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Crack-Resistant, Non-Skid, With No Plasticizers. Shop Frame Spacers Today! Proud Worldwide Leading Manufacture Of Self-Adhesive Polyurethane Rubber Bumper Feet Our EconoSpace picture frame spacers for artwork add extra depth and dimension between matted artwork and acrylic. They create space between the art and the protective acrylic layer on top of it. Clear spacers are available in 1/8 and 1/4 inch depths. Black spacers are offered in 1/4 depth ArtSpacers.com sells the frame spacer EconoSpace, the rabbet depth extender RabbetSpace, and many other products for framing artwork. From oils to pastels, photos to three dimensional art. ArtSpacers.co Picture frame spacers are the perfect way to create space between your framed photo, print, artwork, diploma or degree and the frame glazing. These spacers work easily with both acrylic glazing and glass frame glazing and can be used with wood and metal frames. Spacers, also referred to as art glass separators, are available in clear and black. Plastic Picture Frame Spacers separate artwork from glass or acrylic. Frametek EconoSpace is a clear plastic spacer that is used to separate artwork on paper or photographs from glass or acrylic when a mat isn't being used.The spacer helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the glass or acrylic

Both FrameSpace and EconoSpace costs between $35 and $45 for 12-5 foot lengths (60 feet). A frame with glazing and spacers. If you are framing artwork without a mat, then spacers are an essential tool. They are simple to use, and can make all the difference in the longevity and appearance of your artwork Cone Shaped Clear Rubber Bumpers - 16 PC Combo - Tall Rubber Feet Spacers for Electronics, Computer Audio Equipment, Car Truck Bug Deflector, Cutting Boards, Picture Frames, Cabinet Door. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 786. $9.47 EconoSpace is a neutral pH plastic peel & stick type art-glass separator that bonds to the edge of the glass in a picture frame. This is used to make the proper airspace between the art and glass in either wood or metal picture frames. Our Price: $44.63. Econospace #062 1/16 in The spacer helps prevent mold growth, paper buckling, image transfer and adhesion to the glass or acrylic. FrameTek EconoSpace© is a safe neutral pH plastic peel & stick clear spacer that bonds to the edge of the glazing in a picture frame. Metropolitan carries the clear spacers in 1/8 or 1/4 sizes. Both can be ordered in 5 foot lengths or.

Without framing spacers, the image can buckle or get stuck to the glazing, causing damage and making it difficult to reframe your art in the future. If, heaven forbid, moisture should sneak its way under the glazing, frame spacers allow air circulation, thus preventing the formation of destructive mold and mildew Jun 5, 2014 - Linen liners can be used for a variety of uses when framing a piece of artwork or canvas—as a decorative accent when framing your artwork, to make the art and framing stand out, as an alternative to matting, or used as a spacer between the acrylic and the artwork. Find out more at AmericanFrame.com

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Specialty Items for Float Mounting. 1/8 or 1/4 Self-adhesive spacers: Spacers keep the artwork from coming in contact with the glass. They come in lengths of about six feet and can be easily purchased in frame supply stores What are picture frame spacers? When framing pictures under glass it is recommended that the picture you are framing doesn't touch the glazing material. With works on paper, fabrics or other flat substrates it is common to space the artwork by using a colored mat board. The mat board is made from either wood-pulp based boards or cotton based. Spacers provide an option of framing art without a mat, as the spacers keep the glass off the art in the same way a mat would. See the photo at the top of this article. Hollow plastic spacers come in 1/8″ and 1/4″ widths, and can be cut with large scissors. They usually have adhesive attached, and may be attached to the edge of the. What are mats and spacers? Selecting mats for works of art can be problematic and a little scary. It is not as easy as it looks. Framing a print or work on paper differs significantly from framing a painting or other type of work of art. Paintings usually do not use glass to cover their surface while works on paper or prints typically require.


If you don't want to use matting, you'll need to use spacers in order to keep the glass off of the artwork. This is vital for photographs especially. Glass on artwork + moisture = everything's ruined! If you do use matting, determine the dimensions of the frame you'll need to purchase The right tools make the job so much easier, and the finished product so much more attractive. So, we'd recommend stocking up on the following: custom Nielsen Bainbridge mat boards, acrylic and acrylic cleaners, mounting boards, wire, tapes, point drivers, frame spacers and custom linen liners Usually this is done by placing strip type spacers made of foam core or other material around the artwork under the mat which surrounds the image space. When you frame your pastel piece, you should choose a frame that is deep enough to contain and restrain the painting with its board backing, the mat, the foam core offsets and the glass sheet Shadowbox Framing Your Oil Pastel Painting With Matboard Spacers. In this last segment on framing oil pastels, I will discuss creating the depth we need using by floating the painting in a shadowbox frame. A shadowbox is created by using spacers to hold the glass off the artwork. Choose a frame with some depth to it This will keep the artwork intact, if the glass is broken and protect the artwork from smudging. Allow at least a .125 inch space between the surface of the artwork and the inner side of the glass pane using a spacer or a mat. Spacers are used for those that want the appearance of an traditional oil painting

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2217 NW 57th ST. Seattle, WA. 206-782-6242. Get directions >. Store Hours. Wed 9am-9pm. Thu 9am-9pm. Fri 9am-9pm. Sat 9am-9pm FRAMETEK ECONOSPACE. FrameTek EconoSpace is a great product for framing pastel artwork without a mat. The peel-and-stick spacers have an aggressive pH-neutral adhesive to adhere the strips to the glass. Available in clear and black with a satin finish side. The two larger spacers are hollow to be lightweight, stiff and help prevent sagging LiftGlass Art/Glass Spacers lift your glass or acrylic (Plexi) off the surface of the artwork to prevent spotting from moisture condensation and to eliminate mold growth, image transfer and adhesion to the glass. These clear neutral pH peel and stick spacers can be concealed under the lip of the frame, are easy to apply and safeguard your. Acrylic Fillets - spacers for aluminum picture frames. Fillets are thin picture frame spacers placed around the perimeter of the frame to prevent the glazing from coming in contact with your painting, photo, or other visual artifact, to protect it from potential damage. Some folks call them art glass separators Picture frame spacers are used for art framing and custom art framing. These add some space within the frames and prevent glazing from contact with the photo, painting or any kind of visual arts, providing protection from damages. If there are no picture frame spacers, the image might get stuck or buckle to the glazing, which could cause damage

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1.5mm Spacer. A pH neutral plastic spacer with a self-adhesive backing, ideal for creating airspace between the glass and the artwork. A spacer is recommended for when you are framing art without a mount, as it will keep the artwork away from the glass Like all materials inside frames, a spacer must be non-acidic and chemically stable. Strips of ragboard make effective spacers. Ragboard strips can be attached to the glazing under the frame rabbet with archival double-sided tape, such as 3M Scotch brand double-sided tape #415. If painted black, the spacer is less apt to be visible Just done a spacer frame for a canvas mounted photo (on stretchers). I used strips of blackcore m/b fixed to the back of the glass. 2mm clearance was all that was needed. The rebate was extended with a fillet though, so the strips could be 10mm wide and the black core meant that I could bring them close to the sight edge

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The frames are stained or painted for a finish that showcases the grain of the wood. These are our standard dimensions: Moulding (the wooden surround) - 20mm wide by 30mm deep. For oversized works, a wider moulding would be used to best support the size of the frame. Spacer (the space between the artwork and the glazing) - 6 to 12mm for a float. Frames and Framing Supplies. When a piece of artwork has been completed or purchased, your next most important decision is choosing the right frame to showcase it. Over the years, Blick has offered customers the widest selection of frames and framing supplies for every type of artwork. Today, we boast an assortment unrivaled among art supply.

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Space them out to two-thirds of the width of the frame. 4. Get hanging. Once you've decided the best spot for your artwork, hold it in place and make a tiny pencil dot at the center of the frame's top. Put the art aside for a moment and measure down from that dot however far the D-rings are from the top of the frame These Framing Spacers are rectangular natural wood bars used to create space between the picture and the mount or glass, for a 3D or box effect.They are also suitable for making frames.. Our Framing Spacers are available in various formats. They are 5mm wide and 101cm long.There is a minimum order quantity of 5 bars per format. Price per spacer 1/4 Spacemaker is narrower than other spacers. Hides under narrow wood or metal rabbets Acid free - neutral pH, no plasticizers. Spacemaker creates an airspace between fine art and the glazing to protect from mold, buckling, and other damage. Made of solid material. 101.5 ft per tube 21 pcs each 58' lon Step 3 - Make a spacer frame. Cut four strips from your scrap board long enough and wide enough to make a frame that will sit approx 2cm in from the mat opening and 2cm in from the mat edge. You will make the scrap frameon the side of the mat that will be facing the painting.The spacer frame will allow any falling pastel dust to fall.

In fact, we don't like to put glass against any artwork. Minute amounts of condensation on the inside surface of the glass can, over time, lead to the growth of mold or mildew. This is why we always recommend mats, spacers, fabric-wrapped liners or other methods to put plenty of space between the glass and your needlework Framing Art on Paper. When framing art on paper, you need the protection of glass or acrylic, both for physical protection and for protection from fading. We usually use UV filtering glass to help slow down fading of your art. Originals and other valuable art generally should be spaced away from the glass by matting or spacers A popular alternative to glass when framing artwork, these pre-cut, 0.050 thick polystyrene sheets reduce glare, reflections, and UV damage. Less fragile than glass, Nielsen Bainbridge Non-Glare Styrene Sheets are also great when shipping artwork The Ampersand floater frame from Blick Art Materials is the one that I use. It includes everything that you need to frame a canvas panel and it's more affordable than professional framing. For flat panels, you want to choose the frame that's has a depth of 7/8″. It includes the wood spacers that you need to frame a flat panel FRAMING Protect your work with a frame, mat and glass. Show your art in the best manner. Trust me. I have seen this countless times, viewers will walk by a wonderful piece of art that's ruined by the frame. Rule of thumb; if the frame fits the work, the frame becomes invisible. Strive to match a picture with a frame that's from the.

Clean the glass, drop it into the frame rabbet, and then glue the spacer strips into the frame. Be careful not to smudge the glass as it will be very hard to clean right next to the spacer. After the glue has dried, turn the frame over and set it down onto the art/backing Spacer strip for picture framing: 1/4 tall x 1/8 wide, where the self-adhesive tape is. used between glass and artwork to keep artwork, such as an antique piece, from touching glass. See illustration picture However, the mat would eventually sag into the artwork. Keeping the spacer as wide as possible (without being visible from the front of the work) prevents this by fully supporting the mat. Set the spacer on the mounted drawing, then set the mat on top of the spacer. You are ready to frame your piece

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The standard 2D framing package is comprised, from back to front, of a dust sheet, backing board (held in with framers points or turn buttons), the mounting board, the artwork, a mat or mats, spacers (optional), glass, and the frame, which is sealed around the whole thing with framers points and covered over by a dust cover Advice for Framing Art, Documents, Letters, Photographs and Other Paper Items. The method used in framing a piece of paper, whether a letter, document, work of art or photograph, can have a significant effect on the preservation of that item. Several i mportant choices must be made that will effect its longevity. Thes Frame pastels either with a mat or without a mat in a frame. Using spacers between the art and the mat or glass is a very good idea. Framing Option #1. Here is a painting of a waffle with a mat. This is one of my daily paintings. It is a small 5 x 7 in. pastel When the art is inserted between the glazing and matting, we aptly call it Sandwich floating. With this treatment, the artwork is floated on top of the mat and without spacers. There is a margin between the artwork and the sides of the frame, so that the edges of the print are revealed but without the shadow effect of the Elevated treatment

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White satin cloth tape (at art-supply stores) Self-adhesive spacers; Frame; How to Frame It. Step 1: Using a utility knife, cut the foam board to the size of the fabric you want to frame, leaving at least an inch of extra fabric around the edges. Step 2: Stretch the fabric over the board. Secure it by placing a pin in the center of one side Type of Art: Each type of artwork has different material and labor requirements. Posters - Most requested frame is a simple black. Most posters are framed without mats, though that is an option. If a mat is not used, there will need to be narrow spacers used between the glass and the art so they don't touch spacer specifically made for framing, with an adhesive backing, or you can use an archival foamcore or board that matches the backing material. The rag foamcore spacer is also better looking because it can be cut to sit flush against the interior edge of the frame. floating artwork The floating framing method allows you t

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This will also be the case with frames where it is required that the artwork 'floats' on a backing board with no mount, in which case spacers can be used to lift the glass off the artwork. Special plastic or wood spacers can be utilised which hide behind the rebate. Light : An artwork can deteriorate with excessive UV light. Pictures should. So many different tapes, so many applications. Here's a guide to help you when comparing tapes and adhesives for picture framing. Adhesive Transfer Tapes. Adhesive transfer tapes are used primarily for sticking double mats together, attaching dust covers, gluing spacers and fillets in place, and mounting artwork to a backing board

Archival Glass & Art Spacertm Artwork 1/8 1/4 Air #772 Clear #773 Black #774 Clear #775 Black 3/16 3/16 Specifications: pH Neutral peel-'n-stick spacers. Available in clear, black and white (all sides uniformly finished to avoid mis-matched sides). Cuts easily using common shop tools such a Glass spacers are an EconoSpace product that is a neutral pH plastic peel & stick type art glass separator that bonds to the edge of the glass in a custom picture frame. This is used to make the proper airspace between the art and glass in either wood or metal picture frames. EconoSpace can be used to frame photographs, watercolors, pastels, any paper art or document A large selection of hardware to attach and hang framed art. FS15 - 100 Pack - 1/8 inch Offset Clips. $4.45. FS16 - 100 Pack - 1/4 inch Offset Clips. $4.45. FS17 - 100 Pack - 3/8 inch Offset Clips. $5.00. FS18 - 100 Pack - 1/2 inch Offset Clips. $5.00 These spacers will move your wheels out away from the body to allow the fitment of wider tires. They're hub-centric to maintain wheel balance and include pre-installed grade 8 wheel studs and 10 lug nuts. Moves wheels away from body and frame to increase tire clearance Allows fitment of wider tires. $99.99 - $101.99

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  1. g describes materials and methods designed to limit environmental (e.g., from light, water, humidity, airborne pollutants, dust, surrounding materials, etc.) risks to the displayed object. All materials used in the frame package must be chemically stable . Components of a preservation mat and frame packag
  2. Use the 1/8″ spacers on either end of the top and bottom of the frame to situation the canvas inside the assembled frame. Put a single finishing nail through the frame, spacer, and canvas in each of those four spots. Once you have installed two, you may find that you don't need the other two spaces
  3. g. Hinge taping is preferable if you know how to do this. Hinge taping is essential if you are shipping a matted artwork
  4. g plays a major part in how the painting will be viewed. The frame is analogous to the clothing one wears for a job interview. It should be appropriate for the circumstances and flatter without distracting
  5. Systematic Art Inc. offers innovative, museum-quality, professional art-hanging services through technologically advanced art and picture hanging hardware. At its inception, Systematic Art served galleries, museums and, corporations worldwide. We quickly realized that our products could benefit discerning individual art collectors as well
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With the floating styles, framers use spacers to create distance between the mat, the artwork and the frame itself. Advertisement. At a good frame shop, staffers should show you a range of mat. Specialties: Hammerfriar Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary art with a vision. Since our inception in 2005, we have developed a reputation as one of Sonoma County's premier galleries -- representing both established and emerging artists from the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Hammerfriar Gallery also specializes in Museum Quality framing. We have Sonoma County's. Structure of a Framing Package. This diagram illustrates the many layers needed to properly mount a work on paper. If the piece is to be floated we insert spacers under the rabbet of the frame to provide the air pocket needed to protect from moisture damage

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Spacers provide an option of framing without a mat - the framer makes space between artwork and glazing using a spacer, and therefore the height of the frame will be higher than typical frames, forming a box-like shape. Box frames are a great way to frame 3-D objects, given the additional space they allow Choosing the right framed artwork or print is tough, but placing self-adhesive rubber bumper pads on the frame is simple. By adding these rubber bumper pads to your frame, your walls will be protected from any marks or scratches. These anti-skid frame bumpers also stop your frames from sliding and keep them level. You also..

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However, if you choose to have glass on the front, you will need to use a deep, shadowbox type frame and spacers so the embroidery does not touch the glass. A Foam Board* cut to fit the inside dimensions of your frame. Cut the board about a 1/8-inch smaller than the inside measurements to account for the fabric that will be wrapped around the. If you are putting a piece of art directly into a frame and want to skip matboard altogether, if you care about the art make sure to at least buy some spacers. Example of Spacers. For a piece of art that is 22 x 28, you would either need to put multiple layers of matboard in (3x 4-ply layers) or less layers with a spacer

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Mounting and framing your works of art is beneficial as it: 1) Protects your artworks from physical damage 2) Discourages direct handling 3) Provides protection from mount, slips or spacers can be used to create space between the glazing and the surface of the work How to Mount Your Art with Matboards. This guide will go through the various methods of mounting your artwork so you can get them properly displayed in picture frames, show kits or on their own. There are multiple options for mounting your artwork with matboard, including whether or not to use conservation materials and adhesive vs. non-adhesive matting Frame moulding comes in 8 or 12 foot sticks, but it is much much cheaper to use wood moulding/trim and stain and finish it yourself. I would not mat something that big (why make it bigger?) but then the plexi is going to be touching it, which has longterm consequences for the art. Any spacer you get is likely to sag or fail at that size, and. 1 to 5 of 5 results. 8mm Clear Channel Spacer (40m) 9SPACE8CL. Login for Price. More Info. Econospace Spacer. Login for Price. More Info. Proframer Plastic Spacer Clear 1.8m

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Our Framing Experts can use mats and/or spacers to create a gap and allow for airflow between the art and the glass. What type of tape do you use to attach the art to the mat? 2019-12-31T06:55:05-08:0 The document is then positioned and another rare earth magnet is placed on the front side of the document to hold it in place. The magnets act as spacers, but I also used 1/16 spacers to relieve any stress on the glass edge. I stained the back of the Roma Tabacchino frame and used similarly stained 1/4 quarter round to hold the package together Each frame has a bold 3/8 face, a 1/4 spacer between your artwork and the frame, and a substantial 1-7/8 deep profile. Designed to show a slight gap between your artwork and the frame for a classic, professional float presentation. Standard Depth 7/8 Artwork. Standoffs and spacers come in many colors and sizes so you can get the perfect spacing to hang signs, images, and similar displays. Standoffs are available in aluminum, brass and stainless steel and can also be adjustable in size. View as List Grid. 6 Items . Show. per page ASP04 - 1/4 Clear Spacer (50') 20.50. Product Code: ASP04. ASAP Picture Frame Spacers: Easy to use acrylic spacers. Just peel and stick to glass to create space between glass and artwork. Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors, clear and black. 5' lengths. Measurements: 1/4 clear spacer 50'/tube. Rolls per Case: N/A. Add To Cart Frames are always measured from the inside (rabbet) of the frame. That is the size of a piece of glass that will fit in the frame. The actual size of the frame is 1/8″ larger than indicated to allow room around the glass, mats, image etc. The actual rabbet size of an 8″ x 10 frame is 8 1/8″ x 10 1/8″