, that seeds sown in the south of the UK will germinate sooner than those. A: Scotts Turf Builder Grass Seed Sun & Shade Mix will begin to grow in 5-10 days, but can take 30-60 days to become established depending on seasonal conditions. Make sure you continue to water as directed

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Early autumn is the perfect time to sow a new lawn while the soil is warm and damp and it will cost you less than turfing. There are grass seed mixes available to suit every garden, from shady.

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