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Send an Email. Chief of Water Resources. Dena C. Barnhouse. (614) 265-6620. Email the Chief. Emergency 24 Hour Dam Safety Hotline: (614) 799-9538. Well Logs & Water Wells: (614) 265-6740 ODNR does not warrant these data and claims no liability regarding accuracy or damage caused by its use or misuse. This product of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources is intended to provide general information only and should not be used for any other purposes. It is not intended for resale or to replace site-specific investigations Groundwater resources maps, produced by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), show the types of aquifers present in the county, expected yields, and the typical depths of water wells. The maps use colors and patterns to show the amount of water expected from the most productive aquifer in an area Statewide Bike Routes. Lands & Facilities. All other Divisions or Offices. Natural Areas and Preserves. Wildlife. Watercraft

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Groundwater Publications MWIR = Monthly Water Inventory Report WB = Water Bulletin WFS = Water Fact Sheet WGWR = Groundwater Resources County Map WGWPP = Groundwater Pollution Potential Map WGWPS = Groundwater Potentiometric Surface Map WIC = Water Information Circular WIR = Water Inventory Report WMR = Water Miscellaneous Report WNPSP = Water Non-point Source Pollution Repor Ground Water Resource Maps In the early 1970's, ODNR's Division of Water (now Division of Geological Survey) developed a program to map the ground water availability in the State of Ohio. They began producing a series of maps to describe the ground water resources on a county by county basis Summary of Ground Water Classification • ODNR resources - Potable water wells logs - Oil and gas well logs - Ground water resource maps • Zones are Critical Resource ground water if: - Zone is used by a public water system, and - Property is in a drinking water source protectio

3877, Measured stratigraphic section locations in Ohio. 3436, Mine-point locations of the 1:24,000-scale bedrock-geology maps. 2959, Mineral Industries Annual Permitted and Operating Locations. 3697, Miscellaneous support files for geologic records at the ODNR-Division of Geological Survey Enter ODNR Well Log Number . Contact Us - Website comments/questions - DNR web policy statements - Website comments/questions - DNR web policy statement Ohio Groundwater Resources Map Groundwater in Ohio Yield of Unconsolidated Aquifers Yields of Uppermost Bedrock Aquifers of Ohio. Maps provided courtesy of Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Navigation. GMBVA Information Page; Butler Groundwater Resource Map

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  1. ate groundwater data to characterize the groundwater resources of the State. To address these needs, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) and the Miami Conservancy District (MCD) monitor.
  2. Interactive map of water resources across the United States. The U.S. Geological Survey's National Water Information System (NWIS) created an interactive tool that maps water resources data at over 1.5 million sites across the country. The search tool allows the user to find sites by street address, location name, site number, state/territory.
  3. ute intervals, stored onsite, and then transmitted to our office every 15
  4. ation. DRASTIC applies to the uppermost aquifer, which is usually the most vulnerable. DRASTIC maps, published by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) on a countywide basis, are available for most of Ohi
  5. ODNR Geologic Maps of Ohio USGS Ohio Geologic Map Data Midwest Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership (MRCSP) Geologic Mapping ODNR Division of Water Resources (Ohio Groundwater Resources, Wetlands) Ohio EPA Hom
  6. Pennsylvania Groundwater Information System Pennsylvania has more than a million domestic water wells, plus an unknown number of other types of water wells, boreholes, and springs. Water well and spring data are available through the Pennsylvania Groundwater Information System (PaGWIS), which is maintained by the DCNR Bureau of Geological Survey
  7. logic and chemical water quality data with digital map-ping to develop a derivative map product. Data utilized in this effort includes geologic information presented in Ohio Department of Natural Resources Aquifer Maps (ODNR, 2000), water quality information from Ohio's Ambient Ground Water Monitoring Program, and Ohio'

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The ground water vulnerability assessment model, DRASTIC, has been modified to better evaluate the effect of fractured till. In the mid-1980s, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Water began statewide, county-by-county mapping of the potential for ground water pollution ODNR asks that any residents who have complaints about drinking water can contact the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management at 614-265-6608 or email oilandgas@odnr.state.oh.us. bburger.

Flammable water is caused by the release of methane gas into a drinking water supply. Methane gas occurs naturally and can be released by any kind of drilling, including water wells. In Pennsylvania officials fined Chesapeake Energy $1 million for contaminating ground water with methane Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to create a well log database at ODNR that allows Board of Health staff to have internet-based access to information about the 10,000 wells in Mahoning County for which well logs exist. The database allows users to identify wells by homeowner name, street address, or political subdivision of the property Any residents who have questions should contact the ODNR Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management at (614) 265-6608 or oilandgas@dnr.state.oh.us. The Department of Natural Resources is also working to plug an orphan well-an existing well that is no longer in use-and is working to locate other orphan wells in the area

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Major global groundwater resources could be depleted by 2050sThe world is running out of WATER and this maps shows

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  1. DRASTIC Hydrogeologic Settings Modified for Fractured Till
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