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De voordeligste online Drogist. Profiteer van hoge kortingen. Bestel veilig en voordelig online Tea tree oil for infection prevention... Make a 20% solution by mixing 20 mL of tea tree oil with 80 mL of tap water (to make a total of 100 mL). Spray this solution on countertops in the bathroom and kitchen. Wipe the surfaces with a cloth and allow them to air dry Popular blog MotherWise explains that you can make one suppository by combining one drop of pure tea tree oil, three drops of pure lavender oil, and two tablespoons of unrefined organic coconut.. Tea tree oil for yeast infection mixed with apple cider vinegar and acidophilus can help balance the pH levels and reduce the growth of yeast Here are few ways of using tea tree oil for sinus infection. Pour few drops of tea tree oil on a tissue or handkerchief. Sniff it whenever you're suffering from nasal congestion. Add 5 - 8 drops of tea tree oil in a large bowl of hot water

Both tea tree oil and lavender oil are essential oils that exhibit antimicrobial property to fight against the bacteria or virus causing infection. Mix 5 drops each of tea tree oil, lavender oil, and juniper oil. Pour in a small bottle with a dropper and then pour 2 drops in 1 ear. Cover the ear with a cotton ball so that the oil doesn't drip Anti-bacterial. Tea tree oil can be used to treat and disinfect minor cuts and abrasions by killing S. aureus and other bacteria known to cause infections in open wounds. Antiviral. Tea tree oil's antiviral properties can reduce the chances of an infection developing in cases where skin is broken. Antimicrobial

Tea Tree Oil with Carrier Oil This method can be used to treat the infection in men, women, toddlers and pregnant women. Mix 3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of any carrier oil like almond, castor, or olive oil. Massage gently into infected skin and leave on overnight Tea tree oil has been used traditionally as a topical antiseptic and antifungal treatment. One study found that a dilution of tea tree oil worked as well as 5% benzoyl peroxide in controlling the.. And while it is doing the dirty work of helping you get better from that cold, it also works as a natural disinfectant. Tea tree oil can be used in your diffuser (5 drops or so), carefully inhaled from the bottle, or mixed with coconut oil and rubbed onto your chest or neck (2 to 4 drops of oil mixed with a teaspoon of coconut oil) Tea tree oil for dental care. What is tea tree oil? Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, it successfully combats bacteria and fungi. Tea tree oil has terpenoids, such as terpinene-4-ol and cineole, which effectively destroy the bacteria even that are antibiotic-resistant, as the University of Michigan Health System notes In this article, learn how to use tea tree oil for yeast infection with 3 tried and tested tea tree based remedies for quick relief. Types of Yeast Infections that Can be Treated by Tea Tree Oil Cutaneous or skin related yeast infection - this also includes yeast diaper rash in babies and sanitary napkin (pad) rashes

Soak a clean cotton ball, cotton swab or cotton pad in water with tea tree oil. Rub the infected skin with this cotton. Leave it a few minutes, then wash it off. In some cases, using tea tree oil alone cannot be strong enough to clear up acne Mix 3 drops tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of warm water or olive oil. Use fingertips to rub this solution on the back of the ear. Rub gently to get relief from pain. Apply regularly to get rid of ear infection Many uses for tea tree oil Tea tree oil is used mainly for its antibacterial and antiviral properties on cuts, scrapes and skin irritations. Tea tree is also a common remedy for athlete's foot, candida yeast infections, acne and warts. Because tea tree oil is so mild, it can safely be used in many different ways Tea tree oil combats the bacteria and virus causing the infection in the first place, fighting the root of the problem directly. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce swelling and irritation that the infection causes How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infections Tea tree oil for yeast infection is administered through a vaginal suppository (a dissolvable capsule or pill). You can purchase premade tea tree oil suppositories at a drugstore, natural health food and supplement store, or online. Never try to make your own suppository

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Using tea tree oil for vaginal infections shouldn't give any side effects, but some women may feel a burning sensation which should disappear within a few minutes from inserting the suppository. If the burning doesn't go away, remove the suppository because it may be an allergic reaction to tea tree oil Mix tea tree oil in warm water. Use a dropper or a cotton swab to add this mixture into the affected ear canal. Lie keeping that side vertical for about 5-7 minutes and then let the excess liquid drain out. Repetitions: Repeat regularly till the infection is cured Tea tree oil is one such cure that widely used to deal with ear infection. This oil with its helpful properties helps so much in treating the ear infection. Here are 13 best ways to use tea tree oil for ear infection that are collected by Vkool.com from reliable sources How To Use Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection. Tea tree oil is known as a natural and powerful solution that has the ability to kill the yeast infection effectively. However, it is not friendly oil that can be used without fully understanding. According to Dr. James A. Duke, a renowned botanist, tea tree oil should only be applied as the last. Tea tree oil for male yeast infection. Using tea tree oil for male yeast infection may provide some relief, although it can cause irritation or an allergic reaction in some men. For this reason, always start by testing the tea tree oil cream on a healthy skin first, as shown in the protocol below. To use tea tree oil for male yeast infections

For this purpose, you can use a blend of coconut oil or olive oil with tea tree oil. For making such a blend pour tea tree oil and pure coconut or olive oil at the ratio of 1:10 respectively. Apply at the infected skin and pat dry with clean cloth. Use twice or thrice a day for better results. You can also use Lavender oil with tea tree oil It's used only externally: either you use it for massage (diluted with a vegetal oil) or as an inhalator. To prepare a beneficial solution for the sinus and lungs infections, put three or four drops of tea tree essential oil in a pot with hot water (not boiled). Incline your head above the pot, cover yourself with a towel and inhale the warm. Using tea tree oil as a mouthwash will be sure to help you get rid of the annoying yeast infection in your mouth and throat very quickly. 2. Tea Tree Oil And Coconut Oil For Oral Thrush. If you find the mouth washing way above unsuitable, there is another way for you to use tea tree oil as a treatment. It's to mix it with coconut oil Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is known for its strong anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil is used for the treatment of wide range of conditions ranging from cuts, bruises, infections of the nose, throat, mouth and ears Use the wash twice a day as a daily preventative. Use it up to four times a day to treat conditions such as a sore throat or gum infection. If you are using diluted tea tree oil to treat an oral infection, use it for two to four weeks or until the condition improves. You do not need to refrigerate the mixture

Tea Tree Oil Application. Tea tree oil is an ideal treatment for toenail fungal infections, but it is best to dilute it with carrier oils to avoid any skin reactions. [2] Step 1: Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil, both of which have anti-fungal properties Tea Tree Oil for Skin and Nasal Infections. A 10% tea tree oil formulation has been shown to be effective for resolving MRSA skin infections. Apply a cream formulation twice daily or even three times a day. Make this cream by mixing 10 mL of tea tree oil with 100 grams of cream. Most creams may be used as a base

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  1. Tea Tree Essential Oil By utilizing steam distillation of its twigs and leaves, we are able to collect tea tree oil extracts. In today's world, tea tree oil is used most commonly in households to cure tropical infections and diseases, especially in small children
  2. The tea tree plant is native to Australia, and for most of history, the rest of the world was pretty much out of luck when it came to finding its potent leaves. Today, we're lucky to have access to its oil for cleaning our homes, relaxing in the bath, and even treating skin infections
  3. Men are less likely to have a urinary tract infection. People living with type 2 diabetes have a higher rate of UTI's as reported by the American Diabetes Association 73rd Scientific Sessions. Tea Tree oil is meant for external topical use only. If you mix the oil with water to wash your private parts, using it as an external cleanse, it.
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Using tea tree oil internally (and even topically) without properly diluting it can cause skin irritation and allergic reactions, especially at higher concentrations. If you decide that you want to combat your yeast infection with tea tree oil, talk to your doctor first, and then use the essential oil properly Using Tea Tree Oil for Cellulitis. Neat application of essential oils should always be carried out with caution. The term 'neat application' refers to placing the oil directly on the skin without a carrier oil. Tea tree oil for cellulitis can be applied neat. Dab it on with a cotton ball or Q-Tip. Apply only one to two drops directly on the. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that appears to have antifungal properties. Some people, therefore, claim that it may be effective as a treatment for nail fungus. Read on to find out what the. Lavender oil (4-5 drops) Here's how to use tea tree oil to treat yeast infection. Mix the first two oil (tea tree and lavender oil ) then top it up with some few drops of distilled water. With the help of cotton wool, coat the yarn with the mixture and then apply to the affected spot. 2. To treat chickenpo

Tea tree oil can be used to treat ingrown hairs and prevent infection. Typically the result of hair removal practices, ingrown hairs can be painful, inflamed, and even leave hyperpigmented scars-particularly if you pick or squeeze them in an attempt to resolve the issue How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection. Douching. You can carefully utilize a small amount of this tea tree oil in the vagina through a douche. In the book of The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless, you can create an efficient douche through adding approximately five to 10 drops of tea tree oil to one liter of water. Step The tea tree oil is extracted from a plant growing in Australia. Tea tree oil is not used to be ingested and it is only used like a topical remedy. 1. Use Tea Tree Oil For Sinus Infections. Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antiviral properties that make it great for different types of infections, especially for the respiratory system

Tea tree oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for yeast infections.While yogurt, garlic, and sugar elimination are common remedies for yeast infections, tea tree oil ranks high on the list of the quickest ways to heal this troublesome problem.. Yeast infections occur when there is an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the body, which leads to the growth of a microscopic fungus. How to use tea tree oil for sinus infection. You should consult your doctor before using tea tree oil for sinus infection. Tea tree oil can irritate the mucous membranes of the throat and nose so it should be used only as directed. The only way to apply tea tree oil is to add it to water and to steam the nasal passageways with the help of a. When applying tea tree oil, you will naturally kill the bacteria that has caused the infection. Since pain is often associated with these infections, tea tree oil's anti-inflammatory effects can help reduce the irritation and discomfort resulting from inflammation. There are a number of ways to administer tea tree oil for this purpose Use a cotton ball to apply the tea tree oil to the boils to remove the infection. Repeat the method three times daily. 7. Aloe Vera And Tea Tree Oil. Both tea tree oil and aloe vera are packed with antibacterial properties that can help to get rid of infections, such as staph and MRSA. Aloe vera helps soothe the pain and fasten the healing process

Tea Tree Oil for Infection - Does It Work? Pharmacists

  1. Use Tea Tree Oil to Get Relief from Fungal Infections. Read on to know how you can use tea tree oil for fungal infections at home. Method 1: Seborrheic Dermatitis. Seborrheic dermatitis is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by heavy dandruff and red, flaky patches on the scalp and surrounding skin
  2. This tree is the native to southeast Australian coast. The chemical which is contained in this tea tree oil is used to kill the fungus, bacterium and viruses. It can reduce the allergic skin reaction too. There are so many advantages that we can get from the tea tree oil. People can use this oil as the additional substances for taking a bath
  3. Obtained from the leaves of the tea tree plant (Malaleuca alternifolia), tea tree oil is a popular ingredient in body lotions, shampoos, soaps and other beauty products. However, its antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties have been used to treat dental problems and cleaning post-surgery wounds since the 1920s. [1] Surgeons believed that it was more effective than carbolic acid.
  4. Tea tree oil is an essential oil that comes from the tea tree plant, and it's involved in various types of home remedies. It's known for its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, used to treat everything from acne to dandruff. The oil has a camphor-like odor. Visually, it ranges from pale yellow to clear in color

Tea Tree Oil for Yeast Infection: Use, Side Effects, Risks

11. rinsing with warm water with tea tree oil and patchouli. The anti-fungal property of patchouli oil helps fight against yeast infection. Mix 1 drop of tea tree oil and 1 drop of patchouli oil in a glass of warm water. Use the hot wash of water on the infected private parts of yeast. Repeat the process twice a day Gently heat the coconut oil and add the tea tree oil. Clean the infected area and pat it dry. Gently apply the mixture. Repeat the process thrice a day until the infection is healed. In case the infection is oral then swish the mixture in your mouth for 10 to 15 minutes and spit it out. Do not drink or eat anything for the next 30 minutes Ways to Use Epsom Salt with Tea Tree Oil: Foot Soak: Take a spa tub, use a basin or a bucket, and fill it with hot water. Add a few drops of tea tree oil (10-15 drops) and mix one tablespoon of Epsom Salt in the water. Mix it and prepare a solution. Now soak your feet in this foot soak for about 15 minutes twice or thrice a day for best results Tea Tree oil is an essential oil that has antibacterial and antifungal properties. That is used for 100 years to help to heal wounds and skin infections. Tea Tree Oil is mostly used and prepared by women for vaginal suppositories as an alternative and prescription yeast infection medication Tea tree oil is used to prevent and treat infection by certain bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics and for skin rash due to contact with nickel. It is also applied to the skin to eliminate excess body hair (hirsutism) in women. On the eyelids it is used for a mite infection at the base of the eyelids

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Originally, the leaves were used as a tea substitute, which is how tea tree oil got its name. Tea Tree Oil Uses. Tea tree leaves were originally used for healing skin ailments, scrapes, insect bites, skin spots, cuts, infections, and burns by crushing the leaves and applying them to the area in need 8 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Dogs. 1. It's a Flea and Tick Treatment. Many pet owners rave about tea tree oil for dogs as a natural flea and tick remedy, and farmers have been using tea tree oil. Use of tea tree oil declined after World War II due to the availability of effective antibiotics, but interest resumed during the 1970s, and large-scale production of tea tree oil was established. Tea tree oil has been found to be an effective remedy for fungal and viral infections, particularly those that affect the skin The oil kills fungus and bacteria, including those resistant to some antibiotics. 1, 2 For common acne, a double-blind trial compared the topical use of 5% tea tree oil to 5% benzoyl peroxide. 3 Although the tea tree oil was slower and less potent in its action, it had far fewer side effects and was thus considered more effective overall

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I finally decided to treat this as a fungal infection myself with some tea tree oil and it worked!!!! I dipped cotton swabs in olive oil first, then put a drop of tea tree oil on and swabbed the inside of my nose with this mixture for about 2-3 weeks. Tea tree oil is an anti-fungal and is used to treat athlete's foot and nail fungus, so it made. Some people use tea tree oil for dogs ears or even yeast infections. This is because tea tree oil might be able to kill bacteria and fungus. And it can perhaps also reduce allergic reactions, so some use tea tree oil for dogs skin. If these claims are true, then this oil could be a great natural remedy for certain issues in dogs Tea tree oil is often found in varying concentrations and high concentrations should never be used on pets. As little as 7 drops of 100% oil has resulted in severe poisoning, and applications of 10-20 mls of 100% oil have resulted in poisoning and death in both dogs and cats Tea tree oil for nail fungus. To use tea tree oil for nail fungus you must know the right recipe. You have to add 6 drops of tea tree oil into 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. You can apply it around and on top of the nail with the use of a cotton bud. You have to keep it for 1h and wash off with soap and water

Tea tree oil contains constituents called terpenoids, which have been found to have antiseptic and antifungal activity. 1  The compound terpinen-4-ol is the most abundant and is thought to be responsible for most of tea tree oil's antimicrobial activity. People use tea tree oil for the following conditions: 2  Directions For Use. Tea tree oil can irritate the mucous membranes of the throat and nose so it should be used only as directed. The only way to apply tea tree oil is to add it to water and to steam the nasal passageways with the help of a vaporizer. Tea tree oil helps infuse the sinus cavities with antibacterial and antiviral compounds Treat Yeast Infections on the Skin Naturally with a Tea Tree Oil Bath. Because tea tree oil can be quite harmful if swallowed, I recommend only using this essential oil for topical application treatment methods. There are a few different ways you can topically apply tea tree oil, and all of them are incredibly effective Tea tree Oil, having antibacterial properties can also treat a variety of scalp conditions including Seborrheic Dermatitis. In most anti-dandruff shampoos, you will find the use of pure tea tree oil. If you do not wish to use the oil directly on the skin to treat acne, you may buy tea tree oil face wash How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Vaginal Yeast Infections. During pregnancy, a woman produces more estrogen than normal: such hormonal changes are normal and to be expected, but this unfortunately means that your body is less able to control the amount of 'bad' bacteria that natural occurs in our bodies. One of these bad bacteria is the candida.

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Tea tree oil contains compounds with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal potential. Application of tea tree oil on the scalp helps to fight against these problems and infections. Tea tree oil promotes hair growth and nourishes the roots by unclogging the hair follicles. It strengthens the hair, reduces hair fall and adds shine to your hair While diluted tea tree oil has been used on dogs to treat skin conditions like yeast infections or hot spots, its use requires extra caution as it is toxic to pets. Tea tree oil is safe for dogs only in very small concentrations ( 0.1% to 1% ), but the wrong dilution ratio can be harmful. So it's important to know the risks of tea tree oil.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil: 8 Uses, Dilution, Application

The tea tree grows on the swampy southeast coast of Australia. The aboriginal people of Australia have traditionally used tea tree oil as an antiseptic (germ killer) and an herbal medicine. Today, external use of tea tree oil is promoted for various conditions such as acne, athlete's foot, lice, nail fungus, cuts, mite infection at the base. Tea tree oil, also known as melaleuca oil, is an essential oil that comes from steaming the leaves of the Australian tea tree. When used topically, tea tree oil is believed to be antibacterial. Tea tree oil is commonly used to treat acne, athlete's foot, lice, nail fungus and insect bites. Tea tree oil is available as an oil and in many over. How to Use Tea Tree oil for Yeast Infection. Using tea tree oil for yeast infection on various parts of the body like the mouth, vag, skin, etc is so easy if the guidelines are followed. According to a research, tea tree oil is one of the effective treatment for the common yeast infection strain Candida albicans

Tea tree oil can be used as an effective topical application for the treatment of infections due to a variety of microbial and viral agents, including herpes simplex, influenza virus subtype H1N1 and human papilloma virus. Though results of recent clinical research have found beneficial properties of tea tree oil in treating viral infections. To use externally for immune boosting, tea tree oil can be diluted with a carrier oil, such as castor oil (find it here ), and applied to the bottom of one's feet: Combine 1 to 2 drops of TTO with 1/2 teaspoon castor oil. Rub into the bottoms of feet. Optionally, pull on wool socks, and rest or sleep

Natural Home Remedies for Yeast Infection

Tea Tree Oil For Yeast Infection: 18 Effective Methods to

To spot treat acne, use 5-15 drops of tea tree essential oil and mix it with 1 teaspoon of raw honey. Apply the mixture to any problem areas and allow it to sit on your face for 15-60 minutes before rinsing off. 3. Helps with Wound Healing and Preventing Infections Tea tree oil is used for acne, infestation of the eyelashes with a type of mite (ocular demodicosis), toenail fungus (onychomycosis), and athlete's foot (Tinea pedis)

Soothe bug bites and stings. cunfek/Getty. In addition to disinfecting the bite and helping to prevent infection, tea tree oil is also anti-inflammatory which helps to reduce itch and prevent bug. Today, tea tree oil and other derivatives of this plant have been widely studied, and researchers have confirmed this plant's antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties. Tea Tree Oil and Oral Health. This essential oil has been used for centuries to kill germs and treat an infection Using a dandruff shampoo might relieve your blepharitis signs and symptoms. Using tea tree oil shampoo on your eyelids daily might help deal with mites. Or try gently scrubbing your lids once a week with 50% tea tree oil, which is available over-the-counter. Contact your doctor if you don't see improvement in six weeks The three to four drops of tea tree oil in a teaspoon of olive oil I mix well with a Q-tip which I then use to apply to the lid margins using the other end for the other eye. This prevents cross-contamination, which has been very important duri g the course of this illness for me since my right eye was much worze than my left

Tea Tree Oil for Acne, Fungal Infections, Vaginal

Other Ways of Using coconut Oil for Yeast Infection. Coconut oil and tea tree oil for yeast infection. Another essential oil which has proven antifungal activity is tea tree essential oil. 8 And indeed tea tree oil is one of the natural remedies that I've mentioned for yeast infections. You could add some tea tree oil to the above recipe and. Tea tree oil can kill bacteria and fungi. It comes from the evergreen leaves of the Australian Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Tea tree oil has been used as complementary therapy in surgery, burn care, and dental care. Numerous tea tree oil body care products are available, including soap, shampoo, toothpaste, lip balm, topical (used on the skin. Use tea tree together with virgin coconut oil to make an antibacterial ointment to heal your belly button yeast infection or bacterial infection. Coconut oil is also antibacterial and antifungal and will help boost the potency of tea tree oil in getting rid of skin infections. 5, 6 It also contains anti-inflammatory properties to help reduce. Tea tree oil is the strongest antimicrobial essential oil that is proven to work well for fungal and bacterial infections . Tea tree oil for yeast infection is proven to be very effective. If you are opting to use essential oils for fighting Candida, TTO should preferably be your first choice over the other oils Tea tree oil is a very powerful substance and can effectively fight a yeast infection. There is a lot of research that indicates tea tree oil is an effective remedy for Candida albicans. One study, published in the Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, found that small concentrations of this oil were able to inhibit several different species.

Tea Tree Oil for Colds & Flu: Get Congestion and

I used a cotton swab with tea tree oil to scratch slightly the parrot's infected area, the next day, I observed the plaques were peeling off. The tea tree oil really worked and was very effectively! I applied the tea tree oil every two days on the parrot's outer infected area. The below photo is after 3 times using tea tree oil Tea tree oil is one of the most effective and well-known natural anti-bacterial compound used by people around the world. It can also be used to treat toenail fungal infection which is one of the most irritating nail conditions to treat due to the fact that it takes a long time to eliminate the infection which can also translate to expensive costs Tea tree oil is one popular and powerful essential oil used worldwide to treat numerous health conditions in humans. Basics of tea tree oil This essential oil is derived from Melaleuca alternifolia , or tea tree plant Tea tree oil is the essential oil distilled from Melaleuca alternifolia, a plant native to Australia. It has been used in traditional medicine for its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to treat various skin conditions and infections. It is also a popular ingredient in skin and hair products The importance of tea tree oil education is so essential due to its ability to cause toxicity at small doses. Just a half a cup of tea tree oil consumed by a young boy caused coma. Only a few drops consumed can cause central nervous system depression. Babies and children experience more serious side effects at smaller dosages

Tea tree oil is extracted from the melaleuca tree. It is well known for oral health like prevent tooth decay, bad breath, and prevent gum inflammation. By its antiseptic properties which help to treat toothache, gum pain and tea tree oil kills tooth infection. Let see how tea tree oil for toothache useful Using Tea Tree Oil to Treat Earaches. Tea tree is capable of treat common ear aches, especially the ones that arise due to infection. Since tea tree oil is anti-bacterial in nature and kills all the infection causing bacteria that exists in the ear. However, do not make the mistake of using tea tree oil in its pure form Natural Remedy for Yeast Infections. Melt about 2 tablespoon of coconut oil in a small bowl or measuring cup. Next, add 4 drops each of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils. (This is a safe amount to start with - as long as you know you're not allergic to any of these oils.) Pour the oil mixture into a silicone mold 15. Tea tree oil can be used as a decongestant. If you have a cold or throat infection, Tea tree oil can be used to help with decongestion. 'Adding tea-tree oil to boiling water and inhaling the.

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In this video, I show you how to use tea tree oil for a dry & itchy scalp. My scalp has been so dry and itchy and I've found that tea tree oil is magic and w.. The reason tea tree oil is so effective is that it contains terpinen, which can kill the fungus that causes the infection. Tea tree oil is highly effective and can be used with a number of different ingredients. It is recommended to dilute this substance before using, as it is very potent. The main side effects of using undiluted tea tree oil. An oil with anti-inflammatory effects, such as tea tree oil, could reduce swelling in the outer part of the ear. Soak a cotton ball in essential oil . Place the cotton ball on the opening to the. On the other hand (or foot), tea tree essential oil is commonly and successfully used for nail and foot fungus. How To Use Tea Tree. Tea tree essential oil can be used topically or diffused. Experts generally recommend a 15% maximum dilution. That's 45 drops of essential oil per 1 tablespoon of carrier oil. You can also mix with Epsom salts. Mix tea tree oil and olive oil in a pan and warm it up on medium heat. Take a dropper and fill it up with this solution. Pour the solution in your infected ear and stay in the position for 3 minutes. Tilt your head to the opposite side to let the solution come out of your ear. Repeat several times a day to treat ear infection

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