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This is how to make a classic hair bow using a ponytail holder instead of a clip. This is how to make a classic hair bow using a ponytail holder instead of a clip DIY crafts - How to Make Simple Easy Bow/ Ribbon Hair Bow Tutorial // DIY beauty and easy, #Embroideryhacks #sewinghack#HandembroiderytutorialPlease do subsc.. Make a Softball Bag Tag. Step 3. Attach ribbons to ponytail holder. These are sport bows, they need to be as strong as our players are. Stitch through ponytail holder and ribbons, wrap thread around both pieces 4-5 times, and stitch through holder and ribbons again. Knot thread, and trim excess. Secure ribbon stack to ponytail holder Straight hair is more desirable for this style than wavy or curly hair. Hairbrush. A can of hair spray or hair gel. A few bobby pins. A hair elastic hair tie. Now you're ready to create an adorable bow in that pony tail in about three minutes at most. So, gather those items, have a seat, and make a pretty ponytail bow

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Looking for crafty ideas for making assorted hair accessories? You've hit the jackpot with this list! Here are dozens of different clips, barrettes, bows and ponytail holders to make using a variety of materials and techniques, many are suitable for both children and adults 1. Pull your hair back into a ponytail. Slip a hair tie that matches your hair color onto your wrist. Use your hands a brush to gather your hair back into a ponytail. It can be a low, medium, or high ponytail. After you brush out the tangles, apply gel or mousse to create a smooth and sleek ponytail. 2

To make a classic hair bow, start by pulling a 5-6 inch piece of ribbon through an elastic hair tie so ½ the ribbon is on each side of the tie. Then, cross the ends of ribbon and tie them in a knot up against the hair tie Now the trick here is to flip the ribbon so that the pattern is right side up on both sides. Once you do this the point stays put and you are ready to wrap it around your bow/ponytail holder. BTW it was about 6 inches long. After you master that last step then you will hot glue the point to hide the top mess of thread

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We cover a wide range of creative projects ideas to help you create patriotic bows, hair bows, ribbon bows, pet bows, wedding decor bows, gift wrapping bows, DIY bows, card making bows, tulle bows, holiday decorations bows, designer bows, pew bows, cheer bows, wedding bows, wedding bouquets, corsages, chair bows, boutique bows, wreath bows, dog. Make ribbon embellished hair elastic bows. Chica & Jo. 16k followers. Ribbon Hair Ties. Hair Ribbons. Elastic Hair Ties. Diy Hair Bows. Diy Bow. Diy Ribbon Keep your hair out of your face with this perfect little ponytail bow while you are driving to the hoop, hitting that home run, or getting ready to spike that ball. With your favorite ribbons combined to celebrate your school colors and school spirit, you will have your very own personalized bow Take the ribbons and make a single knot on the plain holder and bunch up the ribbons as you tie. Continue to add the ribbons until the ponytail holder is hidden completely. 3. Streaming ribbon ponytail holder. If you want to make a streaming ponytail holder, cut 6-inch lengths of the ribbon and seal the ends using a lighter

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  1. Then, hold one side of the ponytail holder against the back of the ribbons, and use a needle and thread to secure it to the ribbon. To make it completely secure, put a couple of stitches right through the ponytail holder, and secure it all by knotting the thread. Your sports team hair ribbon is now ready
  2. Firecracker Hair Bows. Don't just make one, we have ribbon mixes galore so you can make more and more.and, there is just the right amount of ribbon in these mixes to make two bows perfect for both piggie tails. Gotta love the piggie tails! :) Make Bows with Charlie's Halo
  3. We've showed you a hair bow tutorial using a fun, festive clip to spiff up your holiday updo. But since we can't resist being cheeky—and after falling in love with this adorable, super-meta look online and IRL—we set out to create a ribbon hairstyle using your actual hair as the bow itself. So fun
  4. How long should hair ribbons be? Cut the ribbon. To make a standard size bow, use about 12 inches of ribbon. If you'd like to make a smaller or larger bow, use less than 12 inches or a bit more than 12 inches of ribbon

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Tuck the end under to stay out of the way while you are making your flower ponytail holder. Next, cut your scraps of green ribbon about 4 long. We cover a wide range of creative projects ideas to help you create patriotic bows, hair bows, ribbon bows, pet bows, wedding decor bows, gift wrapping bows, DIY bows, card making bows, tulle. Making a yoyo from a circle of fabric and gather the yoyo in the middle with a piece of ribbon, for a yoyo fabric bow. Now it's time to create the center of the hair bow Accent big curls with a mini bow. 7. Lush Wavy Ponytail. Another second-day hairstyle that we just can't get enough of is this wavy, low ponytail. We like to wear this style if we've curled our hair the day before. Loose, slightly fallen curls look gorgeous in a ponytail. Just pull back, secure with a hair tie and hair ribbon Related Kids Crafts: DIY Satin Flower Hair Bow, Heart Hair Bow Tutorial. DIY Cheer Bow Supplies. Supplies: 3 inch grosgrain ribbon. I used red glitter ribbon, and the best place I've found for specialty ribbon like this is on Amazon. Make sure it's grosgrain, because it's stiff enough to hold it's shape. 1/2 inch to 7/8 inch ribbon Supplies to Make Hair Bows: 1″ Ribbon, 3 different prints Measuring tape Alligator clip Threaded needle Scissors Hot glue gun/glue. Directions: Begin by cutting the ribbon. Cut the first color of ribbon into three, 3.5″ pieces. Then cut the second color ribbon into five, 3.5″ pieces. The pink polka dot was our second ribbon

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State-of-the-art high technologies are responsible for our professional hair extensions. Our refined real hair (remy hair) is one of the highest quality hair on the world market Then, take your two ends of extra thread and tie them together in a knot. I always tie a few times, then I use the extra thread to tie it on to whatever hair accessory my korker is going on to. In this case, I tied it to a ponytail holder Curling Up the Perfect Korker Bow. Korker bows are the best because you can use just about any type of ribbon to make them. A huge selection of gorgeous ribbons are available, so be sure to check the composition of your perfect ribbon before you start working. To get corkscrew curls in ribbon, you bake them -- yes, bake. As in, put in a hot oven Be sure to heat seal the ends of the ribbon before starting. 2. Mark the middle of the ribbon with a pen or pencil. This will not show once the bow is tied. 3. Make the top of the figure 8 placing the end of the ribbon over the top of the middle mark you made. The loop should look like awareness ribbon loop The hair bow in question is a black velvet ribbon I often tie around my last-day-before-shampooing ponytail. Doing so makes me feel like a chic toddler, or Sienna Miller at the Golden Globes , either of which I am eager to embody

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  1. I use this bow as is, by wrapping the rubber band around a ponytail. But what if your little girl doesn't have enough hair to put in a ponytail? (We waited a long time for that, too!) Simply slip a snap clip into the rubber band to make a clippie
  2. Step 1: Completely part the hair down the center of the head, brushing each side into a ponytail just behind the ear. Secure each ponytail with a coated band. Place a ponytail styler behind the coated band of the ponytail on right side, loop end up. Step 2: Pull the ponytail up through the loop
  3. Hair bows are adorable for all ages, and in this simple, easy tutorial, our hostess gives us first the materials we will need to construct our own. A piece of cardboard, a sewing needle and thread, a rubber band, and of course the little fabric pieces referred to as spikes, to complete the creation. From there, we are taught that the cardboard is our stabilizer, through which the needle will.
  4. animal Japanese elastic Japanese Bow hair accessory ponytail ribbon Set of 6 Bow elastic Japanese fabric Bow. Set of 6 Bow elastic Japanese Bow Japanese fabric Bow. Japanese fabric bow Animal Bow Size : approx 10cm(4) Set of 6 It takes the product from 2 to 3 weeks to reach you by SAL
  5. Bows For Best Friends designs and sells high quality hair bows, hair bands, hair accessories, jewelry and detachable bow flip-flops using the finest quality ribbon and seasoned hand crafted techniques. From infant to teenager, Bows for Best Friends has the hair accessories for your girl
  6. The ribbon is rich and thick. You simply cannot make a bow with this quality of ribbon for this money. I was shopping for ribbon to make my own bows and found these, and this product was like one dollar less than the ribbon I was going to buy--and they were ready to go, and so easy to use

You'll love this fishtail ponytail pigtails style. Adding simple bows to each pigtail makes it even more fun! This easy tutorial is going to help you make fishtail braids an easy option for a fun and fast hairstyle even on busy days. I love how versatile this is and how you can update it with your own preferred bows, hair ties, or even barrettes You can use clip-on bows, or simply tie the end of the braid with a ribbon. Big bows are sweet for ponytails, or for holding hair half up. - DIY bows If you don't want to spend a lot of money on hair bows, and regular ribbon doesn't satisfy your hairdo needs, you can make your own with a few simple craft supplies

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Now How to make a Butterfly hair bow. Seal the end of your ribbon and measure 4cm from the end. Fold the ribbon over at the 4cm point. So my edge of the ribbon to the fold where my finger points is 4cm. The long length of ribbon is the front of the bow. From where my finger to the centre of your fold is your line to fold the ribbon behind Ruler. Ponytail holder (hairband) Optional, fine grain sand paper. Directions: Preheat oven to 275 degrees, Farenheit. (This may vary, according to your oven.) Wind one yard of ribbon around each dowel, securing each end with a clothespin. Wind them as tightly as you can, without overlapping, like so Ponytail holders are essential hair accessories for your daughters. When you go to a store for purchasing them, you may always find it very difficult to get ones that are matching to your daughter's color preferences. They are also very expensive. Instea

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  1. Cheer Bows Large 7 inch wide with Ponytail Holder or Clip. Hair Bow made of 3 inch Ribbon. Quality Boutique Bows are perfect for Varsity, Dance Team, College Softball, Spirit Day, Sports. Affordable cheap bows you can make stiff for omni cheerleader competition. Match cheerleading uniforms, shoes, bags, socks, shirts, poms under $5
  2. The bow look works best if your 'do is loose and low. Try a ponytail, braid, or chignon at the nape of the neck with a single ribbon tied around the base. Loosen up hairs near the base and.
  3. ­Follow the links to start making fancy and fun hair tie crafts of your own: Ponytail Wheel Hair Tie. Ribbons and bright colors give hair ties a fun twist. Snap-on Scrunchie Hair Tie. Make your hair tie fit your mood in this changeable kids' craft. Ponytail Puff Hair Tie. This fluffy hair tie is fit for a ballerina
  4. Bowdabra, the world's easiest bow making tool, helps you create professional looking bows for every occasion formal and informal. From birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and holiday decorations, from patriotic bows to gift-wrapping and home décor, anyone can make amazing professional bows in simple steps, as easy as 1-2-3
  5. Step 2: Build Bow. Cut one base piece with stylized ends and one longer length piece to create the bow's loop. Create the loop by overlapping the ends by half an inch and secure with a strip of glue. Image Credit: Lindsey Crafter. Center the ribbon loop on the base piece and secure with glue
  6. Making ribbon hair bows is easy and fun. When making ribbon hair bows you have a variety of colors and materials at your disposal and it is easy for kids to join in the creative process. You can use your completed bows to accentuate clothing, control wild hair, and to be the perfect accessory for a ponytail
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Bulk Hair Bows for Resale Ribbon Variety Packs. HBC Grosgrain Convenience Packs; 7 Spangle Cheer Ponytail Hair Bows Pack - 6pc. $10.15 As low as $0.00. Various colors. Ready for re-sale! Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. NEW. 8 Large Cheer Ponytail Hair Bows Pack - 6pc. $7.59 Bulk Pack of 10 Jumbo Oversized Cheer Hair-Bows Wholesale pricing on bulk packs of long-tail gigantic cheer bows perfect for re-sale or large groups or events. The jumbo size cheer ponytail hair-bow is perfect for girls, teens and adults for high school or college cheerleading, dance teams, or everyday wear to make an oversized statement Boutique Ponytail Hair Bow Clips Barrettes New Handmade Girls Satin Ribbon, Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for New Handmade Girls Satin Ribbon Boutique Ponytail Hair Bow Clips Barrettes at the best online prices at , Free shipping for many products,Shopping with Unbeatable Price,Fashion merchandise,Cheap and stylish,Fast delivery and guaranteed savings 1. Cut your ribbons to the length you desire for the child's hair. Here I've cut them to about 18″ long. If desired, seal both ends with seam sealant to prevent fraying. 2. Tie the ribbons around the ponytail elastic. 3. Continue tying ribbons onto the elastic until the ponytail holder is as full as you'd like Flip your bow to the back, and glue the ponytail holder up against the little nub on the cable tie. Hold the ponytail holder upright until the glue sets. Pull the bottom end of the 7/8 inch ribbon through the ponytail holder and trim it so it's just long enough to overlap the ponytail holder and the nub

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  1. i clothespins} Place on foil-lined cookie sheet. Bake at 250 degrees for 20
  2. Grosgrain Ribbon. Scissors. Fabric Glue (optional) How To Make Hair Bow Holder: Here are the main items you'll need to make this bow holder. The cast of characters: Step 1: Measure and cut batting, allowing for about 2 extra inches on all sides. Staple the batting down around the frame, while holding the batting taut
  3. I wish I had asked, but I saw a picture of a little girl on a thread a while ago, and I fell in love with her hair! If I remember correctly, she had two ponytails with one 'ear' on each, and Minnie's polka dot red ribbon bows

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  1. Take a piece of hair from each side of the ponytail. 3. Join the pieces, and secure them with a small clear elastic or a small elastic that matches your hair. Don't pull all the hair through—instead create a loop, leaving some of the hair in a shorter tail. 4. Separate the loop into two parts to create a bow shape
  2. Korker hair bows are hair accessories that have been made with curly, stiffened ribbon. You can make your own korker hair bows by baking your ribbon and creating the hair bow. These bows make the perfect gift for the young girls in your life
  3. 3. Pull your hair back. Gather your hair at the top of your head, leaving out bangs if you have them. Use an elastic band to create a ponytail, but stop halfway. If you can typically go three loops with your elastic, stop after the first one. If you can make four loops for a regular ponytail, stop at the second loop. 4
  4. Small Girl---Measuring 4 inches across, this bow has been ribbon secured with a rosette center knot. We make this style using 1 1/2 ribbon. Medium Girl---This bow measures 5-6 inches across. This size is our best selling bow! It has been ribbon secured with a rosette center knot. We use hard to find 2 1/4 ribbon to make this style
  5. I use these bows as is, by wrapping the rubber band around a ponytail. But what if your little girl doesn't have enough hair to put in a ponytail? (We waited a long time for that, too!) Simply slip a snap clip into the rubber band to make a clippie
  6. Ribbons are used for everything from dressing up a lampshade to making a bow on a package to accessorizing a little girl's ponytail. Some ribbon, such as wire and grosgrain, stays stiff when tied; however, satin ribbon, which is soft and flimsy, needs help if you want it to stay taut
  7. Just in case you're just as obsessed with hair bows as we are this spring, if not more, here are 15 adorable ideas, designs, and tutorials that will help you make them in all different sizes and styles!. 1. Triple layered ribbon bow. VIEW IN GALLERY. If we're going to go to the trouble of making ourselves a whole hair bow from scratch, you'd best believe that we're going to be just a.

Monogrammed Hair Ribbon, Ribbon with Monogram, Monogrammed Hair Ribbon, Ponytail Bow, Double Ruffle Ribbon BellesLikeBigBows. 5 out of 5 stars (4,083) $ 8.50 FREE shipping Favorite Add to Brunette Chocolate and Medium Brown Knotted Ribbon Ponytail Holders - 25 Hair Ties Cyndibands. 5 out of 5 stars (453) $ 10.95. Favorite. The Chasse It's All About the Bow Performance Hair Bow (Item AC381) says it all. With Its all about the BOW printed across the bow face on half grosgrain ribbon, half glitter ribbon, this hair bow states the obvious. And, what better way to show it than by featuring a rhinestone detail? It's oh so fancy Pink blue girl bow. Ponytail holders for girls. For babies ties hair Beautiful pink blue bow on elastic band, made of REP ribbons. Rep tape is very practical, such elastic can be worn in a cool period under the cap, taking off his cap, you will see what they will look like without changes, they can be washed, and they will again unchanged Big Cheer Bows 7 Ribbon w Ponytail Hair Bow for Cheer Cheerleading Softball Gifts Bow Blanks to Design Custom Personalized with Sayings KenzLaurenz 5 out of 5 stars (3,992) $ 1.00. Bestseller Add to Favorites More colors Softball bow -red and navy blue softball cheer bow - team cheer bow - team cheer bows - softball bows - senior cheer bows.

Jun 16, 2017 - Beaded Ponytail Elastic. MarielBeadsandBeyond channel is dedicated to make step by step video tutorials of Handmade Jewelry, Learn how to make Custom Jewelry, DIY Bracelets, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings. You can learn Basic Stitches like Herringbone Stitc Hair ribbons are no longer just for little girls—tying your strands up with a ribbon is the newest cool-girl hair trend.A thin black ribbon is a chic touch to top off any monochromatic outfit while a thick, brightly-colored ribbon that coordinates with your outfit is a fun addition to any look Step 1: Pinwheel Bow - These instructions utilize a cardboard template. (below) This is not necessary, but will ensure that you will get uniform bows each time. This is great for making matched sets. To make the template cut the cardboard to the desired width. It should be about ½ wider than the finished bow size The most common cheerleading hair bow is going to be a collection of two simple ribbons that you can buy at any local craft store. You're going to tie them together to simply form a bow, loop that through your ponytail holder so it's nice and secure and won't fall out while you're running around. You want to make sure you use your school colors. Make ribbon embellished hair elastic bows by: Jo. I saw the ribbon ponytail holders at a craft show for $8.00 each!!!! needless to say I bought the elastic fabric holders and ribbon and made several for a lot less in a few minutes. 7. Chica 07/23/2009 at 11:54 am

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April 26, 2011. Make a bow and attach it to a ponytail all in one easy step! To create a hair bow with elastic attached, begin with the rubber-band in the Mini Bowdabra. No extra tying the bow to the ponytail you finish the bow with everything completely done Glad you liked the headband! I hope this turned out beautifully for your daughter's birthday! HairBow Center. Trolls Inspired Headband. 4 years ago. I see it has been a little while since you asked this question, so I hope that you were able to get this project to turn out well! For other readers, the width is 6 and it has been updated in the. Big Ponytail Hair Bow Tutorial. Put your hair in a ponytail. You can do this on a high ponytail, low ponytail or a side ponytail, it´s up to you what you prefer! Wrap some hair around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. Take a section of hair from the ponytail

Using a sharp needle, sew the end sections of the longest ribbon piece together, to meet in the middle. Then, stitch this in place in the middle of the second longest piece. Finally, use the smallest length of ribbon to wrap around the middle of the rest of your bow, to create that iconic bow shape. Also wrap it around the hair bobble, and. For a product like hair bows, I would recommend using the following sites to gain traffic to your business (please note these are just a few sites of many like this): Wanelo WeHeartIt Polyvore Pinterest On each of those sites you can save each ind..

How To: Make a ribbon gift bow How To: Make a hair bow with and without a tail How To: Get your home ready for a new dog How To: Stop your dog's excessive barking How To: Make a giant bow headband How To: Make trendy bows for your hair How To: Do an adorable hairstyle on your American Girl doll How To: Make pew bows Cut a piece of matching ribbon to cover the ponytail elastic. Heat seal the ribbon ends. Hot glue the ribbon over your ponytail elastic. Flip the bow over and you are ready to whip that hair up into one sporting ponytail! Better yet, make a pair of these korker and tulle ponytail elastic's for some really adorable pigtails Turns out, bows are rediculously easy to make. Simply add these to a loose half updo or a casual ponytail and you've got the most beautiful, effortless hairstyle. You'll need: 1 yard of 16mm or 22mm velvet ribbon; 46mm alligator hair clips; fabric shears; hot glue gun; Start by cutting the ribbon into 8″, 7″, 6.5″ and 1.5″ pieces SHOP SIMILAR Velvet Ribbon Hair Bow in Black, $8. Getty Images. SHOP SIMILAR Cara Denim Bow Ponytail Elastic, $15. Getty Images. 27 of 27. Audrey Hepburn In 1958. SHOP.

Fan your ribbon so it doesn't look stacked. Once all the ribbon ends are stacked on the needle, hold tight with one hand and use the other hand to go through all ribbon pieces a few times. Knot the ribbon, while still holding tight. Repeat this for each layer. Arrange so that the colors are evenly spaced The Mini Bowdabra and the Hair Bow Tool & Ruler make it easy to create korker bows. Our Bowdabra Design Team created an easy to follow video tutorial to make gorgeous korker bows.. Korker bows can be used on top of other bows for extra embellishment or even stacked together to create large fluffy korkers Make a bow bun. This is a fun spin on a typical messy bun or top knot. Start by gathering your hair into a high ponytail and looping your hair through an elastic band or hair tie, with the ends sticking out. Pull apart the bun to create two loops, which will be the two sides of the bow. Use the ends to wrap between the two loops You can also sew a hair bow to an elastic tie to use the bow at the end of a braid to make nice hair accessories for girls of any age. To make a more complicated bow, you can tie it using two different colors of ribbon in the same bow, or lace over ribbon to make a fancy bow to match a party dress

Insert the end of a ribbon length beneath one loop of the elastic hairband holding your ponytail or a pigtail. Pull the ribbon length through to the halfway point, so the ribbon loops securely over the tight hairband and the lengths of the ribbon hang down from the hairband with the rest of your hair Place the ribbon on a flat surface and center the bow front face down on the ribbon center. The ribbon is at a 90-degree angle to the bow and the ends point in opposite directions from the length of the bow to make an x shape. Overlap the two ends of the ribbon on the back of the bow by 1/4 inch and glue them together with hot glue

I mean, how cute are these homemade fabric flowers? I love the scalloped edges. These would make even a bad hair day look good. ;) You can find the tutorial to make these by clicking here: Scalloped Fabric Bows. And this Fabric Ribbon Bow is adorable! I know my daughter would love that jewel in the center get a long piece of ribbon, put the ends together and make a crease at wear the ribbon folds, that'll be your center point. Now get one end of the ribbon, and without it flipping over, bring the end to the center of the ribbon and lay it perpendicular to the direction of the ribbon. Also bring the other end of the ribbon to the center of the ribbon but from the other direction. Hold the ribbon. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to make a ribbon covered pinch clip. The materials required for this hair clip are 4 1/2 x 3/8 of ribbon, glue gun and an alligator clip. Open the pinch clip and place the ribbon inside it. Align it to the clip so that it is straight. Then apply some hot glue onto the surface of the pinch clip and then fold the ribbon to glue it How to Make a Pinwheel Hair Bow by The Ribbon Retreat Click Here to see the tutorial on how to make this pinwheel hair bow. Posted by Fabric Bows and More at 12:30 PM. Ponytail Holder (4) Pop Bow (1) Poppy Flower (4) Poppy Headband (1) Posie Flowers (2) Product Review (18) Puff Flowers (1) Puffy Petal Flower (1 As you did for the first ponytail, leave a half-inch of hair between the elastic and the scalp. Step 4. Tie a ribbon in a bow around each of your pup's ponytails. Use wider ribbon for a fuller bow, or bundle three narrow ribbons together to make the bow particularly bold and festive. Ribbon made of velvet or grosgrain works well because it's.

Ruby is super lightweight and her curls make her the ideal pony to wear all day every day. Ruby can be worn in a high ponytail for a beguiling look, or a low ponytail for subtle charm, and Ruby is easily secured with a small comb. Insert the clip at the base of your ponytail and tie the string tightly, securing with bobby pins where necessary. Gently pull the bow out of the Mini Bowdabra. Separate the two loose ends of the Bowdabra Bow Wire and bring them around to the back of the bow and knot. Trim away excess wire. Fluff the bow and trim the bottom ribbon loops closely to the Bowdabra Bow Wire. Using the 3/8 grosgrain attach the bow to an alligator clip Original Grosgrain Hair Bow. The next size up is the Boutique Hair Bow. These measure approximately 4 across and also have a 1.75 partially lined alligator clip attached. We love to use these bows to style pigtails or for a classic half-up hair-do. These are currently only available in a variety pack of 12 classic colors. Boutique Hair Bow Bow hairstyles look so unique and very easy to do. So, are you guys up for a tutorial that shows you how? Start with a ponytail on the back and then brush the hair gently like this. Use tiny hair elastics like these ones and tie the hair a little bit lower. Now, with your hands, make a hole and clip the hair into it. It creates such a beautiful. How to make hair bows . DIY leather bows, Make a leatherette bow; Make a sailors bow with grosgrain ribbon; Make boutique bow with 3 inch grosgrain ribbon; How to make a twisted boutique hair bow; How to make a puffy loopy bow. How to make twisted boutique bow with 16mm grosgrain ribbon. How to make a Butterfly hair bow; Make a sequin lace bow.