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Low Prices on Fitness Gear. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Order Over 80% New & Buy It Now; This is the New eBay. Find Hand Exercises now! Check Out Hand Exercises on eBay. Fill Your Cart With Color today One way of lowering this risk is to do some exercises that will increase the blood flow to the muscles in your hands. This includes performing both large and small movements in your fretting hand. So work the muscles from your shoulder to your elbow. Then, move on to the smaller joints that can be found in your wrist and your fingers Fretting Hand Technique Exercises In this article, I'm going to present a number of technique exercises that will help you to play single note melodies, as well as chords with your fretting hand. The exercises will all be single note picking, but the principles of stretching and strengthening your fingers will apply to all aspects of your. The goal of this exercise is to make each finger on your fretting hand as smooth and independent as possible. The fingers of the hand do not move equally well. This exercise helps you overcome finger inequality. This exercise works on your hammer-ons and pull-offs You should focus on playing each note evenly

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  1. s. Start this Module. In my humble opinion, this is probably the best exercise for technical development on the guitar. It works every possible finger combination and if you do this exercise r..
  2. g from your pinkie's first knuckle. This action will help set up the flurry of pull-offs and hammer-ons that follow. Figure
  3. My Three Ways to Practise Fretting Hand Technical Exercises. 1 Comment. Share Tweet . There are a lot of technical exercises out there in the land of learning guitar. Most exercises are taught wrongly (students are often taught to play them too fast and do not focus on the fundamentals)

2. Finger Strength Exercises. Most guitarists approach the topic of 'strength' training for guitar in a completely backwards way. Yes, strength IS important for guitar playing, BUT your 'fretting' hand strength is the last thing you should be focusing on This exercise is perfect to improve the synchronization between your picking and fretting hand. To play the exercise correctly, start by picking the 5th fret of the 6th string with your 1st finger, then the 6th fret with your 2nd finger, 7th fret with 3rd finger, and 8th fret with 4th finger

Here, we're focusing on fretting-finger dexterity with some exercises designed to test and improve control, independence and stamina between your fingers. As an added challenge, we'll concentrate our efforts on what is for most people the weaker side of the hand and use only the second, third and fourth fingers, taking the more naturally. Fretting Hand: Strength Exercises. The next step is a set of legato exercises in which you are utilizing all of the finger combinations in a few groups. These exercises require no picking at all, and are purely legato. They involve a series of hammer-ons and pull-offs performed as hard and fast as you can maintain for 15 seconds at a time Fret hand exercises for beginner guitarists. Build up speed strength and dexterity on your fretting hand. Beginner How To Stretch Your Fretting HandJoin Lauren on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1603434229676207Find this helpful? Make a donation:www.laurenbatema.. Do you feel like your hands are to small when you play the guitar? Are you a newbie at guitar? Or maybe you have been playing for some time and when you pl..

So you use the thumb and the Index finger of your picking hand and use them to stretch the fingers from your Fretting hand. Finger Stretch without Guitar Hold every stretch for around 15 seconds in the beginning and keep increasing the duration of the stretch gradually. Relax your fingers after performing the stretch, this is crucial Most teachers recommend an exercise regimen to address fretting hand problems, but exercises by themselves won't help you understand why you have problems with your fretting hand, nor will they. The ultimate key to speed lies in the precision and coordination between your fretting hand and your picking hand. A metronome will help you lock in and it will keep your speedy picking runs super tight and fluent. Each of the exercises listed out in this lesson are suitable for use with a metronome Bass Tapping Exercises for Your Fretting Hand These exercises focus on different note values and rhythms, which will increase the independence between your two hands. Focus on clean playing without any fret buzz, and on getting your timing down pat. Also, make sure all notes are equal in volume and ring out for their whole duration Hands Like Holdsworth: Improve Your Stretch and Open Your Ears. Pick up some exercises that will strengthen your fretting-hand fingers considerably, and eventually improve your reach. Watching Allan Holdsworth perform may leave you with the impression that you've encountered an advanced alien life form who communicated using the electric guitar

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Perhaps it is single best way to warm up and develop dexterity in your fretting hand. It helps to strengthen your fingers and also develops finger independence. As a nice bonus this is also a great workout for the picking hand (to practice alternate picking), as well as for left and right hand synchronization Here's a series of exercise to practice that will build strength in your fretting hand and help you play cleaner and faster. First, hammer-on and pull-off from the first and second frets of the low E string. Try to make each note as clear and even as possible

4 elements of fretting hand technique you must focus on to make your finger independence improve with any exercise you practice (#3 will save you thousands of hours in wasted time and frustration). How to use a basic strength training principle to improve finger independence and make your guitar playing feel easier than ever In this lesson we will cover bass tapping exercises for your plucking hand. Tapping with your fretting hand might be relatively easy, but developing sufficient dexterity and coordination in your plucking hand takes some work. In these exercises you will tap different melodies with your plucking hand, while your fretting hand taps whole notes Exercises. I inform you again that you can use either the index, middle and the ring finger of the fretting hand or the 4 fingers (including the pinky). I recorded these exercises long time ago using the '3-finger' scheme, but since then I returned back to using the pinky finger Sweep Picking Exercises 5. First isolate each hand and work on them individually. Memorize the fretting hand on an easy practice routine and then move to watching your right hand hit each string perfectly. Don't rush putting them together, make those hand muscles work! Playing is all about efficiency of movement, not how quick your hands move In this bass technique lesson I will explain what I think makes up good fretting hand technique. It's not the right way, but it's one good way and what many bassists aim to do.. As with plucking hand technique, you want to strive for a relaxed hand, a clear and consistent tone, and the use of efficient motions.This takes some time to develop

Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders. Find Your Right Fitness Gear Today Ex-005 Fretting Combinations Exercise 2. This exercise expands on the Fretting Combinations exercise. This exercise will train both your fretting hand and your picking hand by playing all the fretting combinations and all the picking combinations. The picking combinations are given with the traditional symbols for downstroke () and upstroke (V) Fretting hand exercises... Hi, not sure if this is the right place for this question...so sorry if it's not. but I'm really struggling to find a way to improve the flexibility and strength of my fretting hand as it's really holding me back. I've been working on this since January, and have tried a rubbery thing that you slip over your. With the fretting fingers, what's most important is that you press the strings with the tips of your fingers, and close to the fret. Guitar finger exercise 1. The first exercise is an easy chromatic exercise. Use the simplicity of this exercise to make sure that you're using the correct finger positions, as stated above Learn your scales. Practice them often. Play them slow at first and then speed them up till you can play them as fast as you can forwards and backwards. This will also teach you cross picking (up and down or backwards and forwards strokes) on any.

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Then with your picking hand: gently pull your fingertips of your fretting hand towards you. Keep that pull for about 30-40 seconds. Other really good stretch: keep the arm of your fretting hand straight without bending at the elbow. Rotate your forearm so the inside of your fretting hand is facing up Many of the answers so far address strength primarily. I'd say the fret hand requires stamina more than raw strength. Many of the exercises people have suggested will increase stamina too, so that's all to the good. I guess I'm just suggesting you be aware of what you're really after

Learn fretting hand technique. Bar Chord Strengthening Exercise's. 1. Lesson one Barre Chord Exercise Number 3 . Exercise #3 is similar to the first exercise. What you want to do is take a barre chord shape, and work it up the neck of the guitar Strumming is all about building coordination between your fretting hand, strumming hand and the tempo. If your fretting hand is falling behind, your rhythm will sound like a hot mess. Additionally, this fumbling between chords is going to make it really difficult for you to keep time Lesson 6: Fretting Hand Technique and Exercises Doug delves deeper into hand position and fretting techniques with exercises to practice

As simple as it is useful, the almost-chromatic ukulele exercise is a great warmup to get your fretting and picking hands synced together. Since it strays from being an exact chromatic scale (some notes are doubled), I call it the almost chromatic scale At 59 years of age and 2 years of guitar playing, I recently followed your video lesson to help build strength for bar chords AND help with the Tendonitis problem in my left (fretting) hand. As you can see in the email I sent my online teacher, Jonathan Boettcher, it has been a great success, and I want you to write to say thank you for helping. In the second part of the fretting-hand technique lesson, Sharon shows you a series of exercises that will help you develop great fretting-hand technique. The home of roots music instruction, gear, and news for players of guitar, mandolin, banjo, dobro, fiddle, bass, and ukulele

Fretting Hand Strength Exercises: Thunderstruck Posted on January 28, 2008 by MD If you want to build some fretting hand strength and get on the track to amazing legato technique, look no further than Thunderstruck by AC/DC These are physically tiring exercises, and they will leave your fretting hand in pieces. In fact, I usually find that my hand is almost useless if I do some of those exercises back to back. Put them last and really give your fretting hand a solid workout, before resting up and letting it recover for the rest of the day The technique involves making a 'sweeping' movement with your pick, whilst your fretting hand plays consecutive notes, one by one.It's a pretty advanced picking technique and can take some practice to get just right.. To get a 'sweep' with your pick means to do three or more downstrokes or up-strokes in a row quickly, on different strings, without it sounding like a strummed chord In fingerstyle guitar music, the fretting hand is responsible for more than just finding the right notes—it also plays a major role in creating a dynamic feel in the rhythm and articulation of a song. In this section, we'll look at a series of exercises to help develop coordination and independence in the fingers of the fretting hand

Many great chords require a big stretch of the fretting-hand to reach all of the notes. Some melodies also will require big stretches as well. Guitar yoga takes a long time to develop, but we can speed up the process by deliberately exercising our picking-hand stretching. Let's start this exercise with a D maj7 chord starting on Fret XII. Use. The left arm position while fretting is important. Until not so long ago, I didn't pay any attention to it and let the elbow hang resting. However, good arm posture greatly reduces the role of the thumb, lessening hand tension. My hand still gets tired but noticeably more slowly

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The lick is a simple pattern with your fretting hand, think: 0-2-1-3-2-4-3-2. This is the pattern for all 6 strings. Play the whole exercise using alternate picking. As you get more comfortable with this pattern, try moving it up the neck. Try playing the same pattern all the way up to the 5th fret for each string Hand and finger exercises for bass players are designed to improve your finger picking speed as well as your fretting accuracy. While many hand and fingers exercises work on strumming and fretting, some hand and finger exercises focus on strengthening your bass playing fingers to improve stamina and playing speed Remember when pulling off to plant the fretting hand before picking the first note. Some thoughts on Legato Guitar Playing. Somewhere along the line, guitarists started using the term 'Legato' when referring to anything having to do with slurs, hammers, tapping, or pull-offs Now that you've gotten started with some picking-hand exercises, Bill shows you some guitar-like scalar fretting-hand exercises for playing single-string style. You'll learn four different positions for playing a G major scale, including three closed positions that can be transposed to other keys

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For right-handed players, the left hand is the fretting hand. A weak fretting hand will limit your playing ability, especially when you attempt to play more complex lead guitar patterns. Establishing and developing finger strength and increased stretch during the early stages of guitar playing will enable you to develop your technique more quickly These guitar exercises focus a lot on your picking of single note lines. They will also benefit your fretting hand tremendously, as well as help you develop your sense of timing. These alternate picking guitar exercises are for all skill levels and are a great place for beginners to start. Alternate Picking Exercises 1-4 • Where you're fretting your notes can make a big difference in the amount of strength it takes to get a clean note. The closer to the fret your finger is, the less pressure you need to use. • Slide playing may be easier for you to play for a longer duration, since there is less movement of individual fingers and no fretting of notes is. Exercise 1: Single-string melodies. As before, the fretting hand is the most important, so tackle this first before getting too concerned about what the picking hand needs to do. There will be. Here's a fun 6-Minute Trill Drill to try. You'll want to first place your fret hand in the 5th position (1st finger at the 5th fret). Then begin: Minute 1: Pick the high E string at the 5th fret once. Now repeatedly hammer-on and pull-off (trill) with your middle finger, trilling between the 5th and 6th frets

These guitar finger exercises will allow you to play guitar much cleaner, sync up your picking and fretting hands, play faster and allow you to be able to practice guitar for longer, with less hand fatigue VERY IMPORTANT! These guitar hand exercises are designed to give your fingers, hands and arms a stretch, but they should not cause ANY pain Bass Exercises: Fretting. chevron_leftLast Lesson subject Text Next Lesson chevron_right. Unfortunately something has gone wrong. ReferenceError: M is not defined. in Ie in div in div in Ne in a in Le. If this has happened more than once, check for known issues and solutions and report any new problems. Many problems are solved by simply.

Guitar picking exercises and fretting exercises along the fretboard. Now we need for our picking hand to get the fretting hand in shape. These guitar exercises will make playing guitar chords and lead guitar that much easier. To help you play these guitar exercises, each fretting finger will have a number assigned to it Here, the butt of the guitar rests between the legs with the neck angled upward. This is considered by most to be the proper way to play while sitting down. It helps to keep the wrist of the fretting hand in a more neutral position and the player will find that sitting up nice and straight is most comfortable, taking unnecessary strain off of the back and neck

Guitar Hand Strength Exercises - Guitar Tutorial - 3 Tips To Build Fretting Hand Muscles February 26, 2021 34 By Drue James This guitar tutorial shows you 3 exercises to build muscles in your fretting hand, especially your pinky and ring finger 2. Stretch your hands and fingers following the video above [2 minutes] 3. Slowly practice your fretting and just get your fingers moving on the fret board [3 minutes] 4. Practice more advanced scales, and pick up the pace with licks or some improvisation [5 minutes] How do you warm-up before playing the guitar? What hand exercises would you.

This exercise is a simple slide from the 5th fret to the 8th fret on the B string, followed by the E string. You want to keep your fretting hand relaxed as you perform the slide so that the motion across the frets is smooth. If you apply too much pressure, you will hear each fret as you pass over it In the first bar, your fretting hand will play the 2nd and 5th frets. Your picking hand will tap the 14th fret, then shift over to the 9th fret and tap those notes. After the first note, you will notice that the entire bar is simply a three-note repeating pattern For this exercise you do not have to pick string at all. You can use your picking hand to mute strings at the bridge. Legato is all about quick, precise, and yet light finger action! For that try to keep your fretting hand as relaxed as possible! If your hand is stiff you will not be able to develop speed and fluency

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Exercises 1 & 2: Hammer-on and pull-off Here are two simple exercises that'll help you master hammer-ons and pull-offs: one along a string and the other across them. They're centered around the chromatic scale, and are meant to increase your fretting hand strength, co-ordination between your fingers, and familiarity with the distance. I have a wrist tendonitis on my left hand (guitar fretting hand) that keeps coming back, sometimes it takes 3 months but sometimes it comes back after 2 weeks and it can take a lot of time to go away sometimes.-- Joshua Comments: Yep. That's exactly how the Tendonitis works. - Hold your fretting hand out in front of you, palm up, and let the hand relax. Your fingers are likely to curl, pointing back up the arm, and your wrist will be basically straight. Now bend the hand upward at the wrist and open the fingers. The motion you just executed is the way your hand will move most naturally on the guitar neck: straight. This finger exercise will improve your accuracy and speed while playing high notes. Start with your left hand in a basic fretting position, starting on the 12th fret. From here, play the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th frets with your first, second, third and fourth fingers on the E string. Move up to the A string and repeat the same motion

2. Finger Strength Exercises. Strength is essential for guitar playing, but 'fretting' hand strength is the last thing you should be focusing on. You actually don't need much fretting hand strength to play notes or chords on guitar (except wide vibrato on bent notes or double stops) Technique building exercise for developing fretting hand independence. Online Private Guitar lessons (via zoom) - https://guitar-resource.com/.. Natural harmonics are played with your fretting hand. What you do there is lightly touch the string(s) where the note(s) are to be played. This is rather tricky to get down at first, but with practice you will sound just like the audio and video examples in this lesson. Exercise 1. Harmonics naturally occur on the 5th, 7th, and 12th frets A good idea is to get both hands working together. The picking hand has to know what the fretting hand is doing. To get these two in sync, we need to do a few exercises. When you alternate your picking hand, down and up, this helps build up speed and dexterity. One of the hardest things to learn on the guitar, is learn to properly pick each note Quick exercises to get your fretting and picking hands playing together! Chops: Intermediate Theory: Beginner Lesson Overview: • Synchronize all four fretting fingers with the picking hand. • Improve alternate and economy picking techniques

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The 6 Essential Fingerpicking Guitar Exercises. 1. Basic Walking fingers. Walking finger exercises are a good start for a beginner of fingerstyle technique. These exercises are pretty straightforward, however even if you are a more advanced player, check that you have good technique in your strokes as outlined below. Watch & Play: YouTube This detail alone builds smoothness. Practice this exercise fretting every fret from 1st to 22nd and then, come back down the finger board in the exact same manner as you ascended. Remember to keep an even space (space here refers to time, not physical space.) between every note. If your hand shifts are taking longer than you finger. 2021 #1 Drḁgons' Den Keto Product. Rapid Weight Loss 24Lbs in 4 Weeks. 100% All Natural Formula‎. Celebrities use it. No Exercise & No Diet Needed.Order Now

Fretting Hand Warmup Exercise #1. The Square One Beginner Guitar Course Exercises That Will Boost Your Progress Fretting Hand Warmup Exercise #1 Guitar Fretting Hand Exercise. Posted on February 19, 2008 February 19, 2008 by Tony Hogan. My last article was about a simple but worthwhile fretting hand exercise. But really, if you want to be a better guitar player, you'll need something just a little harder I like my chords and scales to be simple and playable! but I'm curious. Can you will your fretting hand into a position like the one I make at 3:23 in the video below? (yes, I actually want you to reply to this email with just yes or no) If you can: great! If you can't: I could not either. It felt impossible And before we go on to the exercises, one final thing many beginners overlook: Always trim the nails on your fretting hand! Left-hand finger exercises. Each of these exercises is specifically designed to increase the strength of individual fingers. And by repeating these four exercises, you'll gradually develop muscle memory around the. From the November/December 2020 issue of Acoustic Guitar | By Michael Chapdelaine THE PROBLEMYou want to play with more accuracy and strength in your fretting hand. THE SOLUTIONLearn to use your fretting hand with maximum efficiency by understanding how that hand works mechanically and how it should interact with the fingerboard. If you think about it, your hands are nea

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Use the wrong technique and you'll end up with sore hands, buzzing notes, and possibly an injury. The good news is that fretting a note is very easy! There are really only five things you have to take note of: proper finger placement, fingertip accuracy, thumb position, curvature of the fingers, and wrist position Re: Exercises to loosen left hand fingers for fretting. 1. face the wall, stick both arms out parrallel to the floor and place both hands flat against the wall. (Basically the same position as if you were doing a push up, but in standing). Hold for around 10 seconds Hello everyone I started playing the mandolin a month ago on my on own and i love it. But im having trouble with my left hand and finger cramping and stiffening when im fretting like closed postions. Does anyone have execises to loosen and strengthen the left hand fingers and tendons for better and easier fretting. Like they use robber bands and such for guitar Developing Good Fretting Technique. This video lesson presents a simple exercise and covers several key points explaining how to minimise effort, making playing the guitar feel more relaxed and. Notice on Jacks fretting hand how his hand changes positons to support what what he is playing, rather than being about a single technique, his hand is adapting to what he is doing, as does Stanleys in those examples. Sure, I can do all those walking exercises (e.g. 1-2-3-4, 1-3-2-4, etc) up and down the strings, but that doesn't help me.

This guitar lesson shows a STELLAR exercise to GREATLY improve the synchronizing of your picking and fretting technique for guitar. Follow it precisely and it will help you with scales, chords and every fingering and picking technique that you encounter Thank you Klaus, the exercises are very helpful. I wanted to mention another exercise that I think would improve the fretting hand. I also play bass, and came across a similar exercise called isometrics. I found it in a book by Glenn Letsch, called Stuff Good Bass Players Should Know Note: These exercises are written here for banjo but apply to any stringed instrument, adjust accordingly. Spider walk exercise: Put all four fingers of your left hand on the high D string with each finger one fret apart. For example the index on the 5th fret, the middle on the 6th fret, the ring on the 7th fret and the little on the 8th fret Step 3: Repeat your exercise 10 times, focusing on your fretting hand technique. To focus on your fretting hand, pay attention to: Finger independence - this means to only move fingers that are supposed to be fretting notes. Keep the other fingers as still as possible

What's Included with Membership? User Reviews. FA The first exercise involves strumming a G chord in time to your metronome. I have chosen G here, but you could use any chord, or even just strum open strings. This is a very simple exercise designed to get you used to playing in time, and to help you feel the pulse. which is the same fretting hand technique described in example 4. If you. Exercise/Lose Weight. Diet. You might consider some lighter strings if you're not already playing on 9s or something. Proper playing posture is ALWAYS an issue - most people have horrible playing postures, or hand angles for either hand and don't often realize it until things like this finally surface guitar players, this is also true of the picking hand. But it's more common to have a problem with the fretting hand. Building finger independence is a great example of a practice-resistant problem. That's because it has its root in biology (as we'll soon see) and it needs deliberate practice to be addressed

Do hand exercises. After stretching out your hand, you can strengthen the muscles you commonly use during guitar play. There are two main exercises you can do without playing the guitar itself. Work out the extensor muscles of your fretting hand with these two exercises: First hold your left hand (or fretting hand) in a relaxed position Fretting Hand Exercise . Instructor: Jonan Rigsbee Level: Beginner Style: All Styles. You must be a current Member to access this content. Join to now to get full access to DangerousGuitar.com Lessons, Courses, Resource Tools, Jam Tracks and more. LOGIN SIGN UP. Instructor Jonan Rigsbee

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  1. Slash had no intention of turning that riff into a song, and in fact first developed it as a finger exercise. In addition to string skipping, the fretting hand technique is also a bit of a finger twister. Give this a try - you can find the tabs just about anywhere, and it's a great exercise. Work On Your Alternate Pickin
  2. For fretting, it would be better to follow the four-finger fretting technique. In this method, you can simply use all of your fretting fingers for a phrase with four frets. This is the suggested technique since it limits the movement of the whole hand. It also gives much more control, since your hand controls all of those fingers per fret
  3. The fretting hand taps A, C# E (an A major triad) sustain the E followed by the picking hand tapping high A and G, (a double stop) at the top of the neck. The second bar is the same pattern - a D major triad (D, F# and A) with the A sustaining below a high D and C double stop tapped by the picking hand. Another word of advice
  4. For the fretting hand (the hand that goes on the strings on the neck of the guitar), make sure that your hand has some air space between the neck of the guitar and the palm of your fretting hand. Simple finger exercises are given in this lesson to help build proper motor skill development as well as to toughen up the fingertips
  5. Bass Guitar Plucking Exercise (Plus Fretting, Hand Shifts & Improvising) This is an example from my book Complete Fingerstyle Bass Technique. Gaining control over your bass guitar means having coordination between your hands, being able to play different note lengths, and positioning your fretting and plucking hands properly
  6. 8. Scissors Exercise for the Right Hand. This right-hand exercise helps build awareness of the out stroke when alternating the index finger and middle finger. I/M alternation is commonly used for scales and melodic playing. This can lead to more clarity, speed, and precise rhythm in your alternate picking

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  1. Left Hand Coordination Exercises. Now that we have the position and manner in which the way the hand moves, let's now look at some basic coordination exercises. Doing so seemed to take away from the relaxed feeling in the left (fretting) hand. Reply. Thomas MCDONNELL on July 20, 2019 at 11:06 am
  2. In the first bar, your fretting hand will play the 2nd and 5th frets. Your picking hand will tap the 14th fret, then shift over to the 9th fret and tap those notes. After the first note, you will notice that the entire bar is simply a three-note repeating pattern
  3. Guitar Finger Exercises Without a Guitar. Lets take a look at some guitar finger exercises: Finger Grip exercise with a Gripmaster; Take a ball that is soft, squeeze it as hard as you can. Hold for a few seconds and repeat 10 reps; Take Your hands in front of you face them palms up. Bring your fingers forward and touch the palms of your hand
  4. Left Hand Fretting Exercise. This exercise is designed to make each of your fingers on your fretting hand move as smoothly and as independently as possible. Your fingers are unable to move equally. With this exercise, you can change that and teach your fingers to move more equivocally

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  1. utes max. OK, now it's time to pick up the guitar for some more finger stretching exercises
  2. Speed developer exercise - ideal for lead guitar preparation and general finger strength and fluency. Available to Subscribers. 25. Gym - Finger Separation Exercise. Good coordination drill for fretting hand. Available to Subscribers. 26. Gym - Space Invaders Exercise. Basic finger strengthening exercise for fretting hand
  3. Spider exercise 1 — Lauren Bateman. Guitar Finger Dexterity Exercise. In this lesson you will learn a guitar finger dexterity exercised called Spider Exercise 1. Now this exercise benefits both the right and left hands but the focus in the start is really going to be on your fretting hand
  4. To warm up your hands for the actual playing of the guitar and boost your concentration, here are some exercises that may seem a bit difficult initially. Don't worry, though. Be patient, practice it, and it won't be a problem after getting used to it. This exercise is about stretching your fretting hand fingers. The rules are
  5. In my experience, there's usually some small adjustment in hand positioning that can make difference, but there are also some simple exercises touted by trained professionals that you should know about. Check out this article for some solid and helpful information on finger, hand and wrist exercises suitable for ukulele players
  6. Guitar finger dexterity exercises can be tricky at first, that's why it's very important to take your time with it and walk yourself through the right guitar fingering so you can get your fretting hand accustomed to that order of motion. Dealing with finger exercises for guitar of this caliber might take a little bit to get used to
  7. Guitar Speed Exercises. Similar to fretting hand finger independence, your speed is NOT developed by any specific 'exercise' (or a set of exercises). Speed on guitar comes from developing many elements of your playing simultaneously, such as: improving your general technique in each hand individually, improving your hands' ability to work.
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