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Great Selection of Gardening Products. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders Looking For Atrazine Weed Killer? Find It All On eBay with Fast and Free Shipping. Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Atrazine Weed Killer now Atrazine is in a group of man-made systemic herbicides called triazines. Specifically, atrazine is a chlorotriazine herbicide. 1 It is used for broadleaf weeds both before and after they sprout. It is also used on some grassy weeds. 1,2 It was first registered for use in 1958. 1 Atrazine Herbicide. Atrazine - Safe for people, good for the environment and the economy. See How. Atrazine's effectiveness and safety is well documented throughout the United States and around the world, with nearly 7,000 scientific studies conducted on the product.. Atrazine is a widely used herbicide that can be applied before and after planting to control broadleaf and grassy weeds. Atrazine is a member of the triazine chemical class, which includes simazine and propazine. It is used in primarily in agriculture, with the greatest use on corn, sorghum, and sugarcane

Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in Texas corn and grain sorghum production. It also is often found as an active ingredient in many weed-and-feed products available for home lawn and commercial turf- grass weed control. With its widespread use, atrazine has been discovered in minute quantities in Texas ground and surface waters Atrazine herbicide is used in crops such as corn and sugarcane. It provides good weed control for crops because it is a selective herbicide, meaning the crop plants can metabolize the chemical, but the weeds are killed. It also has lawn care uses, like for golf courses and residential lawns as a weed killer. It is great for dandelions and crab. Atrazine 4L is a restricted use post-emergent and pre-emergent herbicide formulated by Drexel Chemical Company. It is used to safely control annual broadleaf and grass weeds in cornfields, sugarcane fields, and turfs. The active ingredient, Atrazine will kill weeds as seeds or kill emerged weeds through the root system ATRAZINE 4L Herbicide will control most annual Broadleaf and Grass weeds in Corn, Sorghum, Sugarcane and certain other crops as specifiedon this label. This product may be applied before or after weeds emerge. In each case where a range of rates is given, the lower rate should be used o

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  1. ATRAZINE 4l Herbicide will control most annual Broadleat and Grass weeds in Com, Sorghum. Sugarcane and cel1aln other crops as specified on this label. This product may be applied belore or atte~ weeds emerge. In each case where a range of rates is given, the lower rate should be used on Coarse textured soil and soil low in organic matter and.
  2. Atrazine is a common herbicide that acts as both a pre-emergent (kills weeds before they sprout) and post-emergent (kills mature weeds) weed control. Not only does Atrazine kill most weeds, but it also kills most grasses. This is great for controlling pest grasses but is harmful to many species of turfgrasses
  3. Atrazine is an agricultural herbicide that is widely used by farmers to control broadleaf weeds and grasses that interfere with the growth of corn, sorghum, sugar cane, and other crops
  4. Atrazine is a herbicide of the triazine class. It is used to prevent pre-emergence broadleaf weeds in crops such as maize (corn) and sugarcane and on turf, such as golf courses and residential lawns. Atrazine's primary manufacturer is Syngenta and it is one of the most widely used herbicides in the United States and Australian agriculture.. As of 2001, atrazine was the most commonly detected.
  5. ATRAZINE 4L. Atrazine 4L herbicide controls many annual and broadleaf grass weeds. Atrazine 4L may be applied before or after weeds emerge. See label for list of crops Atrazine 4L can be used on. Labels/SDS. Printer-friendly version. PDF version

Southern Ag 006130 Atrazine St. Augustine Weed Killer 32oz Specialty Herbicide. 4.2 out of 5 stars. 267. $17.59. $17. . 59. Get it as soon as Mon, Mar 22. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon A. Per the product label for Southern Ag Atrazine Weed Killer for St. Augustine Grass : Rain or water within 2 or 3 days of application may decrease the effectiveness on emerged weeds. However, for the control of weeds from seeds, rainfall or watering is necessary within 7 to 10 days after treatment Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in Corn, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Turf and other labeled crops. Atrazine 4L acts mainly through root absorption; therefore, its effectiveness is dependent on either rainfall or irrigation to move it into the root zone Atrazine is an herbicide produced by Syngenta AG, a global company based in Switzerland. In the U.S., the product is used mainly to kill weeds. It was first registered by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) as an herbicide in 1958. While 90 percent of atrazine, or 70 million pounds, is used annually in America is to prevent weeds. Atrazine is a chemical used in agriculture and horticulture to selectively kills weeds in crop fields and in warm-season turf lawns. More importantly, it is a restricted-use herbicide in the United States, limited to usage and application by certified professionals

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  1. Atrazine 4L CLICK HERE TO SEE COMPLETE PRODUCT INFORMATION INCLUDING CROP USAGE, REGISTRATION AND SAFETY DATA. Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in Corn, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Turf and other labeled crops.. Features and Benefits. Contains 4 pounds of Atrazine per gallon; For use in aerial and ground application
  2. g without atrazine would cost corn growers alone as much as $28 per acre in alternative herbicide costs and reduced yields. The EPA said in a 2003 review: The total or national economic impact resulting from the.
  3. imize potential for atrazine to reach ground and surface water. helena atrazine 4f herbicide
  4. *Atrazine applications for corn are restricted to a maximum of 2.5 pounds active ingredient per acre (lb. ai/A) per calendar year. In addition, there is a per-application maximum of no more than 1.6 or 2 lb. ai/A depending on soil erodibility (as defined by NRCS) and the amount of crop residue cover
  5. The herbicide atrazine is one of the most commonly used, well studied, and controversial pesticides on the planet. Much of the controversy surrounds the effects of atrazine on wildlife, particularly amphibians, and involves representatives from Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc., the company that produces atrazine, the US Environmental Protection.

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Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide ACTIVE CONSTITUENT: 900 g/kg Atrazine GROUP C HERBICIDE For selective annual grass and broadleaf weed control as per the Directions for Use Table CHEMINOVA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD ABN 59 472 616 773 ACN 110 199 169 12 JULIUS AVE NORTH RYDE NSW 2113 PH: 1800 624 597 www.cheminova.com.au NET CONTENTS: 5-50 k Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, ornamentals, sugarcane, turf and other labeled crops. Application timing flexibility: Pre-plant surface and incorporated and post-emergent uses. Contains 4 pounds of Atrazine per gallon

Compare prices & read customer reviews. Free UK delivery on eligible orders The herbicide is commonly sold as a fine white powder and is insoluble in water (Nat'l Center for Biotechnology Information). To follow Missouri regulations for atrazine, farmers apply atrazine in similar amounts to both corn and sorghum fields, at a maximum of 2.5 pounds of active ingredient per acre annually (Bradley, Kevin W., et al.) Atrazine is an important herbicide for quackgrass control and other perennial weeds. Cyanazine does not control quackgrass but is used were persistence in the soil is a concern and for the control of fall panicum and crabgrass, weeds atrazine often does not control. Chemistry Triazine(one) Family.

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Atrazine. Effective in both pre- and post-emergence weed control applications, atrazine is the active ingredient in herbicides for both home and agricultural uses The herbicide atrazine, one of the world's most widely used pesticides, screws up the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females, a Atrazine is a Powder Pure atrazine is an odorless, white powder that is not very volatile, reactive or flammable and will dissolve in water. It does not occur naturally in the environment and is made in the laboratory. Atrazine is the most widely used herbicide in the United States. Atrazine is used as an herbicide o Atrazine is a general-purpose herbicide that works as both a pre- and post-emergent. This means it will kill existing weeds and those that have yet to spring up from the ground. However, you may want to think twice before using atrazine on your lawn The Trump administration alarmed environmental and public health advocates on Friday with the Environmental Protection Agency's decision to reauthorize the use of atrazine, an herbicide common in the United States but banned or being phased out in dozens of countries due to concerns about risks such as birth defects and cancer. Use of this extremely dangerous pesticide should be banned, not.

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Atrazine 4L Herbicide offers dependable, season-long broadleaf and grass weed control in corn, grain and forage sorghum, sugarcane, conifers, macadamia nuts, guava, chemical fallow and other uses. May be applied preplant surface, preplant incorporated, preemergence or postemergence When using a 4% Atrazine mix, such as Southern Ag Atrazine, mix 4.33 ounces of Atrazine per gallon of water. To ensure the Atrazine mixes completely with the water, pour the Atrazine into the container first, followed by the water. One gallon of Atrazine and water mix is enough to kill weeds in a 500 square-foot area without harming your grass Atrazine is the most widely used triazine in corn. It is a common component of many preplant and pre-emergence herbicide premixes for corn. It controls a wide variety of broadleaf weeds, including pigweeds, ragweeds, morningglories, and mustards, as well as some grass species. However, atrazine resistance has been reported for many weed species. Atrazine 4L is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, ornamentals, sugarcane, turf and other labeled crops. Application timing flexibility: Pre-plant surface and incorporated and post-emergent uses. Contains 4 pounds of Atrazine per gallon Atrazine (ATR) is a herbicide used to kill broadleaf plants in rural and urban environments and is widely used. ATR levels in US drinking water can exceed the drinking water criteria (Barbash et al., 2001) and human exposure has been confirmed by detection of ATR in urine samples ( Curwin et al., 2007 ). Interestingly, when ATR levels were high.

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Atrazine is one of the most widely used herbicides in the U.S., and is found in 94% of U.S drinking water tested by the USDA — more often than any other pesticide. An estimated 7 million people were exposed to atrazine in their drinking water between 1998 and 2003. The highest levels of contamination are in the Midwest where it is widely used. Introduction: Atrazine is a selective triazine herbicide used to control broadleaf and grassy weeds in corn, sorghum, sugarcane, pineapple, christmas trees, and other crops, and in conifer reforestation plantings. It is also used as a nonselective herbicide on non-cropped industrial lands and on fallow lands The greater persistence of atrazine at high pH's is due to the herbicide being more susceptible to degradation when it is bound to soil colloids than when it is in free solution. This is the reason why atrazine carryover is a bigger problem in areas of northern Iowa with high pH soils than in southern Iowa. The adsorption and persistence of.

IMAGE Herbicide All-in-One Lawn Weed Killer Ready-To-Spray kills Crabgrass, Dandelion, Nutsedge, Clover, and Other Listed Weeds. This ready-to-spray is a selective weed killer for lawn weeds that starts working on contact to kill tough lawn weeds and act as a weed control AAtrex 4L Herbicide. A liquid formulation, AAtrex ® 4L provides season-long control of many broadleaf weeds and some grasses in approved crops. Application flexibility allows for AAtrex 4L to be applied preplant surface, preplant incorporated, pre-emergence, or post-emergence. It is also serves as an excellent tank mix partner

Atrazine, one of the most commonly used herbicides in the world, has been shown to affect reproduction of fish, according to a new U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) study. Concentrations of atrazine. HG 5 herbicides interfere with photosynthesis, resulting in chlorosis and necrosis of leaves. They move in the xylem and accumulate in expanded leaves. Both metribuzin and atrazine cause similar injury symptoms on soybeans, and injury may occur as a result of carryover or drift (atrazine) or direct application (metribuzin) atrazine AAtrex 5 s-metolachlor Dual II Magnum 15 This chart groups herbicides by their modes of action to assist you in selecting herbicides 1) to maintain greater diversity in herbicide use and 2) to rotate among effective herbicides with different sites of action to delay the development of herbicide resistance Please note that Journey can only be applied pre-emergent and atrazine is not registered for use in switchgrass in Wisconsin. Once fields are established it is not expected that additional weed management will be necessary. Table 2. Herbicides for use in establishing switchgrass Herbicides Active ingredient Rate product/A Timing* Cost/ LESCO Fertilizer/Herbicide Post Emergent Atrazine 1.05% 50 lb. 9999900057. Pick-Up, Delivery, or Shipping. Select at Cart. Conveniently pick-up your items from your branch. Business days are Monday through Friday. Same day pick-up available for some orders. Branch pick-up is always free

Based on the DPR records, Green Diamond has applied herbicides over approximately 1,718 acres of its property between January 27th to May 5th of 2010. The amount of chemicals used adds up to a whopping 25,958.25 gallons. This includes the use of 3,128 gallons of Imazapyr and 1,377 gallons of Atrazine. Green Diamond's herbicide use thus far in 2010, has been spread all over their ownership · Atrazine is an herbicide. When found in surface waters, it has the potential to become a health concern, and the cost to remove it from public drinking water is high. · High atrazine surface water concentrations indicate that the herbicide is leaving the field and not doing its job, which is to stay in place and kill weeds

Atrazine, a widely used herbicide in the U.S., has led to a shocking increase in birth defects. 07/12/2018 / Cassie B. Pesticides impair the fertility of male frogs, causing a female-biased sex ratio. 06/10/2018 / Cassie B. Pesticides making America STUPID: Agricultural chemicals found to lower the IQ of children Add the required quantity of Flowable Atrazine 500 to water in the spray tank and agitate. Continue agitation during application. If mixing with other herbicides, add the concentrates to the water in the spray tank one at a time. Add wetting agent last to minimise frothing. Flowable Atrazine 500 is compatible with most commonly used herbicides

Only atrazine poses medium risks to three species because atrazine is rarely used in the rice fields. For some herbicides, high RQ values were calculated for these three different aquatic organisms. For example, the RQs of bensulfuron-methyl were observed in fish (10.7008), daphnia (19.2856) and algae (28.4831), respectively • Atrazine PRE on newly seeded switchgrass on both sandy and silt loam soils to control a broad spectrum of annual broadleaf and some grass weeds. • POST control of broadleaf and grass weeds, several herbicides are available (2,4D, dicamba, quinclorac, sulfosulfuron) All require waiting until the switchgrass has 3 to 4 leaves befor

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The herbicide site of action refers to the location or enzyme where the herbicide acts to disrupt plant growth. Herbicide sites of action are numbered and can be found on the herbicide label or in the 2020 MSU Weed Control Guide for Field Crops. I took the treatment list for all herbicide entries in the corn commercial comparison trials from. HERBICIDE Atrazine 4L FOR SEASON-LONG WEED CONTROL IN CORN, SORGHUM, AND CERTAIN OTHER CROPS Sale, use and distribution of this product in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in the state of New York is prohibited. ACTIVE INGREDIENT S: % BY WT. Atrazine: 2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6 Herbicides (Triazine Family) • Atrazine provides excellent control of most broadleaf weeds and is commonly used as a supplement to one of the grass herbicides discussed. Although atrazine is usually applied to the soil surface immediately after seeding, it can also be soil incorporated if tank mixed with a preplant incorporated grass herbicide

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Atrazine (2-chloro-4-ethylamino-6-isopropylamino-s-triazine) is a toxic herbicide, which transports from one place to other. Atrazine is used to manage leafy and grassy weeds in various crops such as pineapples, sugarcane, corn, sorghum, raspberries, roses and juvenile woodland Acuron Herbicide. Only Acuron outperforms and outyields all other corn herbicides. With four effective herbicide active ingredients (AIs), including the unique component bicyclopyrone, Acuron ® provides season-long weed control to help fully protect your corn's yield potential Atrazine is heavily used in the south and midwest, where it is commonly used to control weeds in crops such as sugarcane, sorghum, corn, and more. Not only can atrazine now be found in the grass after treatment, but it has also been found in drinking water supplies

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Atraforce is a selective and systemic herbicide containing 80% Atrazine WP (800g/kg atrazine powder). It controls a wide range of broadleaf weeds and some annual grasses with a pre-emergent and early post-emergent mechanism of action In fields where corn was the previous crop, triazine herbicides are of the greatest concern in terms of herbicide carryover injury to wheat. These include atrazine or any of the many prepackaged herbicide mixtures that contain atrazine as one of the active ingredients (Bicep II Magnum, Degree Xtra, Guardsman Max, Harness Extra, Lumax, Lexar, etc.) Crop Protection. Herbicides & Weed Killers. Genfarm Atrazine 900 WG Herbicide. For selective annual grass and broadleaf weed control as per the Directions for Use. Find my closest branch Contact us The complementary activity of 4-hydroxphenylpyruvate dioxygenase (HPPD) inhibitors and atrazine is well documented, but the use of atrazine is restricted in some geographic areas, including the province of Quebec in Canada, necessitating the evaluation of atrazine alternatives and their interactions with HPPD inhibitors. The objectives of this study were to determine whether mixing HPPD.

Atrazine s elective systemic herbicide, absorbed by the roots and the foliage, with translocation acropetally in the xylem and accumulation in the apical meristems and leaves. Pre- and post-emergence control of annual broad-leaved weeds and annual grasses in maize, sorghum, sugar cane, pineapples, chemical fallow, grassland, macadamia nuts, conifers, and industrial weed control One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Stock tools & supplies for your garden. Free UK delivery on eligible orders

Atrazine Crop Herbicides Atrazine's effectiveness and safety is well documented throughout the United States and around the world, with nearly 7,000 scientific studies conducted on the product. For more than half a century, atrazine has been a mainstay of corn, sorghum and sugar cane farmers for its proven control of a broad range of. Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer - 1 Quart Ready to Spray. $ 19.95. Add to cart. Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer is an atrazine-based herbicide designed to control weeds like henbit, dollar weed, chickweed, clover, sandspur and others listed on the product label in St. Augustine and centipede grass. Available in a 32 oz. bottle

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Atrazine is the most widely-used conservation tillage herbicide in corn and is a critical rotation product to manage weed resistance. Conservation tillage makes cropland much less vulnerable to soil erosion, which is reduced by as much as 90 percent when compared to intensive tillage. And when erosion is prevented, so is the runoff of sediment. herbicide in Nebraska. Since atrazine is used so extensively and is relatively long lasting, more carry-over problems have occurred with atrazine. The same bioassay procedure could be used to determine soil residues of metribuzin (Sencor/Lexone), simazine (Princep), linuron (Lorox), cyanazine (Bladex) and other. The herbicide atrazine, one of the world's most widely used pesticides, screws up the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females, according to a new study by UC Berkeley's Tyrone Hayes Herbicides have been the subject of much controversy in the past few decades, particularly after the release of Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbot's documentary The Corporation, which set its sights for most of its runtime on the agrochemical company Monsanto's lack of ethics. At the center of the controversy lies Atrazine, a widely used herbicide <a title=What Weeds Does Atrazine Kill.

Atrazine is a controlled-use herbicide that is a water-soluble white powder that is odorless. With proper use and application, it can be an effective control for annual and broad-leaf weeds and many perennial grass weeds. Proper personal protective equipment, such as long sleeved shirts and pants, socks and. Atrazine is a fantastic herbicide; you can mix it, at 1 quart or 1.5 quarts, with Capreno plus Roundup or Halex GT. That's a broad spectrum program that'll take care of a lot of difficult-to-control weeds. Again, the problem is that we've let the weeds compete with the crop for two or three weeks, and we've lost yield IMAGE Southern Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate for St. Augustine grass and Centipede grass contains multiple active ingredients to provide excellent broadleaf weed control in established warm-season and cool-season grasses. Weeds controlled include dandelion, chickweed, clover, dollar weed and spurge. Weed injury symptoms are normally noticed within a few days of application Postemergence herbicides are applied after weeds have sprouted. They are most eff ective when weeds are still small: less than 4 inches high. Some herbicides (ex.; atrazine, simazine, dithiopyr) have both postemergence and preemergence activity if they reach the soil through direct contact or by washing off the foliage Atrazine is a selective triazine herbicide that is used to control broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds in crops, such as corn, sorghum, sugarcane, pineapple, and Christmas trees, and in conifer reforestation plantings. In addition, it is also used as a non-selective herbicide on non-cropped industrial lands and on fallow lands. It is available in different formulations, such as dry flowable.

Atrazine 4L herbicide contains four-pounds-per-gallon of Atrazine and is used for season-long weed control. This product will control most annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, sorghum, sugarcane, and certain other crops as specified on the label. May be applied before or after weeds emerge. Tank mixes readily with a variety of herbicides Pesticide & Herbicide Application Just applied Atrazine to Centipede, what's next? The Hi-Yeild Atrazine mixed 4.3oz to 1 gal of water sprayed 6 times over a 3,000 sq ft section of yard finally kicked in a day or two after posting my previous reply. It killed most of the weeds, but I still have a few left in the yard atrazine (Aatrex), prodiamine (Barricade), and dithiopyr (Diminsion). When applied correctly, woody species have very little root uptake of these herbicides. In addition, these herbicides are applied as pre-emergent treatments (before foliage appears) when most woody species are dormant. Subsequently, use of these herbicides does not Figure 1

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Atrazine herbicide St Augustine Grass - Where to buy Atrazine for St. Augustine Weed Killer - Qt - 2.5 Gallon, Drexel Auguzine St Augustine Weed Killer, southern ag atrazine weed killer for st. augustine grass, atrazine herbicide, atrazine weed killer, atrazine for st augustine grass, 753182638126, We are pest control supplies wholesaler that have diy pest control supply store in Suwanee. The atrazine water district lawsuit(s) were settled in 2012 and this site remains active to provide any related litigation updates. As you explore AtrazineFacts.com you will find factual information which allows farmers, journalists, bloggers and others, to stay up to date with any past or pending atrazine litigation and related coverage Atra-5 ® is a herbicide for the control of annual broadleaf and grass weeds in Corn, Ornamentals, Sugarcane, Turf and other labeled crops. Features and Benefits. Contains 5 pounds of Atrazine per gallon; For use in aerial and ground application; Application flexibility: Pre-plant surface and incorporated, and Post-emergent use Atrazine is a widely used chlorotriazine herbicide active against broadleaf and grassy weeds. Related chlorotriazine herbicides include simazine, propazine, and cyanazine, all which act by inhibiting plant photosynthesis. Atrazine is applied pre- and post-emergence to agricultural land for crops such as corn and sorghum

Product description. Atrazine 4L Herbicide is formulated to control annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, ornamentals, sugarcane and turf. For both aerial and ground applications. Application timing is flexible - can be applied both pre-plant and post-emergence. This product is a Restricted Use Pesticide, and requires an applicator's. Southern Ag Atrazine St. Augustine Grass Weed Killer- the best for cost-effectiveness! The main ingredient in this product is atrazine, a targeted herbicide used to combat and broadleaf grassy weeds. It can be seen on the lawn as well as on golf courses, drain banks, non-crop sites, gardens, pastures and fences.. ATRAZINE ST. AUGUSTINE WEED KILLER • Kills many broadleaf weeds • Also used in centipede grass • Provides suppression of crabgrass • Controls emerged weeds and weeds. from seed. CONTAINS: 4% Atrazine. USE ON: St. Augustine and centipede. lawn grasses. CONTROLS: Many common grassy and. broadleaf weeds. RATE: 4.33 ounces per 500 sq. ft. herbicides or combinations will be needed for complete control. Facelis (Facelis retusa) Effective control requires a tank mix of a postemergence broadleaf herbicide with simazine or atrazine. Typical mixes are a three-way plus simazine or atrazine or Manor, Mansion or Blade plus simazine or atrazine. Apply early (between Decem Approximate Herbicide Pricing 2 Table 1. Approximate herbicide costs per unit. Herbicide Trade Name Herbicide Common Name Registrant Approximate Cost/Unit ($) 2,4-D Amine 2,4-D Several 13/gal 2,4-D Ester 2,4-D Several 17/gal AAtrex atrazine Syngenta 15/gal Accord XRT glyphosate Dow 18/gal Atrazine 4L atrazine various 14/gal Accent Q.

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this product is a restricted-use herbicide due to ground and surface water concerns. users must read and follow all precautionary statements and instructions for use in order to minimize potential for atrazine to reach ground and surface water. group 5 herbicide cornbelt® atrazine 4l herbicide In acid soils, herbicides like atrazine become bound to soil particles, making them unavailable for weed control, but at the same time, they are chemically degraded more quickly. This makes liming an acid soil important for achieving an adequate performance from these two herbicide families Atrazine can travel (seep or leach) through soil and can enter ground water which may be used as drinking water. Atrazine has been found in ground water. Users are advised not to apply Atrazine to sand and loamy sand soils where the water table (ground water) is close to the surface and where these soils are very permeable; i.e., well-drained

The herbicide atrazine, one of the world's most widely used pesticides, wreaks havoc with the sex lives of adult male frogs, emasculating three-quarters of them and turning one in 10 into females. Figure 1 and Table 1 present the ten herbicides most used on agricultural land in the U.S. Glyphosate and atrazine were applied to more than double the crop field acreage than the third leading herbicide, 2,4-D, in 2001 Links with this icon indicate that you are leaving the CDC website.. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website

Southern Ag Surfactant is compatible practically with any herbicide brand that comes to mind - Trimec, Atrazine, Brush Killer, to name the few. Check Price Tips for users: 1 teaspoonful of this product is usually enough to boost 1 gallon of any herbicide (you may need a higher dosage for boosting Round-up and MSMA) - but check the label. Herbicide injury symptoms on seedlings should become apparent within three weeks after planting seed. Less time is . required if high herbicide concentrations are present. It will take longer if the temperature is below 70oF. To test for atrazine carry-over, plant six beans (soybeans, field beans or garden beans) or 10 oat seeds in each container Buy a Milwaukee M18 Backpack Sprayer (7008478) or a Milwaukee M18 Fuel String Trimmer, get $100 off your choice select M18 Tool (7017486, 7790272, 7790231, 7008478, 2009062. 2474914, 2883874) Check Nearby Stores. The purchase of this item requires you to exchange your old propane tank for a new filled propane tank. Okay Apply Express herbicide using a minimum spray volume of 5 GPA using flat-fan nozzles or 2 GPA by air to provide good weed control. See label for GPA instructions for other nozzles and for specific state instructions. When tank mixing with a grass herbicide, use the higher spray volume recommended for those products, usually 10 GPA by ground

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