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Homeopathy is a proven safe medicine during pregnancy and labor. It works quickly and is remarkably effective for many symptoms and conditions that arise The homeopathic remedies in your Deluxe Kit are known as polycrests. Polycrests are homeopathic remedies that are capable of beneficial effects in a wide range of situations. The following is a list of symptoms that the 36 homeopathic remedies in your Deluxe Kit can help you with during pregnancy

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5 Homeopathy Remedies To Help With Tiredness In Pregnancy 1. Arnica - Tiredness from excessive physical effort or overactive baby. Arnica is useful for tiredness after periods of excessive physical effort where your body feels sore and bruised and there is an aversion to being touched or jarred Not every pregnancy will be ok, but many more will be, than without it. So Yes, I sayhomeopathy is very safe during pregnancy. Are there remedies to avoid? The only homeopathic remedies that must be avoided are: Apis in any potency lower than a 30cWhy? Because it can work so well, that it may compromise a mother's water Pregnancy, is a time of transformation. It is reassuring to know that, because the goal of homeopathy is to bring about balance and equilibrium, homeopathic remedies can be used safely throughout pregnancy. If the pregnancy is progressing with very few complications, the mother may need only three to five remedies during her nine-month gestation


  1. Nux Vomica is one of the Best Homeopathic remedy for Acidity
  2. Homeopathy is safe for women to use during pregnancy and post-natally, including during breastfeeding. It is a gentle yet effective system of medicine and the remedies are highly diluted and are not chemical drugs, so they cannot harm the baby. Homeopathy is safe for women to use during pregnancy and post-natally, including during breastfeeding
  3. Long standing period for pregnant women may also lead to varicose veins. Arnica, arsenicum, Pulsatilla, Carbo veg and Sepia are excellent homeopathy medicines for varicose veins
  4. a and Nux Vomica: Homeopathic medicines for constipation during pregnancy Homeopathic medicines Bryonia Alba, Alu
  5. Water is your best bet. Aim for eight to 10 (8-ounce) glasses every day, but other fluids count too. If your gas is causing pain or extreme bloating, you may have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), in..

Homeopathy Dosage Directions. Select the medicine that most closely matches the symptoms. In conditions where self-treatment is appropriate, unless otherwise directed by a physician, a lower potency (6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C) should be used. In addition, instructions for use are usually printed on the label Many women tout the benefits of homeopathy remedies for pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, breast tenderness, backache, constipation, heartburn, and urinary problems, as well as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, but it's unclear if homeopathy is really effective.While many practitioners and patients support its use, others claim the benefits are all part of the placebo. For example: In homeopathy a medicine derived from the hot chilli pepper can be used to alleviate nasty burning sensations, such as heartburn, which is common during pregnancy. Remedies are derived mainly from plants and minerals. They are inexpensive and usually come in different potencies and take the form of sugar or lactose pillules Homeopathic remedies are not only effective options for treating women with conditions like morning sickness, indigestion, constipation, allergies, sleeplessness and more - they're also very gentle and extremely safe. Two hundred years of clinical use during pregnancy (and at all other times) has convincingly demonstrated their safety Good homeopathic treatment prior to conception can prepare you for a healthy pregnancy. Stimulating your vitality in pregnancy with homeopathic treatment will automatically benefit your baby. By staying as healthy as possible during pregnancy, you are giving your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive

Magnesium Phos is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for curing a bloated abdomen with pain that is either colicky (comes and goes suddenly) or cramping. Magnesium Phos is also a very efficient medicine to relieve gas with distension and pain in abdomen Pregnant women tend to avoid medication except when absolutely necessary, which offers homeopathy a special advantage during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Homeopathic remedies are exceptionally safe and without side effects, which is why 95% of pharmacists in France recommend homeopathy during pregnancy. Non-toxic and quickens labou

A GENTLE AND SUPPORTIVE OPTION DURING PREGNANCY Homeopathic remedies provide a gentle and supportive option to women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. From heartburn to post-partum depression, having a home kit can be very helpful during these times. These are very common, inexpensive, and universal remedies to have on hand. PREGNANCY Heart burn and nausea : Natrium Phosphorus tissue. Opium (opium)* is another homeopathic medicine which can be indicated if the baby is unconscious and rigid throughout the whole body. It also tends to be needed if the mother experienced a profound fear either during her pregnancy or during labor. Laurocerasus (cherry laurel) is valuable if the baby has a facial twitch when grasping for air

  1. Acidity during pregnancy or heartburn is a common symptom encountered by most women during their pregnancy in the second or third trimester. Eight out of ten ladies have heartburn, indigestion or acidity either during the beginning or latter part of their pregnancy due to hormonal and physical changes
  2. How do we achieve this? Homeopathic medicine is a good solution. It's safe to use during all stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding, and is effective in treating pregnancy niggles like morning sickness. ALSO SEE: Useful tips to relieve allergies during pregnancy Homeopathic medicine explained. Homeopathy is an ancient system of medicine
  3. Over-the-counter gas meds like Gas-X contain simethicone, which eases gas and bloating by breaking up bubbles in the stomach and intestine. It's generally regarded as safe to use during pregnancy, but like with all meds and supplements, you should get the green light from your doctor first
  4. Since homeopathic medicine is safe throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, it's virtually a risk-free solution for all of those pregnancy-induced conditions. If you're pregnant and looking for a natural treatment option for niggles such as nausea, constipation, and anxiety, homeopathic medicine is a good solution

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  1. Homeopathic remedies can help a woman's body deal with the many emotional, hormonal, and physical changes taking place and can be a gentle yet effective system of medicine. Homeopathy for pregnancy Staying as healthy as possible during pregnancy gives your baby the ideal conditions in which to thrive
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  3. or complaints during pregnancy and often feel they have to live with this discomfort rather than seek.
  4. Sure, it's not a picnic and there can be issues and complications and this is what homeopathy is for! Homeopathic remedies are perfectly safe during pregnancy, labour and nursing. Morning sickness: Asarum. This remedy is indicated when a woman feels very ill, with constant nausea and retching
  5. Some facts about homeopathy medications during pregnancy: Homeopathy medicines are available in different strength. However, dilution between 3X to 30X are advised when you are expecting. Tablets are recommended for pregnant moms. Although the treatment is available in liquid form, as mother tincture as well
  6. Although nausea and vomiting are common in early pregnancy. Patients with hypermesis gravidarum have persistent, intractable vomiting and may develop weight loss, dehydration, metabolic acidosis and alklosis, hyponatrenia, hypochloremia, and hypokalemia. Symptoms usually begin at 5 to 6 weeks of gestation, peak at 9 weeks, and abate by 16 to 18.

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This homeopathic medicine can also be prescribed for successful treatment of bloating gas. It can also be used when the abdomen becomes hard due to the gas, which does not escape as flatulence or even as burps. China: This is a Homeopathic medicine that can help in relieving symptoms like fullness, tightness, pain, and even heaviness in the. Pregnancy Gas: Causes and Prevention. Gas during pregnancy is a frequent occurrence, which also means that gas during pregnancy is a common concern. The typical person will pass gas approximately 18 times a day. The reason for this is that the average person produces up to 4 pints of gas daily Pregnancy is a major physiological process in a woman's body that increases the level of stress on both your body and immune system. Homeopathy is the most ideal form of medication that enables you to deal with the symptoms and complications of pregnancy. Homeopathic treatment has proven to be effective in treating severe ailments, including morning sickness, headaches, digestive ailments.

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Although Gas-X is considered safe during pregnancy, you may decide against it on your own or after talking to your OB. If that's the case, you may want to try some alternatives to avoid gas pain In fact, this can worsen the problem of gas. During pregnancy, walking is a good exercise that should be adopted by every pregnant lady to prevent gas. 4. Drink Buttermilk. Buttermilk is a great home remedy for gas during pregnancy, but it should be avoided by those who have lactose intolerance

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  1. ary diagnosis: Headaches during pregnancy. Patient: woman, age 28.. Case description: A 28 years-old lady in her first pregnancy trimester came to me with the following complaints: headaches that began during pregnancy, the aches are daily, sharp and heavy, which start from 3 p.m. and last during the rest of the day, rarely she.
  2. Updated. February 28, 2017. No, you should stay away from homeopathic products while you're pregnant. Although reported side effects of homeopathic medicines are rare, the bottom line is that there is little scientific data to back up the safety of these drugs in pregnant women. Allopathic (also known as Western or conventional) medicines.
  3. It has a 200 year history of use during pregnancy and childbirth, without reports of harm or injury. This following list contains 14 of the most commonly used homeopathic remedies drawn from the homeopathic materia medicas for labour and birthing problems. These remedies will not interfere or interact with other treatment being given
  4. g or taking cold. Aversion for food. Vertigo on rising up in bed. The thought of food or its smell will nauseate the woman. Aversion to acids, desire for cold drinks
  5. istered, can prepare the women for the labor in the most natural way possible and with no complications

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  1. Homeopathic Pregnancy Supplements. Here are some homeopathic medicines which can be taken as supplements to provide vital nutrients needed during pregnancy. These have to be consumed in lowest potency form 6x daily thrice for best results. Ferrum Phosphoricum: It helps replenish iron levels in body and prevents anaemia
  2. Many women experience an increased amount of gas during pregnancy. Home remedies, such as drinking plenty of fluids, eating more fiber, and exercising regularly, can help reduce gas and relieve.
  3. It is gestational diabetes which is acquired during the time of pregnancy in women. It is a temporary state of health that occurs in only 4% pregnancies. Most of the times women are diagnosed with gestational diabetes in the later stages of pregnancy. Taking tests and homeopathy medicine for diabetes between the 24th and 28th week is good for.

Homeopathic medicine is a system of healing which treats conditions by using highly diluted remedies made by using substances derived by the mineral, animal and vegetal world. These remedies act on the human body by stimulating a healing response. In homeopathy, medicinal substances are highly diluted and administered to a person who exhibits. Here are the four most common acute homeopathic remedies that may help. Either you can take one of these remedies acutely (available at many health-food stores or natural pharmacies). OR, if you have chronic (ongoing) or more serious symptoms during pregnancy, consult a professional homeopath like myself Among alternative methods of healing, homeopathy is the most frequent. Few studies on the efficacy of homeopathic interventions exist which withstand scientific scrutiny. Nevertheless, some evidence supports the efficacy of homeopathy in certain indications, including obstetrics. The practice of pre Caulophyllum is a beautiful homeopathic medicine for women in their childbearing years, for certain conditions during pregnancy, labor or after birth. In late pregnancy, Caulophyllum is useful for annoying Braxton Hicks contractions. In long drawn out labors, it is needed for extremely painful, ineffective contractions, which do not work.

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Homeopathic Remedies: Ipecac 30x, nux nomica 6x, or Cannabis 30x (take as directed) Drink peppermint or spearmint tea first thing in the morning. Check out the site banners for trusted organic herbs and natural remedies that are safe during pregnancy. See the chart below for a list of herbs to avoid during prenancy and which are safe Such extreme cases can be ameliorated with Antimonium crudum. Eating and drinking may both cause vomiting. This medicine works effectively on such symptoms. So, these were some homeopathy remedies that you should always have to cure nausea and vomiting during pregnancy A.K.A morning sickness Lemon Juice-Home Remedies to relieve Gas during Pregnancy. You can try squeezing a little lemon in warm water. It helps to ease the abdominal pain and bloating issues. 10. Eat Healthy Stay Healthy! Last but not least Having a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy leads to having a happy and healthy pregnancy. Try to eat fresh and warm. Herbal Remedies To Give Relief To Itchy Skin. You have to follow certain natural remedies to get instant relief from your itchy skin caused mainly from the cholestasis of pregnancy. These include-. Warm And Soothing Bath: You should add chamomile, calendula, colloidal oatmeal and lavender to your warm bath According to the American Pregnancy Association, one key contributing factor is the increased level of progesterone during pregnancy.The hormone causes the muscles throughout your body to relax. When your intestinal muscles relax, your digestion slows down, allowing more time for the gas to build up and rendering your muscles too loose to hold the gas in

Ajwain water treats flatulence. Ajwain water removes phlegm thus good for cold and cough. Ajwain water can be used to treat ear pain that happens due to congestion. Ajwain is also used to lose weight. After Delivery, the mothers' immune system needs a boost and hence use of Ajwain on a daily basis is recommended Homeopathy for constipation in pregnancy. Below you'll find 5 common homeopathic remedies that may help your pregnancy constipation. If you're new to homeopathy, please also reference this post. alumina. This remedy may be useful for you if some of the following is true: you must strain for every bowel movement, even if your stool is sof Homeopathy is a safe, affordable and loving way to support yourself during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. It can be used to address the physical, mental, and emotional components of distress. Homeopathic remedies are safe to take during pregnancy and can significantly impact the intensity and frequency of the symptoms you experience Seriously? You would risk your own health and that of your child on a thoroughly discredited belief structure? Don't do this. Get proper medical treatment and the problem will go away. Homeopathy is not medicine. It was made up just over 200 years..

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Collinsonia is native to North America. It has a very tough, hard, knotted root. It has been proved twice, first by Burt and later by Dowla. The former took the tincture, the latter the powder. Both experienced headache, the former in connection with abdominal and rectal disturbance, the latter with flushing, sensation of heat, numbness. Homeopathy is thought to be safe to use during pregnancy and labour as it uses low potency remedies with no side-effects. If you're already experienced in self-prescribing by the time labour comes along and have consulted a practitioner specifically on remedies for labour, then in theory, you will be able to self-prescribe on the day Gestational diabetes mellitus is a major risk to both mother and child. • Intrauterine growth retardation. • Babies born by mothers of gestational diabetes are the risk of developing: • Jaundice. • High blood cell mass. • Low calcium levels. • High magnesium levels. • Respiratory distress syndrome. • Birth defects Homeopathy treatment for fibroids can also be used during pregnancy. The length of treatment varies depending on the size and number of fibroids. In most cases, fibroid-induced symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, and urinary frequency; usually gets resolved remarkably within a month or two of receiving the correct homeopathic medicine During pregnancy the increased levels of estrogen in women's body freezes hair in the growing (or resting) phase of the cycle. An excellent remedy in homeopathic treatment for hair fall, it is derived from a fungus (club moss). Having gas or being bloated may be a sign that you are lactose intolerant or having food allergies and.

Dr Satapathy homeopathy nebulizer liquid is a combination of few homeopathy remedies of lower potency but it gives instant relief to the patient by nebulizing. Here in this way we can give the patient an immediate relief and during that period we can take the detail case history and can give the constitutional remedy what comes from his. 10 Ways to prevent gas during pregnancy. 1) Reduce fibers in your diet. 2) Eat lots of salads and fruits. 3) Drink plenty of water. 4) Wear loose clothes. 5) Exercise and Yoga. 6) Use stool softener to treat constipation. 7) Chew your food thoroughly and have small portions. 8) Reduce caffeine, carbonated drinks, soda Homeopathic remedies are very safe during pregnancy and during lactation. As homeopathic remedies strengthen the body to fight off infections and diseases during pregnancy. Common problems during pregnancy are, Colds and fever. Heart burn. Indigestion, gas and constipation. Hemorrhoids. Muscle Cramps. Yeast and Urinary tract infections Crotalus Horridus is one another homeopathic medicine that helps in the treatment of hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. Arnica Montana is also the homeopathic remedy for hemorrhagic ovarian cyst with sore and bruised pain. Ovarian cyst during pregnancy and homeopathic treatment: It is safe to take homeopathic treatment for ovarian cyst during pregnancy

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Additionally, it is also an ideal homeopathic medicine for gall bladder problems during pregnancy. Lycopodium: Homeopathic medicine for gallbladder stones with gastric symptoms Lycopodium is a natural homeopathic remedy for gall bladder stone treatment along with gastric troubles including gas in the abdomen, acidity or bloated abdomen Vitiligo during pregnancy can be safely treated by our speciality treatment protocol. Our Homeopathy treatment for Vitiligo acts at the genetic level, hence the chances of spread of vitiligo to the newborn is next to zero. Get started with your treatment of Vitiligo in pregnancy - Know more ! 6 Homeopathic Remedies for Nausea During Pregnancy. Papaya Enzymes. Papaya enzymes can be described as a natural alternative to Tums. They help aid the process of digestion and improve blood sugar levels, which can alleviate nausea and heartburn brought on by pregnancy. Apple Cider Vinega

Pregnancy Is Often Seen As A Joyous Time In An Expectant Mother's Life. But, When You Have Depression During Pregnancy, It Can Be The Worst. A Homeopathy Expert Offers Natural Remedies For When. Anxiety during pregnancy can be relieved by safe, natural over-the-counter meds. For a pregnant woman with anxiety and wishing to avoid unnecessary prescription drugs, homeopathic medicines can. Herbal remedies Most of the herbs that are usually used to ease sinus congestion, such as echinacea, are best avoided during pregnancy (Holst et al 2014, Tiran 2006). Homeopathy There's no evidence that homeopathy is effective in easing sinusitis or anything else (NHMRC 2015). But if you want to try homeopathic remedies, you should consult a. Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy & Childbirth . CHAPTER 4. Two Female Remedies. Widely useful in the complaints of pregnancy and childbirth and of the female reproductive organs in general, PULSATILLA and SEPIA are remedies of universal scope that may be indicated for almost any condition and are often given to men and children as well

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Gas During Pregnancy: Tried-and-True Remedies for Pregnancy Gas Tanya Tantry, MD — Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Medical Consultant at Flo Having gas is a completely normal body function, but it can be embarrassing when it happens in public Homeopathy during pregnancy and breastfeeding 15. Hello, I am 29 yrs of age and developed an anal fissure during delivery. I struggled with intense pain and bleeding for 4 months before I underwent sphinctertomy and am struggling... Remedies: Arnica Montana Homeopathic medicine is versatile, and can be taken at the end of pregnancy, or during labor and delivery. Because of the research, some women prefer to begin taking the remedies in the last trimester of pregnancy (week 37), while others choose to wait until labor. It is a personal choice

Pregnant moms may experience excessive gas as early as 11 weeks. The gas is a result of progesterone, an essential hormone that supports pregnancy. Progesterone also relaxes the intestinal muscles, slows digestion, and makes pregnant moms more susceptible to bloating. Moreover, as the baby grows, the uterus applies pressure on other organs creating digestive problems The gas and bloating you are experiencing during pregnancy can be caused by many natural factors, such as the extra amount of progesterone in your body during your pregnancy. However, just because it is a natural occurrence does not mean that you have to suffer through your entire pregnancy with this pain and discomfort Homeopathy for indigestion helps relieve such symptoms and treats the problem on a long-term basis. Lycopodium, Carbo Veg, and China are the top homeopathic medicines for indigestion. Homeopathic Medicines for Indigestion 1. Lycopodium - When little food causes Excessive Gas and Fullness. Lycopodium is a plant remedy. This remedy is prepared. Gas pain is common during the early and late stages of pregnancy. In this article, we discuss the causes of gas pain, how to relieve symptoms and other conditions that cause similar symptoms 6 best homeopathy medicine for Acidity. 1.NUX VOM:- Is an excellent remedy for gastric derangements. There is loss of appetite, pain after eating .Indigestion is the ranking symptom of this remedy. It has pains radiating to various directions from the epigastrium with spasmodic vomiting. Nervous gastralgia

Nausea and Vomiting are common during the first trimester of pregnancy. These are my favourite remedies for those sad weeks where we feel nauseous most of the day: Sepia 200c twice per week can often regulate the hormones and bring down the excessive nausea feeling; Tabacum 200c is a good remedy for sickness. Incessant nausea that is worst for. Dr. Donata Girolamo, ND @DonataGirolamo A gentle and supportive option during pregnancy Homeopathic remedies provide a gentle and supportive option to women during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. From heartburn to post-partum depression, having a home kit can be very helpful during these times. These are very common, inexpensive, and universal remedies to have on hand. [

Jeera Water: Drinking jeera water helps curb your gas issues during pregnancy. Jeera or cumin contains essential oils that activate the salivary glands which help in the digestion process, preventing the formation of excess gas. Take a tablespoon of cumin seeds and boil it in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes Homeopathic Medicines for Thyroid Treatment. . Thyroid treatment in homeopathy reduces dependency on artificial hormonal supply. Some of the homeopathic remedies for thyroid which help to improve thyroid function are Iodum, Bromium, Thyroidinum, Calcarea Carbonicum , Sepia, Graphites, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, etc Allopathic ('Western') medicine is traditionally avoided during pregnancy because of limited drug trials and the suspected teratogenic effects of these medications. This has led to an increase in the use of herbal and homeopathic remedies, asthey are viewed to have no teratogenic effect on the developing foetus Gas-X or other anti-gas medications. Gas-X and other anti-gas meds (Phazyme, Flatulex, Mylicon, Mylanta Gas) relieve abdominal pain caused by excessive gas in the digestive tract. Their active ingredient is simethicone, which is safe during pregnancy

A Natural & Proven Formula For Piles in Pregnancy|Hemorrhoids during pregnancy. INDICATION: PILES/HEMORRHOIDS PROBLEM, BLEEDING PILES, PILES PAIN IN ANUS, PILES DURING PREGNANCY, PROBLEMS AFTER PILES OPERATION, HARD STOOL-CONSTIPATION, PILES PAIN RELIEF, RELIEVES HEMORRHOIDS. Pile Cares Twin Pack™ - By JHACTIONS ® Effects & Features: Relieves pain and swelling, Stops bleeding and shrinks. Homeopathic Treatment for Nausea During Pregnancy (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) or Morning Sickness Sepia and Symphoricarpus Racemosa are helpful homeopathic medicines for morning sickness. Sepia is a helpful remedy when nausea occurs in the morning and becomes worse by the smell or sight of the food

6 min read The beautiful experience of being pregnant is associated with some tough times as well. Feeling bloated or gassy during pregnancy is one such situation. Bloating is a condition characterized by presence of too much gas in digestive tract and makes you feel uncomfortable and restless. But no, pregnancy is not the only time you pass [ New Homeopathic Remedy Finder. Boiron has generously donated their Boiron Homeopathic Medicine Finder. This is a quick and easy way to identify homeopathic remedies for acute use. It presents typical symptoms for common maladies for the first time user of homeopathy or for the experienced user who needs a quick reminder. This app can also be.

Here are several homeopathic remedies that you can try if you are suffering from heartburn or GERD. They are safe for pregnancy and small babies. HOME Blog About me SKIN CASES Detox with Homeopathy Working with me You may have more of these episodes of acidity during the Spring and Autumn or they may come every month for 2-3 days Homeopathy believes in treating the underlying symptoms and the person as a whole. Listed below are some of the common homeopathic remedies which have been proven useful during the bouts of vomiting. Arsenicum Album: If food poisoning is the cause, then this is the best remedy. There is a burning sensation in the stomach along with thirst, and. Medications for Nausea/Vomiting, Heartburn and Indigestion. SO mg vitamin B6 plus 12.5 mg (half tab) of Unisom twice daily for nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy. Zantac:150 mg twice a day for severe heartburn Pepcid AC:1tab twice a day for heartburn. Mylanta for heartburn, upset stomach and gas Ipecac. The Homeopathic Remedy Ipecac (Ipecacuanha) is a leading remedy for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, colic and stomach flu. Ipecac also relieves vicious fitful, choking coughs with wheezing, rattling, fast breathing. Beyond these applications, Ipecac makes the first aid kits for aiding bright red profuse bleeding, especially nosebleeds Piles (hemorrhoids) are rarely deadly, although they could certainly be a painful nuisance. Non-medical ways of treating them include using a Sitz bath (essentially sitting in a shallow solution of warm-hot epsom salts), using a donut pillow, keep..

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Using homeopathic remedies during pregnancy is also safe. Homeopathy is very helpful for the health concerns that mothers and their children experience. Often, it is when a woman starts her family, that she turns to homeopathy for help with colds, coughs, earaches, stomachaches, colic, teething and other things that come up Looking for a little allergy relief but also hoping to keep things a little more natural during your pregnancy—good news! There are some wonderful natural remedies for allergies out there to try. Whether the pollen count has got you sniffling or cat dander has left your eyes bloodshot and watery, consider giving some of these natural allergy. Here are the best 5 home remedies for gas during pregnancy. 1. Avoid foods that form gases. The food you eat has a direct impact on the amount of gas you experience, whether pregnant or not. During pregnancy, you should follow a balanced and nutritious diet, and avoid foods that can lead to the accumulation of gas in the stomach and intestines. 2