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Corian Worktops - Over 80 Colours. Online Quote In Minutes - Black Friday Sale Now Live. Supply & Install Corian Worktops, Amazing Quality & Price, Free Quote In Minute Discover Our Highest Quality Biocare® Minerals Range. Free Delivery Available, Fast P&p Large White Lava Rock Formation for Aquariums, Artificial Fish & Reptile Tank Aquascape Rock Ledge. 4.4 out of 5 stars 6. $55.98 $ 55. 98. FREE Shipping. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. 3.5 Pounds Lava Rock Pebbles Pumice Mixed Decorative Gravel Horticultural for Plant Aquariums, Cacti Succulents, Potted Large Lava Rock Aquarium Decoration has neutral color detail to add a natural looking life to your fish tank. This aquarium ornament is great for decorating your aquarium with minimum maintenance. They are 100% safe for fish made from special resin that is non toxic and designed specifically for use in aquariums and fish tanks

Size is 18 Inch Long x 8.5 Inch Wide x 11.5 Inch High (44cm x 22cm x 29cm), Natural Looking Artificial Large Lava Rock Ornament Aquarium, Reptile, Turtle & Fish Safe Polyresin. This lava rock is very large and many natural looking holes, suitable for larger tanks. It has neutral color detail to add a natural looking life to your fish tank Lava Rock Basalt Stone, Large 8 Raw Rough Fossils Rocks. Aquarium Decoration, Black Volcanic Rocks. Mineral Specimen, Fish Tank Decor. EarthPerfection. 5 out of 5 stars. (250) $44.95 FREE shipping. Only 1 available and it's in 3 people's carts These are my Multi color Large/Medium selected Lava Rocks. Included are some of our very rare all natural lava colors. 5 large/Medium stones ~ approx 5 - 7 These larger stones are perfect for your Fish Tank or Reptile Aquarium. Carefully hand collected and hand chosen to give your aquarium tank the best possible color and presentation

LavaRock fish cave hideaway decoration aquarium tank stone fishtank lava rock. $42.99. Free shipping. or Best Offer. BLACK LAVA ART AQUARIUM AQUATIC FISH REPTILE CONDO LARGE DISPLAY 25 LB. DIFFUSER. $65.00. Free shipping. or Best Offer Sera Rock Red Lava (Price Per Stone) Various Sizes - Lava Stone or Volcanic Rock - Natural Stone Decoration for Aquarium - Decoration or Rock 4.4 out of 5 stars 232 $15.46 $ 15 . 4

One Large Lava Rock - Perfect for Aquariums, Terrariums ArizonaLavaRocks 5 out of 5 stars (44) Sale Price $28.80 $ 28.80 $ 32.00 Original Price $32.00 (10% off) FREE shipping Add to Favorites Java on a Lava! Java Moss on a Lava Rock Low Tech Live Freshwater Aquarium Plant Trims, Easy Fish Tank Decor. The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock. Lava Rock which is formed from the intense heat of volcanos has many hidden benefits for the aquarium that many hobbyists are not even aware of. This blog post on The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock will give an insight into how this rock really does help Adding lava rocks in the aquarium not only enhances your aquarium beauty but also makes a more comfortable and home-like environment to your aquarium inhabitants. So, adding lava rocks is definitely going to help you and your aquarium in many ways. This guide is to highlight all the possible ways on how to prepare lava rocks for the aquarium

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Perfect for aquariums, bonsai, terrarium, vivarium etc. 1 piece Lava rock cave (or could be flipped for a completely different look, see pics) Approximate Size: 8 x 4.5 Cave entrance 2.5 x 3 Weight 3 lbs 6oz Naturally textured rock, great for aquariums, small fish, shrimp, hideaway, decor, etc Be the envy of many Aquarium Enthusiasts. with our 100% Authentic High Quality aquascaping Rocks. 100% all natural organic hand collected stones. We specialize in rare natural colored and twisted lava you can get no where else. We strive to bring High Quality stones at affordable prices. to our customers aquarium investments Aquarium 5 Large Lava Rocks w/ 13 Holes Fish Tank Swim Thru Caves Stacking - R&D. Brand New. $55.99. or Best Offer +$19.95 shipping. 11 watchers. K N S 8 K Z 3 p 8 o F n A s V o r e d. Aquarium Decoration Lava rock Cave terrarium bonsai 4 rocks decor fish shelter . Brand New. $19.99. or Best Offer +$6.99 shipping Lava rock is best used in aquariums in the range of ¼ to ½ inch diameter. You can get small lava rock from the internet. Joey (the King of DIY aquariums) recommends just using a hammer to take large lava rock to half an inch. Many folks on FaceBook use lava rock in the same size as it comes from the garden shop, typically two to three inches.

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5 Large Lava Rocks - Perfect for Aquariums, Terrariums ArizonaLavaRocks 5 out of 5 stars (17) $ 30.00 FREE shipping Only 1 available and it's in 2 people's carts. Add to Favorites Natural Large Beach Rocks 3pcs, Aquarium, Terrarium Filling Stones, Interesting Stones, Beautiful Lines, Beautiful Home Decoration Stones. Lava rocks substrate would be great for beneficial bacteria, but the rocks are better suited for use as biological filter material inside your aquarium filter or as part of your hardscape. Another common use of lava rocks in aquariums is as a substrate, and YES, its perfectly ok, so no need to worry GASPRO 10 Pound Lava Rocks, 3 - 5 Inch Large Lava Rock for Fire Pit, Gas Fireplace, Propane or Natural Gas, All-Natural 4.3 out of 5 stars 130 $25.99 $ 25 . 99 $27.99 $27.9 If your aquarium is made of acrylic and you want to prevent it from scratches, simply add clean sand to form a layer and then add the large lava rocks. This way, the weight of your rocks will be equally distributed and you will prevent scratches on your aquarium. Benefits of Adding Lava Rocks to Your Aquarium

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  1. The large rock featured in this 10-gallon tank weighed more than the other rocks and the sand put together. The Benefits and Beauty of Rocks in Aquariums Natural-themed aquariums have the aquatics world splashing about with some of the most unique biotope designs I've ever seen
  2. Using Large River Rock Stones as Aquarium Gravel. You can use larger river rock stones as gravel in tour fish aquarium but you will learn to hate it. Even some of the smaller stones known as pea gravel is just too large for fish aquariums because food and debris get caught underneath them. That debris gets hidden from you and starts to decay
  3. Aquarium Red Large 9 Pound Volcanic Lava Rock Fish Tank Landscaping Garden Yard. $23.99. $12.80 shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left
  4. erals that can alter the pH of the water and are suitable only for reef or saltwater tanks. From.

Red Lava Rock Aquarium Decorative Fish tank Reptile tank 5 Lbs 10-12 Pcs. $18.99. $11.51 shipping. or Best Offer. Watch. Results Pagination - Page 3. 1 Lava Rock flat base with 2 holes. MSRP: Was: Now: $24.99. We carry a wide assortment of lava rocks from small pieces for filtration to large show pieces. There are two color black and red. ×. OK Large Aquarium Lava Rock Mountain Black Lava (I Pick You Save Listing) 9-12 inches. $56.00. NEW Aquarium Rock Pillar Twisted Lava Set Natural Renewable 6 L- XL Stones. $65.00 $75.00. NEW Aquarium Rock Pillar Set Exotic Red Focal Point #RED4. $45.00. NE If you are loking for a rock with holes in it, lava rocks for the bottom of the tank, or white sand, Firerocks.biz has your rock. Use lava rocks to give small fish places to hide or just to give yur aquarium some atmoshpere. Due to the nature of naural lava rocks, they are not toxic, do not leach color and hold up well in water

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  1. I would like to create a large lava rock structure for my 55g and for the price Silicone I or II is in a caulk-tube for less than $6, but I cant figure out if its safe in an aquarium with plants and fish? Anyone use these silicone products in an aquarium with success
  2. e into a container to soak before moving to my tank it didn't stop bubbling for almost 3
  3. aquarium lava rock for aquascaping. Botany Plants for Your Aquarium Lately? Sign up for our newsletter and get 20% off your first order of live plants!. Sound too good to be true
  4. However, we recommend rinsing any residual dust with non-chlorinated water before aquarium usage. Our pieces of Lava Rock with Multiple Holes are perfect for all sizes of aquariums. Approximate dimensions of each Lava Rock are 7 inches x 6 inches x 9 inches and approximate weight is 2.5-5.5 lbs
  5. Lava Rocks. Lava rocks are formed when volcanic lava cools. Over seven hundred types of lava rock exists, so lava rocks in stores may vary slightly in color shades. Lava rocks may be black or gray, but the most commonly sold lava rock is a cross between red and orange. These rocks are durable, as volcanic lava cools into a hard substance
  6. d that some of the inert rocks that are certainly risk-free options and could absolutely look appealing in your freshwater aquarium consist of plastic rocks, basalt rock, lava rocks, quartz, slate or shale

DIY Aquarium Decoration, Lava Rock HardscapeHey everyone, today im showing you the progress of my DIY Lava Rock Hardscape. Lava Rock is super cheap and aweso.. Decorative rocks provide aquariums with extra personality. Our selection of deco rocks are the type of accents customers come back for again and again. Rainbow rocks, zebra rocks, petrified wood, lava stones, and more. One supplier for all of your deco rock needs. No one builds better wholesale deco rock partnerships than Estes Lava rock will leach and effect ur ph and alkalinity over time. Please dont add fish to a saltwater marine aquarium for 2-3weeks please if your new. Your tank will cycle and you will see amnonia spikes and your fish will exp it Here We are provided The Best Aquarium Rock Buyers Guide - 2021 - Aquarium Hunter. Black Lava Rock - A Great Budget Aquascaping Rock; 9. Traditional Seiryu Rock - The Aquascaper's Choice These Nature's Ocean Coral Base Rocks come in 2 large pieces, each about 12 to 18 inches, for a total of about 40 pounds..

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  1. Lava rock can be used for a large variety of different applications. Some of the more common uses include Landscaping Gravels, Bedding Material for potted plants, Craft Products, Barbecue Briquettes, Aquarium Gravel, etc
  2. Before you actually move on to stacking the rocks in your aquarium, you need to think about what type of rock you want to use. There are many different options to choose from including smooth river rocks, porous lava rock, flat slate and other options
  3. My 16g bowfront shrimp tank gets rescaped with the cheapest lava rock i could find! Please rate, comment, and subscribe. Thanks for watching

To help you get started at decking out your aquarium, here is a quick buying guide for the best rocks that you can add to your freshwater aquarium. Best Rocks for Freshwater Aquarium Reviews 1. QIAONIUNIU Colorful Pebbles Stones Rocks. You will be getting a package that contains roughly 100 pieces of resin aquascaping rocks freshwater Lava rock; Rocks to Avoid. If you pile a sufficiently large pile of rocks against your aquarium's glass, it will crack. They should always be piled away from the glass, in safe piles. Which brings us to our second point - always secure rocks in an aquarium. It's rarely safe to pile rocks together in an aquarium without anything to.

Aquarium Rocks: Fish Tank Rocks and Coral. Most fish prefer habitats filled with places to hide and areas to explore. Marine fish especially tend to flourish in tanks that mimic their ocean home. Enriching décor can help reduce stress among tank inhabitants Alibaba.com offers 887 large lava rocks products. A wide variety of large lava rocks options are available to you, such as project solution capability, design style, and warranty Length. 5 IN. Height. 4.5 IN. Width. 5.5 IN. ADDITIONAL DETAILS. Decorate your aquarium with our North American Pet Black Lava Rock. This naturally textured rock will add depth and design while providing shelter and a hiding place for your fish 6- Added 10kg of large Lava rock pieces to my aquarium. The fish love the little caves and I believe the porous nature of the lava rock has helped growing anaerobic bacteria. 7-Results? Oh yes!! I added 4 components that are supposed to reduce Nitrates levels. Thick gravel layer, Seachem Matrix, Lava Rock and loads of slow growing live plants Black Lava Rock is a porous aquascaping stone that is widely used for planted as well as African Cichlid tanks. This lightweight stone can range from a dark black to reddish-brown coloration. The porosity makes it suitable for use as aquarium filtration as the tiny holes provide surface area for beneficial bacteria t

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Large Lava Rock. From our Lava Rock Collection, it measures on average 3 - 6 and is used as an accessory to our Fire Glass or fire pit. We recommend using Lava rock as a filler if you have a deep fireplace or firepit. For a complete design, add Fire Glass on top to cover the fire rock thoroughly so it will not be detectable koi pond fractionation. The tube is about 4 ft tall, 6 in diameter and filled with a bag of lava rock from the garden center, working a 500 gallon koi pond. The water is pre-filtered in a box in the pond filled with Poret foam/sponge. Reactions: Matteus, tlindsey and -603FiShHoBbIeSt-

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  2. An aquarium takes on a custom charm if its bottom is covered with stones you hand-picked yourself. However, using your own gravel or stones in the bottom of the aquarium comes with some inherent risks if you don't first test the stones. Rock composition could possibly change the hardness and pH of the water in a way that harms your fish
  3. Aquascaping Rocks: Planted Aquarium Hardscape Essentials Part 2. This article is the second in our new series where we will look at the elements of hardscaping in an aquascape in greater detail. In part 2 we will look at types of aquascaping rocks commonly used nowadays, techniques using rocks to create aquascapes, and finally a look at the.
  4. Nobby Lava Rock With Plants Aquarium Ornaments, 28.5 X 18.5 X 24 Cm. Brand New. C $50.91. From United Kingdom. Buy It Now. Customs services and international tracking provided. +C $51.29 shipping
  5. Lava rock is highly recommended for shrimp tanks as it grows a massive amount of biofilm. I have a large piece of it in my healthiest shrimp tank. I've never heard of it leaching iron- even if it does, this probably won't harm shrimp. I add supplemental iron to my shrimp tanks as I have red plants in with them, it's not caused any issues at all

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Check out our selection of large black volcanic rock pieces, 8 inches to 18 inches, perfect for yard, garden, fire pit, aquarium, terrarium, and more!. Large Lava Rock Black Color 7- 18 Volcanic Rock Landscaping Aquarium Fire Pit | eBa Our Selection of Aquarium Plants on Driftwood & Rock. We offer a variety of aquarium plants on lava rocks and driftwood including Anubias and Baby Tear varieties. Whether you're looking for a focus plant like our large Anubias on Driftwood that can be up to 10 tall or a petite Bucephalandra on Lava Rock that fits in any corner, Modern Aquarium has them all Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Large Lava Rock Black Color 7- 18 Volcanic Rock Landscaping Aquarium Fire Pit at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products 49 matches. ($2.62 - $118.27) Find great deals on the latest styles of Lava rocks for aquariums. Compare prices & save money on Fish Supplies

Quantity. Add to Cart. Aqua Natural Purple Jade Stone 16-21cm. $30.95. Purple Jade: Silky smooth and amazing! These gorgeous layers of natural stone look fantastic in planted tanks. The small range in size from 13-17cm, the large from 20-28cm Find great deals on eBay for large lava rock. Shop with confidence When it comes to aquarium lava rock these Black Lava Rocks by BucePlant are exactly what we are looking for. These are large rocks with unique shapes unlike what you will find at most pet stores. If you are looking to quality lava rock, check out their store and selection. Pros. Black color works well with aquascapers; Pric Aquarium Lava Rocks, Aquascaping, Black Color Lava Rocks, 5 large Lava stones 5-7 $45.00. NEW Black Lava Rock Pillar Buy one get one Free ~ 7 - 9 inches ( I pick you save $$) $25.00. NEW Large Aquarium Lava Rock Mountain Black Lava (I Pick You Save Listing) 9-12 inches. $56.00. NEW Aquarium Rock Pillar Twisted Lava Set Natural Renewable 6 L.

Aquarium Lava Rocks, Aquascaping, Black Color Lava Rocks, 5 large Lava stones 5-7 $45.00. Aquarium Stacking Rock DIY Archway #A789. $48.00. Red Stacking Rock Set 100% Natural Aquascaping Stone#A401. $48.00. FREE SHIPPING Rare Aquarium Sandstone Focal Point Matching Stone Multi Aquascaping options #4986 Nope they are porous rocks that you can have in your aquariums. I have in most of my tanks and they look great! I am so glad someone just asked about lava rock, because that is what I came here to ask too! Where to buy large black lava rock? Create height in tank? Aquarium Aquascaping. Is this lava rock safe for aquarium use? Freshwater. lHello everyone, For my 40gal aquarium I need some large black rocks 6-12 inches for a scaling wall on the backside of tank. I first wanted Black Lava rocks because I figured they would be cheap and look GREAT but seeing that I cannot find anyone in Pensacola fl, that carries these I sure could use some help on other safe large black rocks for my build in case I can't find lava rocks This was their first full day in the new aquarium. I think he drowned because his gills got stuck in the open position. This is the second fish death that happened like that. I lost my pleco last year because he became wedged between a large lava rock and the inner glass of the aquarium. Anyway, I will be removing all lava from my tank

Here We are provided The Best Aquarium Rock Buyers Guide - 2021 - Aquarium Hunter. Black Lava Rock - A Great Budget Aquascaping Rock; 9. Traditional Seiryu Rock - The Aquascaper's Choice These Nature's Ocean Coral Base Rocks come in 2 large pieces, each about 12 to 18 inches, for a total of about 40 pounds.. Black lava rock is a beautiful and classic aquascaping rock that provides a beautiful contrast with lush green aquarium plants. This beautifully textured rock is very light and porous, making it ideal for attaching plants like moss, Anubias and Java Fern

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Large Lava rocks for gas BBQs, Fish Ponds, Aquariums, Fire pit, Chimineas, Mulch on the garden. Fast Worldwide Shipping. Aquarium Lava Rocks, Using in ponds and fish bowls. The rocks are also ideal for freshwater ponds, aquariums and fish bowls as it helps to remove Nitrates and improve the quality of the water. They are also very decorative The benefit comes from how the small pores in the lava rock can host anaerobic bacteria that will consume nitrates, and complete the triad of beneficial bacteria that complete the nitrogen cycle. Most of the time we, as aquarium owners, have to do the work ourselves of getting rid of the nitrates, but lava rock can make our tank water seem like.

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Jun 4, 2016 - Shop for everything but the ordinary. More than 25,000 sellers offering you a vibrant collection of fashion, collectibles, home decor, and more SR Aquaristik is the #1 online aquatic supply store for Aquarium Rocks and Wood, including Black Lava Rocks, Dragon Stones, Seiryu Stones, Black Spider Wood, etc. We have many giant pieces of rock and wood that are ideal for large home or public aquariums Has anyone tried to break it apart. 6- Added 10kg of large Lava rock pieces to my aquarium. A Friendly Online Community For Cichlid Enthusiasts. Right now I have them soaking in boiling water, and a high concentration of aquarium salt. Posted January 31, 2017 by dinogomez. add to cart more info. Sep 21, 2016 - How to prepare lava rock for your. Lava Rock clouding water. I just added some red lava rocks to my freshwater aquarium that I am cycling. I thought I rinsed them well to get the dust off, but I guess not enough. The rock has clouded my water with a rusty red tint

A wide variety of large lava rocks options are available to you, such as graphic design, others, and total solution for projects. You can also choose from modern large lava rocks, as well as from cut-to-size, block large lava rocks, and whether large lava rocks is 1 year, 3 years, or 2 years Mgaxyff Aquarium Filter Material,Natural Ore Aquarium Volcano Rock Lava Stone Fish Tank Filter Material Bacteria Cultivation Landscape with Net Bag,Fish Tank Lava Stone. Feature:1. Volcanic rocks contain a variety of minerals and trace elements.2. Natural porosity is a good environment for nitrifying bacteria to grow, rapid culture nitrifying bacteria.3. Strong adsorption, effective adsorb. And if your rocks are too big, lava is easily broken down to size with a regular hammer. The driftwood: soak and boil it in a big pot for several hours. Even then I'd bake it in a low oven for two hours (150 F). I once found the perfect piece of driftwood. A month after putting it in my aquarium I had fresh water flukes infesting my fish. Wasn.

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Aquascaping Stones And Rocks For Sale In Canada Aquascaperoom. Valcano Rock Black Lava Rock Aquascaping Rock 1kg. Hardscape Wurzeln Steine Aquasabi Online Shop. Seiryu Ryuoh Stone Ada Style Aquascaping Iwagumi Aquarium Rock. Natural Aquascape Aquarium Rocks And Stones Glass Aqua. 10lb Bulk Ohko Dragon Stone Rock Aquarium Rocks If you're looking for a great range of aquarium rocks then you've arrived in the right place. We have the most extensive range on the web and with our selection we will be able to fulfil your needs with the most sought after rocks on the market Using Lava Rock to Remove Nitrates : Hello, my name is Bill and I was interested in some info about lava rock and denitrification. I am trying to determine how much lava rock per gallon to use and if the size of each rock matters for denitrification. I have a 135 gallon aquarium and a 90 gallon sump. My goal is zero nitrates. Thanks for you hel I've seen a lot of people use lava rock in their tanks and in their sumps as a place to grow BB. We had some in a tank when I was young. It should be fine The only advice I've seen on heavy metals and aquarium rocks is that you should definitely avoid collecting rocks anywhere near a mine entrance or downstream from them I'd like to hear from.

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Nov 1, 2020 - Aquariums are some of the most popular tanks to use rocks in. This board is dedicated to projects for or with aquarium rocks. Follow this aquarium rocks board!. See more ideas about aquarium rocks, aquascape, hardscape Dry Rock Lava does not affect the aquarium nitrogen cycle and can be added to new aquariums and established tanks. My dry lava rock is very porous with plenty of surface area to grow beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to act as a biological filter to help maintain pristine water conditions in your tank Great if you want big pieces or want to have a smashing time. According to the description it is great for aquariums and the rocks are lightweight - well if you get what I got be prepared to stick a 5kg rock in your aquarium of have to break it into pieces 5 Large Lava Rocks for Stacking, Build-it-yourself Aquarium Decor By R&D Rock and Stone. However, your rocks will look very similar to the rocks in the pictures. All rocks have been cleaned and sanitized

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Great New line. Attractive looking polyresin lava rock, will bring color to any aquarium. This lava rock is very large and many natural looking holes, suitable for larger tanks. It has neutral color detail to add a natural looking life to your fish tank With very little effort, you can beautify your landscape with red lava rock. This 0.5 cu. ft. bagged decorative red lava rock from Vigoro is all you need to add a pleasing touch around trees, shrubs, decks and more. It's rich, red color will instantly update the appearance of your outdoor setting without fading or getting washed or blown away. Unlike mulch, these red lava rocks won't attract. Rocking your world for over 35 years. The initial evolution of Big Rock Fabricators began in December 1983, with the creation of our unique moss rock stepping stones, the first natural-looking garden pavers on the market. This was soon followed by superbly realistic reproductions of Hawaiian boulders, stone boulder bowls of many shapes. Rock Ledge Formation Perfect for Reptile or Fish Aquarium Fish Tank Decoration. S$ 32.43. S$ 48.67 shipping. 8 watching. Set of 4 Large Lava Rocks w/ 1 Hole Fish Aquarium Tank Decor Swim Thru Stacking. S$ 46.13. S$ 71.37 shipping. or Best Offer. 5 watching

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Natural volcanic lava rocks are excellent base layers and cost-effective fillers for gas fire pits and fireplaces. Fire glass, ceramic balls and other decorative fire pit products can be added on top of the fire rock for effect. If you like the look of these angular lava rocks alone, theyre an affordable way to fill a fireplace. Lava rock is available in two sizes and colors Place your rocks on top of this as required. Finally pour the remaining sand or gravel into place, packing it around the rocks to add stability. Light rocks, such as lava rock and tufa rock, should be cemented or siliconed into together using aquarium-safe putty or sealant. Always arrange your rocks so gravity is keeping them stable About 15 lbs of Lava Rock. 20 lbs of lace rock. Will sell all for 40$. Custom made planted shrimp aquarium bowls or tanks according to your budget. Complete with, substrate, Coconut shell, capatta leaves, alder cones, lava rocks and drift wood banana leaves snails accent rocks hydroponic and underwater plants Kent UK. Sep 5, 2004. #1. Rocks. There are a lot of rocks to avoid in the fresh water aquarium, these include - Ores (rocks containing metal) & Calcareous (rocks containing Calcium) these shouldn't generally be used for fresh water tanks. As a rule of thumb, test the rock with an acid to see if it fizzes These rocks are also mostly inhert as they are literally formed by lava that has cooled down. (my local supply had lava rocks that contained bits of chrome in them - this is because Middleburg Mpumalanga has a large crome deposit and also a large lava rock deposit, i don't know what chrome does to a tank so I avoid putting in any rocks that. I have a 55 gallon tank I set up for my classroom. I got 5 tetra skirts (white), 5 tetra embers, and 5 danio zebra long-fins, as well as 2 pleco bristle nose albinos. Should I get more than this? If so should it be more of these kinds? Or a different.