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Wondering what sprocket bolts torque specs are please. 2007 yamaha r1 THANKS . You only want to torque the rear sprocket nuts about 28 ft lbs BUT MAKE SURE you put RED thread locker on the studs. Torque them in a cross pattern. If you torque it to spec it will strip the stud Rear Sprocket TORQUE Issues (2004 R1) Jump to Latest Follow 21 - 40 of 96 Posts. Prev etc. Your post was refering to the torque of the engine at the rear sprocket. What made it even funnier was that you quoted the 20-30 ft/lbs of torque as if it were engine output at 13500 RPM. Which if you check is way off of what it actually is.:crash The design of the Yamaha is different. Yamaha uses 6 studs in the sprocket carrier then 6 lock nuts over the sprocket. Yamaha may spec the torque at 72 lb-ft because they do not want the studs to come out of the sprocket carrier. I would caution anyone using the BST sprocket torque of 29.5 lb-ft on a stock Yamaha wheel. Call Yamaha Motor. Never used a torque wrench on the rear axle nut just done it up tight with a breaker bar, though the rear sprocket nuts are definitely wrong specs. Save Share. Reply. 1 - 20 of 26 Posts. 1; r1-forum.com is an independent Yamaha enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. Content on r1-forum.com is generated by its users. r1. SOURCE: how to replace chain and front sprocket on a 2005 This is just a guese ive never worked on a R1 but most bikes are similar with chains. Firstly to loosen the axel and the chain tightners and pull the wheel as far foward as you can. then to find the master link in the chain its a funny looking link with a clip on it, it might not have one if its a compressed link chain, but for this.

But remember, it's all about the ratio, and we can change the size of the rear sprocket to alter this ratio also. So if we went down to a 16-tooth in the front, but simultaneously went up to a 47-tooth in the rear, our new ratio would be 2.938; not quite as extreme. 16 in front and 46 in back would be 2.875, a less radical change, but still a. It's been a while and I'm getting older but seems like I remember something about wrong torque in the manual for sprocket bolts when I changed the sprockets on my 2004 FZ6 ten or eleven years ago. I went with a SuperSprox rear sprocket on that bike which was nice. I had a 2004 FZ6 and when I changed the sprockets I torqued to manual spec and it. 35-40 foot pounds. 25-40 foot pounds. 25-40 foot pounds. If you are unsure of the proper torque value to use, here is a general chart of fastener torque values. This table is based upon Grade 5 fasteners, generally used Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Fastener Size - Torque ft. lbs. #8 - 14 in. lbs. #10 - 22 in. lbs Page 88 Tightening the Cylinder Head Tightening the Cylinder Head (Turn-of-Nut Method) 1. Tighten the bolts in the sequence 1 to 10 to a torque of 40 N•m (4.0 kgf•m). 2. In the sequence 1 to 7, loosen each nut then retighten it to a torque of 22 N•m (2.2 kgf•m) before finally tightening it another 90°

R1 2006-2008 STOCK SIZES: Chain - 118 Links / 530 Pitch Front Sprocket - 17 Tooth | Rear Sprocket - 45 Tooth . 530 Chain Kit - VORTEX Sprocket Set with Choice of Chain - YAMAHA YZF-R1 '06-08. Regular Price: $205.99 . Special Price $195.00 . SAVE 6%! 530 Chain Kit (DKY-009G) DID X'ring Chain & Sprocket Kit- YAMAHA YZF-R1 '06-08. Rear Sprocket bolt torque. Jump to Latest Follow Hey everyone! Enter your ride HERE to be a part of JUNE's Ride of the Month Challenge! 1 - 11 of 11 Posts. B. bmwian · Registered. Joined Jun 8, 2010 · 1,138 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 16, 2010. 33 11 - Final-drive unit housing with cover.

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  1. Re: torque specs. For a '99-'02, it should be 51lb for the front, and 50 for the rear. At least thats what the service manual says. 1 - 4 of 4 Posts
  2. Coincidentally, I just found the spec sheet for torque yesterday. Rear sprocket nuts are 44 ft/lbs and front sprocket nut is 92 ft/lbs. The star pattern is not necessary, but it's how I did it, and it certainly doesn't hurt anything. Rear axle should be torqued to 80 ft/lbs
  3. um Rear Sprocket - YAMAHA R1 / R1M Regular Price: $72.95 Special Price $68.0
  4. g using the long holes on the cam sprocket. Page 32 Installation 1. Fit the scratch line on the camshaft to the compression top dead point 105 degree (K Install the cam sprocket as the scratch mark position) to combine the camshaft line and 2CR mark face the outside of the and cylinder.
  5. Engine Sprockets 8 to 20 tooth, all chain sizes. Used on Honda, Yamaha bikes, Gokarts, Minibikes, Jackshafts and Torque Converters, and many other applications. The sprockets have a 3/16 Keyway along with set screws. All parts numbers ending with a -K have the key broached (installed) onto the sprocket rather than a keyway. see below. Engine.
  6. Joined Aug 2, 2016. ·. 257 Posts. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 1, 2017. I'm wondering if any one know what the rear sprocket nut size and thread pitch is. I'm doing a 520 conversion with light weight steel sprockets and want to get the Driven racing sprocket nuts, just dont know what size to order. Thanks
  7. This is straight from the RepRom in both the Service Data and Tightening Torque sections. Service data 0517 - S 1000 RR. Equipment trim-level variant: 0129. -. BMW Motorrad Race ABS and DTC. Chain sprocket to chain-sprocket carrier. M12 x 1.5 - 10, Replace nut. Mechanical thread lock

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Bike: 2005 Vulcan 800 Classic. IF someone will share this: I need the torque specs for the six (6) acorn nuts that hold the rear sprocket on. Yes, I could order a manual but I have the new sprocket, the wrenches, and the time to do this NOW. Thanks, Davi Joined Apr 12, 2004. ·. 27 Posts. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 21, 2004. Ordered my 15/42 sprockets from Dan Kyle and would like to know if anyone has the torque specs for both. I know the countershaft is 14mm and the rear axle is 32mm but am unable to find the torque specs. Would blue loctite be recommended on the these? Thanks Help, Front sprocket torque specs. Jump to Latest Follow R1 throttle,black painted windscreen, race railz gp shift -1/+2 sprockets, speedo healer Leave that tranny in neutral, put the chain on the front and rear sprocket, use a thick wooden broom handle (with a towel wrapped around if you want) through the rear wheel to hold it still.. The front rotor torque is 19 nm, ABS ring 8nm. The rear rotor and ABS ring are the same at 8nm - agree it seems crazy low but that is what I had written down. If I recall I got it from a download of all torque specs here somewhere. Honestly it seems that they mistook the ABS ring torque spec for the rotor

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Manufactured using aerospace grade alloy. Each nut has a stainless steel thread insert for extra strength. Fitting and torque instructions are provided in the packaging. 10 mm, fits most sport bikes. Sold in packs of 6. This Item Fits the Following Applications: 2010 Honda CBR600RR. 2009 Honda CBR600RR. 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 Philip54. If you had an impact, you could just buzz the front sprocket nut off. Yes, you can remove it with a breaker bar...or you can get a buddy to hold the rear brake on...or you can put a block of wood through the wheel, it will stop turning when it jams up against the swing arm. Blue Loctite on the countershaft nut and rear sprocket. But the rear, even at minimum preload, was really hard so I had to stand on the pegs through all the bad parts. Perhaps, the soft rear of the BMW 310 GS has spoiled me a bit. I'll start searching for a Yamaha R1 (07 or 08) damper. It will be quite difficult to get one because here in India, the R1 is a top of the line premium read very. So as we know a stock 2004 Yamaha R6 has a gearing arrangement of 16/48. A very common gearing modification to this arrangement is to go -1 tooth on the front sprocket and +2 teeth on the rear. This leaves us with 15/50. The gear ratio is now 3.33:1, meaning the front sprocket has to rotate 3.33 times before the rear sprocket rotates once

Sprocket Guide Created by REV Robotics 2018, Licensed Under CC BY-SA 6 Figure 6: Master Link Assembly on Chain 1.5 Torque, Speed, and Power Sprockets are one common way to transmit power and change the output torque or speed of a mechanical system. Understanding of these basic concepts is required to make optimized design decisions The increase or decrease of torque when you change out the wheel sprockets in a bicycle or in a chain-driven motorcycle engine can be calculated with a bit of a basic math. Both types of vehicles use the same design: a front sprocket that translates the energy to a chain, and a rear sprocket that converts that energy to different gears Larger in the rear sprocket or smaller in the front counter shaft sprocket will give you more bottom end. If you're on a motocross bike you're rear sprocket is probably a 49 tooth. You can safely go up to a 51 tooth before the diameter begins caus..

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Does anyone have the torque specs for the front and rear sprockets. I can't sit here waiting to ride while my manual is in the holiday mail.. Front sprocket's torque spec is 40 ft/lbs . R.I.P. Phattywhorefresh - 10.19.2010 Yamaha R1 Forums 159K+ members. Nio Car Club NEW! 30+ members. Join now to ask and comment! Continue with Facebook. R1 1998-2003 STOCK SIZES: Chain - 114 Links / 530 Pitch Front Sprocket - 16 Tooth | Rear Sprocket - 43 Tooth . 520 Conv. Kit - DRIVEN RACING Steel Sprocket Set with X'ring Chain - YAMAHA YZF-R1 '98-03. $179.00. 520 Conv. Race Kit - SUPERLITE / PBR / AFAM Aluminum Sprocket Set with X'ring Chain - YAMAHA YZF-R1 '98-03

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  1. Rear Sprocket Carrier Nuts (x6) torque: 48 Nm +/- 10%, torqued in a cross pattern Rear Axle Hub Nut (sprocket side): book says to follow wheel torque setting recommendations.. so 230 Nm +/- 10% Front Sprocket retaining nut torque: 186 Nm +/- 5
  2. g chain guide and bolts; torque to 89 lb-in. (10 Nm) NOTE: Use a 24mm wrench to support the camshaft while applying torque to the camshaft sprocket bolt. Do not torque the camshaft bolts against the ti
  3. Habitual line-stepper. Joined Jun 28, 2005. ·. 11,594 Posts. #9 · May 11, 2008. Pretty much every bike I've seen has a front sprocket torque of around 60-75 ft-lbs, for the record. And the believe it's a 32mm nut for that front sprocket on that bike. T
  4. front sprocket nut and rear sprocket nuts torque specs. R6 Maintenance & Technical. 3. 11K. G. Guest · updated Apr 27, 2004
  5. um Rear Sprocket: 7075 T-6 Alu

The rear wheels with the compensating pulley setup don't have bolts holding the pulley to the wheel. On the evo softails, the 5 bolts that hold the pulley onto the wheel are 7/16-14 x 1-3/4 and the manual specified torque is 55-65 ft. lbs. (75-88 Nm.) with 2 drops of red loctite applied. That is for a low powered old slug with narrow 16. The countershaft sprocket nut that holds the sprocket on, gets 69 ftlbs and the rear axle nut is 90 ftlbs. Both of those nuts are 27mm, which is pretty handy.. The lower the chain revolutions, the more frequently each chain link engages the same sprocket tooth, so greater and more uneven the wear. When changing sprockets, you can adjust Chain Links to maintain (nearest to) current Sprocket Centers (eg: to keep motorcycle rear wheel within adjustment range) You need the countershaft nut or drive sproket spec. 99-02 is 18mm nut & 51 ft-lbs torque. 32mm and 65ft/lbs is the rear axle

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  1. The service manual for my 07 R6 specifies 100 Nm (72 ftlb) for the rear wheel sprocket self-locking nuts. This seems high. The general tightening torque for a garden variety (steel) 14 mm nut is 30 Nm (22 ftlb), which seems reasonable. I thought that since the nut and bolt are steel, perhaps the spec of 100 Nm was correct, if unusual
  2. JT's right, you can find manuals for your 350 in that section. For the drive chain, there should be between 10 - 20mm of play. According to the manuals I have the rear axle torque is 800 - 1000 kg cm (~58 - 72 lb/ft). Didn't see the specs for the front sprocket bolts
  3. Reaction score. 0. Points. 1. Location. Chino Valley, AZ USA. Visit site. I see that my 700x dct has a 39t rear sprocket, and the 700x has a 43t. So, if I swap my 39 for a 43, I can assume I'll lose some mileage and top speed, however, I should have more torque in top gear, right
  4. The chain and sprocket setup is a way to transfer mechanical power using a roller chain that engages with the sprocket. Most common of this power transfer would be cam chain setups and drive chain setups. A cam chain transfers energy from the crankshaft to the camshaft. The drive chain transfers energy from the motor to the rear wheel
  5. The torque at the rear sprocket is what actually accelerates the bicycle, and so R F R F R R. We see that, to achieve a given torque at the back sprocket, a larger front torque (due to pedaling) must be present when the rear sprocket is small. Thus it is harder to pedal with a small rear sprocket. Likewise, to achieve a given torque at the back.

V-Track 6.0 inch standard rear 9.1 lbs. 2004-2014 Yamaha R1 completely assembled front with bearings and spacer 7.3 lbs 2004-2014 Yamaha R1 completely assembled rear with bearings, spacers, rear disc carrier and cush drive 11.0 lbs. With sprocket carrier and sprocket (basically ready to install) 13.4 lb Sprocket Center offers a great selection of sprockets and chain kits for most Yamaha motorcycles. GOT QUESTIONS??? Our knowledgeable staff is waiting to help you find the perfect sprockets and chain for your ride. For the fastest service give us a call at 888-265-2141 or click to contact us via email. x. Add to Cart I'm replacing the stock wheels on my 08 fat boy with chrome disc wheels and on the rear a chrome sprocket cover with new chrome sprocket bolts. In the service manual it states to torque new bolts (not chrome) to 55-65 ft lbs. And that's all it says

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  1. um Sprocket. 0 # mpn4639034427. Yamaha R1 2005, CAT5 Rear Alu
  2. The front sprocket nut is one of those torque values that Yamaha changed numerous times, and for no apparent reason that I can see. Those parts it applies to didn't change. It was as low as 36 ft/lbs on some of the later models while the early models speced it as high as 94 ft/lbs. The most common spec you'll find is 72-87 ft/lbs, so 80 should.
  3. One of the knocks against the old R1 was its lethargic response when leaving stoplights. The new engine's beefed-up midrange sure helps in this regard, aided by two extra teeth on the rear sprocket. Quick launches no longer require major clutch slippage, making around-town riding much easier to manage
  4. The cause and effect of the front and rear sprocket. If you're wondering how to gear your bike to run better, you're not alone. Gearing your dirt bike is a compromise ratio and as soon as you.

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Introduced back in 1998, the Yamaha YZF-R1 was the bike to spark the imagination of many riders as the century drew to a close. In those days, the R1 was known as one of the highest power (140 crank HP) and fastest (0-60 in 2.9 seconds) bikes you could buy YAMAHA 2006 YZF-R1 LE LIMITED VORTEX 530 REAR ALUMINUM SPROCKET 34-54 SILVER. $59.45. 4 left. R1 Rear Sprocket 1998-2011 2012 2013 2014 Yamaha 530 38-48T Black Steel Vortex. $50.99. 1 sold. Yamaha R1 Rear Sprocket 2015-2018 2019 2020 Vortex Racing 525 42-43 Teeth Steel. $46.75. 1 sold


Vortex 525 Steel Rear Sprocket Yamaha R1 / R1M. When only the toughest will do, look no further than the Vortex Steel Sprocket. Each sprocket is laser cut from carbon steel and finished in a extremely durable satin finish. To aid in weigh reduction, unnecessary steel was cut out of the inner's of the sprocket Like wise when it comes to the gear ratio..if your up or down a tooth (or more) on either of the sprockets you will have need of more chain length or less respectively. The stock North American spec gear ratio is 17(front) 45 (rear) tooth count. In Europe the ratio is 17 (front) 44 (rear) on the sprocket tooth counts Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yamaha YZF-R1 2015+ Titanium Rear Sprocket Nut Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Description. These LighTech Yamaha R1/R1M Rear Sets incorporate LighTech's Patented Track System Technology and are available in fixed or folding footpeg and come with road and race shift options. LighTech Race Rear Sets are the result of years of sponsorship and technical partnerships with MotoGP, Moto2, and World Superbike Teams

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  1. um Rear Sprocket Yamaha R1 / R1M 2015-2018 43T / Blue [Previously Installed] $ 58. 02 $ 74.95. Sale 23% Off! 5. Open Box. Bike Specific Exact Fit parts are designed specifically for your bike. Vortex 530 CAT5 Alu
  2. 67 Posts. #3 · May 27, 2015. I replaced the stock front sprocket last spring ('07 SC Biposto) and, yeah, that torque on the sprocket nut is the right value. Don't know if you've started yet. but if they've run up the sprocket nut to spec, the mega-torque on the nut will be readily apparent on removal. My small impact wrench wasn't up to the.
  3. Buy Gold CNC Racing Rear Sprocket Nuts Set For Yamaha YZF 600R YZF R1 R3 R6 FZ1 FZ6 FZ8 R1M MT-07 MT-09 FZ: Sprockets - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchase
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Yamaha R1 2002, Rear Sprocket by Outlaw Racing®. Material: Steel. Finish: Unpainted. Outlaw rear sprockets are made to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Precision machined for a perfect fit. This top-grade product is expertly made in.. Supersprox Stealth Black 520 Rear Sprocket for 1000 Sport/SS 06-08. Supersprox Stealth Gold 525 Rear Sprocket for FZ8 10-12. Driven Colored 520 Rear Carrier Sprocket for Hypermotard 1100/S 03-16. Supersprox Stealth Gold 530 Rear Sprocket for ZX14 Ninja 12-14. $97.95 It depends on what parts are used, not all 520 chains area created equal. Steel vs alum sprockets make a big difference. OEM will last the longest, it's heaviest and all steel. @hodarah doing -1 and leave the OEM rear gearing will make the wheelbase 5mm longer. You can leave the front alone, add +2 in the rear CNC Sprocket Nut Kit - Aluminium sprocket nuts Machined for :aircraft alloy 7075 T6 - 511 using 4th axis machining technology: (late model sport bikes) Honda / Kawasaki / Suzuki / Triumph / Yamaha - 5 brilliant colors and are etched with driven logo and torque specs - Kits come with 4 / 5 / 6 nuts depending on application Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Yamaha YZF-R1 2015+ Stainless Steel Rear Sprocket Nut Kit at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products

Hey guys, just wanted to warn the '04-'05 R1 owners out there that the rear sprocket torque specs in the shop manual are incorrect. I was recently swapping chain and sprockets and saw the shop manual specified 72 ft/lbs for those little 17mm sprocket bolts! I used 45-50ft/lbs and called SJ Yamaha today who also recommended 50ft/lbs Front and rear sprocket torque: General Bike Related Topics: 11: Dec 20, 2007: J: REAR SPROCKET TORQUE: Maintenance and Do-It-Yourself: 2: Sep 28, 2005: M: 525 rear sprocket wanted: General Bike Related Topics: 9: May 26, 2021: Wobbly rear sprocket on my Z: General Bike Related Topics: 4: Apr 1, 2021: New 46 steel vortex rear sprocket: Busa. The Factory Service Manual lists the torque for the rear sprocket nuts as 67.5 ft-lbs. This is incorrect and is corrected with a Suzuki Service Bulletin. Depending on the luck of the steel mill's draw, you may have studs that are strong enough to withstand this, but probably you will just shear the threads and end up with a spinning nut To increase the torque at the rear wheel, the rear sprocket is larger than the front sprocket. In other words, the radius of the rear sprocket is bigger. But the real point of this post is to question the Verge TS torque figure. My 2000 R1 has peak torque at the back wheel of 512Nm in top gear (108Nm*1.58*1.115*2.688). This is enough to.

Check out pages 3-16 of the manual for the front sprocket and page 6-40 for the rear sprocket and axle nut. The rear sprocket nuts are 43.5 ft lbs. The rear axle nut is 72.5 ft lbs. the front engine sprocket nut use lock loctite on it and tighten to 105 ft lbs the speed sensor rotor bolt put loctite on it and tighten to 13 ft lbs in sprocket size, you may need a shorter or longer chain. Changing one tooth on the countershaft sprocket has a more significant impact on the gearing than changing one tooth on the rear sprocket. Plus, countershaft sprockets cost less. But, it's most often best to make changes with the rear sprocket We get a lot of questions over here at Common Motor about Sprockets, so many in fact we thought it was time to go in depth on teeth counts, gear ratios and e.. Does anyone have current specs for rear sprocket torque with 10mm/m10 nuts. Bike is a 2010 F800GS. I've seen 25nm, 40nm, 10nm +90 degrees. I'm good with either method but keep seeing contradictory values and searched quite a few forums. Found spec for older 8mm/M8 nuts but not the 10. #2

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Rear sprocket nuts coming loose: Maintenance and Repair: 21: Jun 7, 2009: DRZ400 sprocket size question: Dirt Riders: 38: May 12, 2009: Sprocket/gearing question: Dirt Riders: 5: Apr 8, 2009: Sprocket Nut Seized: Maintenance and Repair: 69: Feb 7, 2009: Toad the wet sprocket- hold her down: Music: 2: Jan 10, 2009: Torx size to remove 08 KTM 450. Sprockets mount on a splined cylinder on the rear hub, called the freehub body. The collection of sprockets is held in place with a lockring. Modern shifting mechanisms like Shimano's Hyperglide and SRAM's PowerGlide chain-and-sprocket combination rely on correct alignment of shaped teeth and contoured shift gates in the sprocket rear axle - 83 ft.lb rear rotor bolts - 31 ft.lb rear sprocket bolts - 47 ft.lb Front sprocket - 40 ft.lb Rear shock + link bolts - 33 ft.lb The rear wheel spacer with the rim goes on the sprocket side Throttle adjust lock nut. - 4 ft.lb Passenger foot peg - 20 ft.lb OE rearsets - 27 ft.lb Oil drain bolt - 22 ft.lb Oil filter -20 ft.l Theoretically, producing torque at high rpm is better than producing torque low rpm, as at high rpm you can use gearing. A powerful engine is useful because it can then be geared down - you don't want the rear wheel of your bike doing 8000rpm anyway! Gearing down reduces the speed at the rear wheel with a corresponding increase in torque I just replaced my OEM rear sprocket a few days ago on my 06/600. My manual was correct at 43.5 ft-lbs. However, when installing new sprocket, the nuts were struggling to reach spec. I ended up shy of spec because 1 nut stripped and another locked up and started spinning the lug

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The Vortex V3 Performance Chain and Sprocket Kits are designed to meet the needs or any motorcycle rider with their innovative V3 Chain Kits. Some riders are willing to trade the proven performance benefits found with a 520 conversion kit with aluminum rear sprocket and quicker acceleration for the long life of an OEM replacement style kit where other prefer to be right in the middle with the. Getting some work done on the CT200U-EX (Thing 1)! Ran into some hiccups, some sorted some not!-----NEXT VIDEO: https://youtu.be/byeLvYxNJOoPREVIO.. Posts: 8. posted January 15, 2008 04:29 AM. sprocket torque. Front sprocket nut 94 ft-lb small amount of loc-tite and bend washer in one spot to lock,sprocket cover bolts 87 ( in-lb)Rear sprocket nuts 51 ft-lb.Rear axle 94 ft-lb. HAROLD. badace14

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Renthal is a global leader in the manufacturing, design, and sales of motorcycle, ATV and cycle parts and accessories. The current parts portfolio covers a wide range of products for motocross, quad bikes, road bikes, and trials bikes Sprockets will only work correctly with chain and other sprockets if they are on parallel shafts and the teeth are in the same plane. A chain consists of a continuous set of links that ride on the sprockets to transmit motion. The REV 15mm Build System is designed around #25 Roller Chain (REV-41-1365) using compatible #25 Sprockets A heads up: that's the same torque as my Suzuki manual suggests for the rear sprocket nuts on my 2001 SV650S. Unfortunately a couple of the nuts stripped their threads at that torque, and one of the bolts snapped off. That was after I had used a wire brush to clean the bolt's threads, too. No, my torque wrench isn't out of cal Yamaha R1 rear sprocket change. W filmiku pokazuje jak zmienic zebatke w motocyklu Yamaha R1. Zapraszam! MOJ DRUGI KANAŁ http://www.youtube.com/michalsiek.. SUPERLITE RSX (#92100RX) 420 Pitch Steel Rear Sprocket - OHVALE 110/160/190. Regular Price: $34.95

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Parts Unlimited 532 Steel Rear Sprocket $ 30.16 - $ 51.95. Options: View All Options. Exact Fit Parts Unlimited 630 Lightweight Rear Sprocket $ 33.44 - $ 33.69. Options: Exact Fit Parts Unlimited 630 Rear Sprocket $ 39.78 - $ 56.95. Options: View All Options. Exact Fit JT 420 Front Sprocket. The Yamaha manual has those figures printed in several places, and they are roughly equivalent to the torque figures for a Kawasaki I own which also has 10mm rear sprocket studs, with the 6 nuts tightened to 74Nm or 54 fl/lbs (from the genuine Kawasaki factory manual)

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Like Cali said, dont torque the rear nuts to 100Nm. I did, and I ended up having to buy another sprocket carrier. The second time around, I used some red thread locker, and torqued them all to 50, then again to 65. Hope this help Titanium Front Sprocket Bolt M10 x (1.25mm) x 22mm (TIKTM176) £54.00 £47.99. Pro-Bolt Fasteners - Supreme Quality you can Trust. We are the leading supplier of high quality nuts, bolts, washers and motorcycle accessories and bolt kits. Pro-Bolt has supplied the motorcycle industry for 20 years including Racing Teams in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3. Page 211: Rear Sprocket Installation FINAL DRIVE 10-9 Sprockets Rear Sprocket Installation • Install the rear sprocket [A] so that the marked side [B] faces out. • Install the rear sprocket bolts and tighten the nuts. Torque - Rear Sprocket Nuts: 34 N·m (3.5 kgf·m, 25 ft·lb) Sprocket Wear Inspection •..

anyone know the torque spec on the following? front sprocket? the allen bolt that holds the front sprocket bolt? front wheel axle? rear wheel axle? thanks guys. please email me kent2977@aol.co Torque the rear sprocket nuts to 60 Nm. Slide the chain off the front sprocket and remove the front sprocket. Front sprocket old and new compared: Use the dremel and metal cutting disc to cut the chain off the bike. Cut the links, not the rivets. It should cut quite quickly. Use the safety goggles here as there will be hunks of flying hot metal Manufactured from 7075 T6- 51 aluminum Stronger than steel sprockets in tensile, yield and shear strength. $71.95. JT Sprockets® High Carbon Steel Sprocket. 0. # 2115181255. Yamaha R1 2011, High Carbon Steel Sprocket by JT Sprockets®. JT Sprockets is the world's leading brand of sprockets for motorcycles and ATVs 520 Chain and Sprocket Kit Guide. There are many reasons to change the chain and sprocket kit on your motorcycle, the most common one is to increase acceleration. Replacing your stock 530 or 525 pitch chain and sprockets with light weight 520 bits is one of the Best Bang for the Buck performance mods you can do to your sportbike Install the new front sprocket with the tooth size facing out. Step 15. Install the new rear sprocket and torque its bolts to 52 foot-pounds. Step 16. Tighten up the chain and torque the front sprocket to 72 foot-pounds before replacing the cover and putting the tires back on. Torque the wheel nuts to 32 foot-pounds. Step 17 First Post here, I read above the torque values for the front/rear drive sprockets. I read in the manual (p.5-43) front is 7.2 Ft. lbs Any tips on cracking the bolt for the front? I have read a number of ideas on how to stop the sprocket from spinning (some seem outlandish) Chris 79' XS40