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CHECKLIST FOR INSPECTION OF ELECTRIC PASSENGER AND GOODS LIFT DEPARTMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH, MALAYSIA Owner name and address: Types of Inspection Routine inspection and test G =Good Periodic inspection and test (Annual) NG =No Good (repair) Periodic inspection and test (Every 5 yrs) NA =Not Applicable Acceptance inspection and tes Bring lift to bottommost landing by giving a hall call and enter the lift car. Observe points 1 to 12 first by keeping the car door and the landing gate/door open. Close the car door and the landing gate/door and take the lift in 'UP' and 'DOWN' direction and observe points 11 onwards. D. Inspection of Top of the Lift Ca SAFETY INSPECTION CHECKLIST MECHANICAL LIFT DEVICES To be completed at least monthly for each lift. Revision date 04-20-12 Lift (model, serial #, tag # or other identifier): ____

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  1. Checklist for inspection of Lift / Elevator consist of following checkpoints in it; Inspection of Lift Pit should be in clean and dry condition Operation of pit switch - The lift should stop on opening of pit switc
  2. daily inspection checklist for hoists The first step in finding any abnormalities in the equipment is a visual inspection, which should be a part of a hoist owner's daily operation. During an inspection, the following checkpoints for manually operated chain hoists are vital to ensuring proper operation
  3. Ladder Lift - Operate g. 4 Supply Line w/6 to 4 Storz and 4½ NST to 4 Storz - Passenger Side . Check Hose Gasket. g. g. Tires - Check For Proper Inflation (85 PSI/Front - 100 PSI/Rear) - g. CREW CAB. g Seat Belts - Operational g Mobile Radio - Conduct In-house Test Orange and Gold g Portable Radio (2) - Conduct In-house test on.
  4. e if the lift is mechanically safe. Inspectors should check operating and emergency controls, safety devices, such as outriggers and guardrails, personal fall-protection gear, wheels, tires, and other machine components specified by the manufacturer
  5. ation and test of new lifts before putting into service. Specification for means of deter
  6. Inspections on your lift should be carried out at suitable intervals to assess it's safety. It will complement preventative maintenance and sometimes be done at the same time but whereas maintenance is focussed on replacing damaged or worn parts/topping up fluid levels, inspections focus on the safety aspect of the lifts operations
  7. utes long and can be accessed via a link from a BraunAbility sales rep

Where passenger lifts are not used by people at work (eg in public areas of a shopping centre) but operated by, or to some extent under the control of, an employer or self-employed person in connection with their business, passenger lifts will be outside the regime. As with inspections, the need for maintenance may be driven by the risk. Inspection Form. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your daily inspection form for car lift instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money lift well in order to create a safe refuge for lift engineers and inspectors. Where such space is not available, or a safe system of work cannot be put in place, a full maintenance/ inspection may not be possible. the particular emphasis on this issue results from a number of fatal accidents. Electrical Protection Nos 66 & 68 on Safety Checklist

Elevate your inspections, audits, checklists and more with a mobile forms solution like Device Magic. Create dynamic, digital forms that allow your team to send inspection reports directly to your back-office systems. Start a free account today to start setting up your customized digital elevator maintenance checklist All our skilled maintenance engineers have extensive experience in ensuring the ongoing safety of lift installations, but they all work to a standard checklist which acts as their guide: Passenger Cabin Lift Maintenance Check and replace exterior call button lights, Check lift door panels and clearance The elevator must be in compliance with all requirements to be certified for use. The elevator inspector will have a checklist of items that includes (but is not limited to) examining/testing the following: Car Buffers Counterweight Buffers Safeties Overspeed Governor Slack-Rope Devices Normal Limits Final Limits Firefighters' Emergency Operation

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There are two levels of inspection that need to be carried out internally: Pre-use checks - these are carried out by operators before each use of lifting equipment. Thorough examinations - these are carried out by the employer or competent person at certain intervals 7.2. Lift Inspection Checklist/Form filled by Lift Inspector/ competent person as per State Lift Rules- Five years 8. Training & Communication: 8.1. Training of Lift Safety procedure shall be carried out to cover for following- a) Site Engineer/ Site Supervisor b) Lift Operator (if any) c) Maintenance personnel (Tata Power, Associates, OEM) 8.2

inspection. Know and understand the pre-operation inspection before going on to the next section. 3 Always perform function tests prior to use. 4 Inspect the workplace. 5 Only use the machine as it was intended. Fundamentals The pre-operation inspection is a visual inspection performed by the operator prior to each work shift Passenger lifts used by people at work. Passenger lifts and combined goods / passenger lifts in workplaces (eg offices and factories) which are primarily used by people at work, are subject to periodic thorough examination and inspection, as required by LOLER and PUWER.Guidance for lift owners and others responsible for the examination and testing of lifts is available in: Thorough examination. Inside the Car: • Examine the interior of the elevator car for damage to the walls, ceiling, and handrails. • Examine the position indicator lights and replace any burned out lights. • Operate the elevator going up and down and check the leveling accuracy, acceleration, and deceleration. Make any adjustments deemed necessary

Keep a log of monthly inspections. Develop a visual checklist to perform routine safety inspections. Service vehicles as needed, Always park the vehicle so that the wheelchair lift can be lowered to a flat area, away from traffic flow. Be sure that the lift area is unobstructed from branches, signposts, hydrants, or passenger in place INSPECTION AND TEST CHECKLIST FORM - ASME A17 checklist forms, which shall be used by the contractor to document the safety code inspection and re-inspection of elevators, escalator moving walks and accessibility and material lifts

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Vehicle Service Inspection Checklist Form Passenger Side Sun Visors Dome Lights Headlights Tail Lights Brake Lights Directional's Adaptive Equipment: Lift Lift Control Magnet Entry Hand Control Power Door Opener Power Parking Brake. Checklist and Report for Inspection of Escalators GENERAL NOTES: (a) See ASME A17.2 for detailed Code requirements. Numbering is tied to the numbering on A17.2 sections. (b) OK = Meets requirements NG = Insert number to identify comment on this checklist NA = Not Applicabl LOLER Inspection Checklist. A LOLER inspection checklist is used to evaluate your company's compliance to the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (1998). Use this checklist to specify the details of the lifting equipment to be assessed, verify its strength and stability, and confirm proper positioning and installation

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Monthly Auto Lift Inspection Checklist Download PDF Publication Date: Aug 2006 File type: PDF (23 KB) Asset type: Checklist Vehicle Final Inspection Checklist Form QAP‐F23 (A) - Sample Vehicle Final Inspection Checklist Form Page 1 of 5 Customer NMEDA Label # # Inspection Item Check if N/A Inst QAI Wheelchair Lifts / Platforms: 1. Platform angle is adjusted as specified by manufacturer 2 If your vehicle needs an inspection, visit your state's information page to find your inspection form and nearby mechanic locations (if applicable). Taxis, stretch limousines, and certain subcompact vehicles will not be approved for use on the Lyft platform. Vehicle age Created Date: 2/1/2011 1:40:21 P

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  1. Passenger person requiring use of a lift, lifting platform, escalator or moving walk etc. LM01 2013 LEIA 33‐34 Devonshire Street, London W1G 6PY Tel: 0044 (0)2079353013 Page 7 of 4
  2. Elevator maintenance plans are an absolute necessity but the details of the contracts can be complicated. As you're evaluating your options, use the information in this article and download our free elevator maintenance checklist to easily compare contracts
  3. Monthly Elevator Inspection and Cleaning Done by: Custodial Dept. and Maintenance Dept. Monthly Custodial Cleaning and Inspections Check for burned out lamps and replace, clean the light lenses. ñan the walls using stainless steel cleaner on the metal. Vacuum the floor. Spot clean the carpet with Answer Machine
  4. CHECKLIST FOR INSPECTION OF ELECTRIC PASSENGER AND GOODS LIFT DEPARTMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH, MALAYSIA Owner name and address: Types of Inspection Routine inspection and test G = Good Periodic inspection and test (Annual) NG = No Good (repair) Periodic inspection and test (Every 5 yrs) NA = Not Applicable Acceptance inspection and test Location of Equipment: Approved Firm Name of.
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• This checklist should be reviewed before the request for an inspection is submitted. The checklist is applicable for all new installations and most major alterations of Passenger, Freight and LULA elevators. • Acceptance inspection will not be scheduled until all known violations are corrected Sample pre-trip inspection of school buses. To be effective, a pre-trip inspection of a school bus (e.g., air-brake equipped) must be thorough and systematic and the individual performing the inspection must know what to look for. The following steps would be applicable to the inspection of a school bus, starting at the engine compartment and. The ANSI B77.1-1999 standard for passenger ropeways, aerial tramways, aerial lifts, surface lifts, tows and conveyors. The ASME A18.1-1999 standard (including the A.18.1a-2001addenda) for vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts and stairway lifts (Passenger and Goods Lifts) Regulations, 1970. Lift Competent Person Grade III means a person registered with the Chief Inspector to perform duties as prescribed under regulations 31(5), 31(6), 31(7) and 31(8) of the Factories and Machinery (Passenger and Goods Lifts) Regulations, 1970. Lift Competent Person means lift competent person. MAINTENANCE, INSPECTION, AND TESTING OF ELECTRIC AND HYDRAULIC ELEVATORS 2.4 Safety The following practices shall be observed, at a minimum, during maintenance, inspection, or testing procedures: • All safety devices must be in operational condition. • Lockout/tagout procedures must be followed if maintenance procedures requir

In New England, many states require cars to pass annual inspections to ensure vehicles are safe to be on the road. Elevators go through a similar process called a load test. This is a state-required procedure intended to make sure that elevators are continuously able to lift their rated (maximum) load at their rated (maximum) speed It is necessary that the security inspection checklist should be shared not just with the concerned team, but also with all the people working in the office, to ensure maximum compliance to, and understanding of the protocol. Here are 49 points that must be included in every workplace security inspection checklist-. 1 If you have a lift, either used by employees in a business, (e.g. restaurant, library, office or warehouse) or by the public, visitors or residents you have a legal duty of care. The legal requirements, surrounding the provision and use of lifts, provide a framework to ensure best practice and safety for everyone using the lift The Fire Protection Systems - Lift Inspection Checklist (Singapore) mobile app offers a helpful way of conducting safety inspections of passenger lifts and fire lifts. Features. includes a helpful checklist of item that should be inspected in relation to fire protection systems in buildings with passenger elevators fire lift cars

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  1. g Inspection Mechanical Compliance Section within 10 (ten) days of Perfor
  2. imum requirement
  3. g under fire alarm activation in order (Clause 13.1.3) ii Lift ho
  4. 4.2.1 Lift Installation 4.2.2 Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Installation 4.2.3 Vertical Lifting Platform Installation 4.2.4 Stairlift Installation 4.3 Commissioning and Statutory Inspections 4.3.1 Lift Installation 4.3.2 Escalator and Passenger Conveyor Installation 4.3.3 Vertical Lifting Platform Installatio
  5. Under Australian standard AS 2250.10-2006 all EWP units including scissor lifts, boom lifts and telehandlers must undergo a major inspection every ten years from their date of manufacture. The inspection must be carried out by an appropriately trained and qualified technician and follows a strict inspection checklist looking at components and.
  6. inspection, maintenance, and operation and afford a greater margin of safety for people and machinery on the plant floor. It must be recognized that this is a Manual of recommendations for Hoist Inspection and Maintenance Personnel and its use is permissive not mandatory. It is the responsibility of the owner of the Hoist t

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Rack & Pinion Elevator Checklist 2004.doc Page 1 of 16 Last Revised: 6/30/05 Elevator Safety Program PO Box 14470 Salem, Oregon 97309 Tel: (503) 373-1298 Fax: (503) 378-4101 Acceptance Inspection Checklist Rack & Pinion Elevators Code References ASME A17.1, 2004 - Effective 4/1/2005 Oregon Structural Specialty Code 2003 - Effective 10/1/200 Check all wheels, ensure they are not scratched. Check all wheels, ensure there is nothing lodged in the tread (screws, nails, debris, etc.) Confirm all 4 hubcaps are present and properly attached. Check for dings on pillars. Inspect the paint on the outside and the door jams, ensure panel corners do not have chips Form #002ELEa Elevator / Escalator and Related Equipment Additional Inspection Report Page (PDF) Form #003ELE Elevator Contractor Certificate of Insurance (PDF) Form #004ELE Elevator Inspector Registration Application (PDF) Occupational License Application Claiming to Have No Social Security Number In addition to the initial inspection, a subsequent inspection is required at the time when the Temporary Use Elevator is re-licensed as a Passenger Elevator. There are further TSSA fees associated with the separate submission and inspection and additional costs for Delta Elevator's Engineering Department

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the checklist is located in Section C of the IFB package. 3.) When a vehicle is delivered, complete Part I through Part VII of the checklist. Follow the inspection instructions for each item listed. For each item which passes inspection, place a check mark in the Pass column. For each item which is defective during inspection, place Once the lift has stopped completely, reengage power to power chairs or disengage wheelchair brakes, and move the passenger into the vehicle compartment. Storing The Lift To return the platform to its storage position, be sure the lift and storage areas are clear and the handrail belt is unbuckled if equipped Both Non-lift & Lift with Alternate Floor Plans 4 years/100,000 miles . From December 1, 2018 to November 30, 2020 Acceptance/Inspection Checklist. Accessible Passenger Vehicle Acceptance/Inspection Checklist can be found on Office of Passenger Transportation web site

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ACCEPTANCE/INSPECTION CHECKLIST..... 18. 3 Version date: 04/01/2021 I. Introduction Purpose This packet contains vehicle ordering information and related forms for purchasing from the 4 + 2 Passenger Bus with Lift . 6 . Version date: 04/01/2021 . 11 Passenger Bus without Lift 5 + 2 Passenger Bus with Lift Class I Yearly inspections cannot exceed 13 months from the date of the last inspection. Inspections should be performed by mechanics who are rated on the make and model of the lift. They can also inspect lifts with similar design features. 3. Conduct Daily Scissor Lift Inspections. Inspect every scissor lift before each shift Elevating Devices Forms and Standata - AEDARSA. Below are all relevant forms for Elevating Devices, including forms for permit of operation, new construction or modernization, inspection requests, and checklists pertaining to device construction. Updated standatas are also listed 1. Complete a full lift/engine interlock inspection or cycle the lift. 2. Brake Inspection: Contestants will not be allowed to set the parking brake and attempt to move the vehicle. Judges Inspection: Upon request, judges can assist contestants with their inspections, though for specific tasks only VIPR Fire Equipment Incident Inspection Checklist March 2018. Page . 1. of . 2 Min. 5 passenger 2 wheel drive 4 wheel drive . Passenger Van: 7 to 9 passenger. All operators shall be able to routinely lift objects up to 45 pounds when performing the duties required of this solicitation

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Find out how to enhance the passenger experience in KONE DX Class lifts with KONE infotainment solutions. Monitoring solutions Discover how KONE monitoring solutions can improve people flow in your building with a real-time overview of equipment status and improve risk management for smoother building handover CHECKLIST FOR ELEVATORS (LIFTS) Ensure & confirm: Lift pit & shaft size as per lift manufacturer's specification. Waterproofing to the lift shaft & top of the machine room slab. Size of the lift shaft, size of all door openings, floor levels & height of machine room as per manufacturer's requirement. Cleaning of lift pit, shafts & ducts The HSA would advise all employers in all sectors that passenger and goods lifts including pavement hoists and dumb waiters, are subject to requirements set out in chapter 2 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations, [S.I No.299 and 732 of 2007]. Lifts must have a periodic thorough examination by a competent. Elevator Installer Request for Inspection Declaration. Escalator Data Sheet Checklist LPPD Hydraulic Platform Lift - Data Sheet. New Construction - LPPD Stair Lifts Data Sheet Checklist. Application for Certificate of Construction and Major Alteration (E) Inclined Passenger Lift. $103.33. $5.17. $12.00. $120.50. LPPD - Stair Chair. Passenger Lifts and Ramps Persons operating lifts must be trained to use them and should be aware of, and follow, the latest guidance for lifts and ramps on minibuses. Accessibility Operators should ensure that all passengers are transported in a minibus suitable for their needs

Try to lift the bottom of the back seat to ensure it is securely attached to its base. E. Connectivity inspection. Test connectivity in all USB ports (1 USB-A/1 USB-C in the front, 2 USB-C in the rear). Check 12 volt DC receptacle has power. Test connectivity of wireless phone charger. Music streaming & phone streaming work, radio reception is. Checklist - Elevator or Dumbwaiter Inspection Unit Type Inspection Type Dumbwaiter Passenger Elevator Freight Elevator Periodic Acceptance Building and Unit Information Building Name Unit Identification Chicago IL Manufacturer Address Phone No. Speed fpm Building Representative Capacity lbs 1 Name of Passenger:_____ Shop:_____ I have performed the above checklist and the Snorkel-Lift is in satisfactory operating condition. This form is to be returned to the BMC Electric Shop at the end of the day or the end of the job, whichever comes first

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elevator inspection checklist. for use of this form, see tm 5-697; the proponent agency is coe. da form 7485-r, dec 2002. apd lc v1.00 *condition: a=acceptable; r=needs repair, replacement or adjustment; c=corrected; na=not applicable. section a - customer data section b - equipment data. section c - visual and mechanical inspection check point. While many drivers think the inspection is a waste of time, it's a vital step to keep riders and drivers safe. Here's the full 19-point checklist of items that the mechanic will assess during an inspection, taken straight from the official Lyft vehicle inspection form: Foot brakes. Rear windshield and remaining glass

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Step 5. Print the inspection form for the rideshare platform and state that you intend to drive (print the correct form using the links in the table above) Step 6. Drive to the mechanic at the appropriate time to get your inspection. Step 7. Wait at the mechanic while the mechanic completes the inspection. Step 8 Inspection and Testing Requirements Document ID SP-2275 Document Type Specification Security Unrestricted Discipline UEQ Owner UEQ/3 Issue Date 01.10.2018 9.1 Passenger and Goods Lifts:.. 28 10 Inspection and testing requirements of Mobile Elevating Work. Keywords: fixed structures, inspection, maintenance, qualifications, rail transit system, structures, track, training Summary: This document establishes a standard for the periodic inspection and maintenance of fixed structure rail transit tracks. This includes periodic visual, electrical and mechanical inspections of components that affec life and passenger safety through regularly scheduled preventive maintenance. The lift configurations refer to your lifts Owner's Manual for a list of warning lights A Pre-trip/Post-trip Inspection checklist should be completed with each componen Installation, Operation and Examination of Passenger and Goods Lifts. This Safety Alert is issued by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) for the attention of those who have any responsibility for the safety of lifts including employers, property managers, facility managers and lift installation, maintenance or inspection companies

2 nh department of safety division of fire standards and training and emergency medical services wheelchair van for hire - equipment and suppliies (saf-c 5919 Your Quick and Easy Elevator Code Checklist. Elevator code compliance doesn't have to be as daunting as it seems. Make sure your bases are covered with help from this elevator code checklist- including ASME, ADA, IBC and NEC. Elevator code compliance isn't necessarily a glamorous part of your job. It can seem such a tedious process. Chklist lift 1. CHECKLIST FOR INSPECTION OF ELECTRIC PASSENGER AND GOODS LIFT DEPARTMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH, MALAYSIA Owner name and address: Types of Inspection Routine inspection and test G = Good Periodic inspection and test (Annual) NG = No Good (repair) Periodic inspection and test (Every 5 yrs) NA = Not Applicable Acceptance inspection and test Location of Equipment.

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Checklist - planning the safe set-up and operation of personnel and materials hoists. A personnel or materials hoist is generally used on construction sites to hoist personnel, goods and/or materials between the ground and elevated floors of a multi-level structure Lift Arms. With side-loaders, lift arms are one of the main inspection points to include in your process. Here are a few things you'll want to add to your pre-trip or post-trip inspection checklist: Check the pin retaining bolts to affirm that they're tightly held and not broken. Check the lift bolts to ensure they're available and. Elevator Checklist. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your elevator checklist form instantly with SignNow. The most secure digital platform to get legally binding, electronically signed documents in just a few seconds. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Start a free trial now to save yourself time and money Office address: Department of State Police, Safety Division, 3719 Saunders Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227. The cost is $20.00 (no shipping or handling). The purchase of inspection manuals at our office or by mail will be limited to payment by money orders, cash, or company checks (cash can only be used by walk-in customers) The employer shall prepare a certification record which includes the date the inspection and test of all functions and safety devices was performed; the signature of the person who performed the inspection and test; and a serial number, or other identifier, for the hoist that was inspected and tested

An example of a monthly inspection checklist is provided on the Monthly Auto Lift Inspection form. The checklist provided may not be inclusive for all types of automotive lifts. For a complete checklist, refer to the automotive lift manufacturer's instructions or contact the manufacturer. Guidelines Part 12 - Miscellaneous Equipmen FORKLIFT PRE-RENTAL INSPECTION CHECKLIST To be filled out by the Driver delivering this forklift and then attached to stop the lift on a level surface and set the parking brake, retract the mast, put the forks or other attachment flat on the ground, NO Passenger machine! IMPORTANT SAFETY RULES TO FOLLOW 4.6 Lift, escalator, and the associated equipment or machinery 25 4.7 Works required to be undertaken by RCs 26 4.8 Supervision 27 4.9 Support to the working personnel 29 4.10 Well-being of QP working alone 29 . iv 4.11 Work to be carried out by two or more lift / escalator workers 31 4.12 Necessary support to RE in examination 32. 10 Tips for Your Elevator Maintenance Contract. A simple Guide to Elevator Maintenance Contracts. Understand the critical items and calculate elevator maintenance cost. It's that time again: your elevator maintenance contract is expiring, and you need to renegotiate. The document is long and complicated This safety inspection checklist app covers inspection report items for network companies such as foot brakes, emergency parking brakes, steering, windshield, lights, turn signals, speedometer, horn, muffler and tires. Use this Lyft car reporting app to export convenient PDFs that check on Lyft driver requirements and agreed-upon procedures for.

Each vehicle shall have a lift, with sufficient capacity to safely and- smoothly facilitate the entrance of the passenger(s) into the vehicle and exit from the vehicle Wheelchair Tie down and Occupant Restrainstem (WTORS) t Sy - A lap and shoulder bel Each inspection station must have an inspection area within an enclosed building of sufficient length, width and height to accommodate the type of vehicle being inspected. Class A and D stations are required to accommodate a commercial vehicle. Class B stations must accommodate a full-size domestic made passenger vehicle Get in contact with us now on (+44) 0345 299 3495. Our qualified technical engineering consultants will ensure you are in full compliance in this area. This service enables us in delivering equipment or installation commissioning services, statutory inspections or testing deemed relevant for asset integrity and safety

Inspection Booklets provide a detailed checklist for marine inspectors. Marine Inspection Notices provide clarified and updated information for marine inspection activities. (Keywords: inspection booklets, marine inspection notices, barge, dry-dock, hull, machinery, offshore supply vessel, small passenger vessel, tankship) View Document Page 2 of 2 Operator's Daily Checklist: Electric Revised: 09/2016 Deficiency Explanations Indicate below which line item from the inspection checklist you are referencing. Provide a brief description of the problem. Remove the forklift from service as necessary, tag with an appropriate notice, and date when the service removal was initiated Loler inspection require a competent individual to assess all lifting related equipment in the work place to ensure the highest standard of safety. Workplace passenger and goods lifts Construction hoists Dumb waiters Scissor lifts Vehicle tail lifts Telehandlers and industrial lift trucks. VIPR Fire Equipment Incident Compliance Inspection Checklist June 2020. Page . 1. of . 2. Sport Utility Vehicle: Min. 5 passenger 4WD/AWD. Passenger Van: 7-9 passenger 4WD/AWD. NOTE: Passenger or passenger-carrying capacity minimums stated above includes the driver Usage: All Wheeled and Track driven paving equipment in all Steering, Traction and Drive configurations. Inspection items include all minor and major control systems, components such as Hopper, Conveyor, Screed, Auger, Pavement, Engine, Spreader, Depth, Tamper, Vibration, Shoes, Gate, Dump, Wings, Operator Platform, Tank, Hydraulics and all other items and details to inspect related equipment

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Lift Code and Descriptions: 230 Reversible Tram. Detachable 311 Double/Triple Chairlift 313 Triple Chairlift 314 Quad Chairlift 316 Six Passenger Chairlift 324 4 Passenger Gondola 326 6 Passenger Gondola 328 8 Passenger Gondola 329 Quad Chair / 4 Pass. Gondola. 330 12 Passenger Gondola Fixed Grip 411 Single Chairlift 412 Double Chairlif Free L. Keeley Vehicle Inspection Audit Checklist. Use this Digital Checklist Template Preview. GO DIGITAL TODAY Rear Passenger (INSIDE) Driver Tire in Good Repair with no Visible Signs of Wear or Cracking in Sidewall (If Dual Tire Vehicle) Date of Last Lift Safety Inspection by Manufacturer Authorized Service Center. Date Downey: 10231 Lakewood Blvd, Downey, CA 90241. Atwater (Glendale): 3332 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065. No appointment is necessary during operating hours at these locations, but please allow 30 minutes once you arrive. Inspections must be completed every 12 months or 50,000 miles, whichever occurs first Commercial Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Checklist The Commercial Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Test is designed to test your ability to check a variety of commercial vehicle safety equipment and vehicle components. You are required to check the items listed below that relate to the operation of your vehicle. You will need to point out th