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I am unable to access icloud drive on my iphone 7 running 10.3.2 and I can also no longer download the icloud drive app? I've gone into iCloud in setting and all of the toggles are available to switch on/off with the exception of the iCloud drive. It is greyed out and in the off position but will not allow me to toggle it to on. Same issue on. So I fixed it by using the terminal. I moved all the content of the grayed out folder and to a new one. //edit: a more detailed description on how I solved this problem: with the help of the terminal I moved all the files in the strange behaving folder to a new location. Using the mv command. E.g

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  1. Practical Trick: Back up iPhone when iCloud backup is greyed out When the iCloud backup option is greyed out, you can either back up your iDevice data use iTunes or third-party iPhone back up tools. Here, we'd like to recommend you try EaseUS MobiSaver which is a professional iOS data recovery software
  2. Hi, Never found a solution to this. When I open the Files app on my iPad, and select iCloud Drive, some Pages, Numbers, etc. files are greyed out and cannot be opened. When I open the Files app on my iPad, and select On My iPad, the same Pages, Numbers, etc. files are greyed out and cannot be..
  3. Open the Files app. In the Browse tab, go to Locations, then tap iCloud Drive. Tap Select, then tap the folder you wish to share. Tap Share , then tap Add People . You may need to swipe up. Tap Share Options to edit who can access the folder and the permissions. You can share the folder with only people you invite, or anyone with the link
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On an IPad Air 3, I can upload files using the One Drive app but from another app, when I choose Save To Files, the Save button and a few folders are grayed out. When I use the Files app, the folders are displaying read only on the bottom. Using the HP Smart app, until recently I have been able to scan documents on my printer and save them to a. Sign in to iCloud to access your photos, videos, documents, notes, contacts, and more. Use your Apple ID or create a new account to start using Apple services The following assumes that you're already logged-in to your iCloud account and you have the ability to download files to your local drive. Navigate to your iCloud Drive in any browser. Change your browser's default download location to wherever you want the files to be located

One of the main causes that is responsible for the occurrence of iCloud backup greyed out is the network restrictions on your iPhone. So, simply turn OFF the restrictions by going to your device's Settings> General> Restrictions> Accounts> Allow Changes. After this, I hope this will let you access iCloud Backup option My old iphone 7 had this greyed out ID problem but resolved when I toggled off restrictions. However, the new on which I restored from a back up of the iphone 7 on my computer has the greyed out Apple ID,icloud, itunes etc in setting. I tried all the suggestions above, except for signing out of my apple ID because I couldn't One of the most common reasons for iCloud Backup greyed out iOS 11 is bad or no internet. Your Wi-Fi connectivity might be a reason for bad internet for you. To check if your iPhone is connected to the right WIFI internet connection, here is what you need to do: Open Settings of your device

Set up iCloud Drive to keep your files up to date across your devices.. On your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with iOS 11 and later, you can access your files from the Files app when you have iCloud Drive set up. The Files app makes it easy to share your documents, collaborate in real time on your Pages, Numbers, and Keynote projects, and manage everything that you store in iCloud Drive That is, open iCloud Drive in Files and see if the same grayness was happening. If it wasn't, try sending a file to SketchUp Viewer, to see if it was an app issue or an iCloud one. Turned out that it wasn't grayed out, but sending the file over to SketchUp Viewer worked, and also cleared the issue of files being grayed over there If you see that several of your photo or video files are grayed out in the Photos section of iExplorer or in the Media/DCIM folder, that is a pretty good indicator that you do have iCloud Photo Library enabled 10 thoughts on Fix inaccessible and grayed out folders in the OS X Finder Strod January 30, 2015 at 6:33 pm. One small comment regarding step #3 at the end of the section Overcoming the problem: If the neurotic folder giving you trouble has one or more spaces in its name, then typing it like Topher suggests (i.e., /folder name) will fail With iCloud, you can also restore the iPhone or sync it to a different iOS device. It is an excellent way to backup data even when the iPhone is damaged or lost. While performing the iCloud backup, the option could be greyed out. The iCloud, App Store settings, Apple ID, or iTunes on the Settings App could be greyed

If Apple is not having any issue or does not have any scheduled maintenance and you are connected to secure Wi-Fi network, then iCloud backup greyed out problem can occur due to other issue. To fix this issue, you must sign-out and then sign-in back into your iCloud account Part 1. Why is iCloud Backup Greyed Out One of the reasons the Back Up Now button may be greyed out is because you are not connected to Wi-Fi. It could also signify a restricted network such as a public internet network that can be set to prevent a network heavy activity like an iCloud backup How can I open these files greyed out in Photoshop? Currently I have to go through finder and then I can open in Photoshop - 1131377 One of the best things about having documents in the cloud is the ability to share large files easily with other people. Here's how to do that using iCloud o..

In gmail from chrome if I compose an email and try to access a file on google drive almost every document is greyed out and not selectable . (Some jpeg files. *doc are selectable but all the google docs are not) It is possible to save the document as a word doc and download it to the download folder and then attach the file but it can not be. Using the Control Panel to uninstall iCloud will remove the bulk of the program. However, some residual files may still be left behind. Using a program like Revo Uninstaller will uninstall the program and search for residual files and registry items left behind. Uninstalling iCloud requires an admin password When folders or files showed greyed out on Mac, you cannot open it nor access the saved file. To resolve this issue, you may need to use Terminal on Mac for help. Follow the two phrases provided on this page, you will effectively fix folders and files greyed out issue on Mac with ease

GoodNotes shows greyed-out documents in the library. If you see cloud icons on the greyed-out documents, they are being downloaded from iCloud. Please leave the app running for a while, especially if you have a large library, and those documents should become accessible. Otherwise, please try the following: 1. Disable Use iCloud in GoodNotes. 2 How iCloud Drive works. You can store documents, images and spreadsheets using iCloud Drive; you can also keep files and folders up-to-date across devices, work on them, and access these items. iCloud Doesn't Show Up/Won't Display Files The Files app features iCloud Drive as a supported location by default. In fact, it's the only location available if you don't have any third-party cloud.

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Launch the Files app on iPhone or iPad. Select iCloud Drive in the Browse tab. Long-press on the folder you wish to share. Tap on Share from the pop-up menu. Tap on Add People. You can also tap on Share Options to edit the access and permission of the folder. Now go back, and select the Sharing Option as per your preferences Then I restarted the iCloud feature in the settings of the iOS Simulator, and I began to see the folder on the iCloud Drive folder of my Mac. BUT, it would only show up in the simulator documentPicker window as a grayed, transparent folder. Solution: turn off iCloud Drive in Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive (toggle off and then on). Edit With iCloud, you can also restore the iPhone or sync it to a different iOS device. It is an excellent way to backup data even when the iPhone is damaged or lost. While performing the iCloud backup, the option could be greyed out. The iCloud, App Store settings, Apple ID, or iTunes on the Settings App could be greyed iCloud Backup option greyed out on iPhone 6S Plus and iPad Pro. Both are running iOS 9.3.1. Anyone else have the same problems? - Original Post From Apple Discussion. Just like above practical scenarios, there are several users who find that iCloud backup button is greyed out after iOS 12, 11, 10 or iOS 9 update. But why is my iCloud button. Icloud mac; icloud drive shows only old file versions - updated version grayed out in Finder I can see the updated versions when I search Finder for the file names but the updated versions are grayed out and when I try to open any one of them I get this message: I have Desktop & Documents Folders checked in icloud drive. Many thanks.

Open that file on your iPad. For example, if the file's in iCloud Drive, you can open it there. 2. Tap the Export button > Print (or a similar function in the external app). 3. Spread with 2 fingers over the Print Preview panel. 4. Tap the Export button > Open in GoodNotes or Copy to GoodNotes Files (folders, word, excel pdf ect) that are added to icloud drive folder from the Win 10 PC will not upload to apple server or sync to apple devices. Similarly files added from a mac or apple device do not sync back to Windows 10 PC . Photos, calendar, reminders all sync normally

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I have tried this along with uninstalling icloud for windows, outlook, running restore point back two weeks, sfc, and dism. When outlook starts and the icloud add-in is enabled Outlook ends on my PC running Windows 10. I am out of ideas? when icloud runs setup after I delete the files on my PC it appears it may not be downloading the 1490 items Once I click locate I am able to see the pdf, greyed out (uploaded to iCloud), but I am not able to open it. Clicking Download now won't work either. I thought moving the library to the hard drive again would solve it, but iCloud seems to never completely download all the files, and therefore Finder blocks when I try to copy the folder But if I select that, the 'save' button is greyed out. I figured it was because there was no folder 'On My iPhone' but I don't seem to see an option to create a local folder. As it is the only thing I can do is save it to iCloud Drive or Google Drive, but I don't want to do that, I want to save it locally

Go to Apple ID, then select iCloud from the sidebar. Enable iCloud Drive, then open the Options for it. Turn on Desktop & Documents Folders . Click Done . It might take a long time for your Desktop and Documents folders to sync with iCloud after you enable this feature for the first time And then iCloud and then see my folders and documents but they seemed greyed out and don't open when I tap them. When saving documents i don't have the option to save to iCloud. I only have Places or Onedrive and iPhone and lastly to add a service when in turn only offers onedrive and sharepoint so there's no option to save to iCloud I developed an iCloud Drive Export feature for my iOS App and it works. I can see the exported Documents in our public AppContainerFolder in the iCloud Drive folder on Mac OS X 10.11. But on iOS,. iCloud Drive. Touching this option brings up your iCloud drive with unsupported files and the Keynote, Pages and Number folders greyed out: Going into the folder with my 8 test videos allowed me to select the same supported files: Notice how there's no preview thumbnail for each of the videos

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By developing a Windows version iCloud, Apple loweredtheir high-walled ecosystem thereby allowing Windows users to backup their photos, videos, calendar and other files, allowing them access to files on the go. However, many users have been unable to uninstall iCloud app on Windows 10 and other Windows versions Find and click iCloud to begin to fix the documents folder is empty on Mac. 2. On the top right of the iCloud drive, click Options. 3. Deselect the box for Desktop & Documents Folders. 4. When you do it, a pop-up will warn you that these files will only be stored in the iCloud drive How to manage iCloud Drive files using the Files app: Tap the name of a document or folder to rename it. Use the New Folder button in the top left to create new folders. Tap Select and highlight a document or folder to see more actions: Use the Folder icon to move it

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  1. The feature will allow users to share folders with a private link so anyone with access can see the contents in iCloud Drive, as well as add new files. While iCloud Drive folder sharing appeared.
  2. Even if you give everyone full access to a folder, you are still the owner, and this means a couple of things. First, and perhaps most significant, the folder only takes up space in your iCloud Drive
  3. ¹ The requirements to see documents here are: (i) That iCloud is active and using the same Apple ID. (ii) Your device must be connected to the internet. Settings → iA Writer → Use Cellular Data must be turned on if you're not connected to WiFi (iii) If your device is managed by your company, they may have disabled iCloud Drive syncing. In this case iCloud → iCloud Drive won't appear.
  4. 6. I'm using iOS8 UIDocumentPickerViewController to export and import a zip file to different cloud services (iCloud,DropBox,Drive, etc.). I don't have issues with iCloud and Dropbox, but with Google Drive I can't import the file because it is grayed out in the interface that displays files (export is working like a charm)
  5. With iOS 9, iCloud Drive gets its own app, operating as a central repository for viewing the files and folders you uploaded to the service. When you set up iOS 9, you were asked if you wanted.
  6. iCloud Drive will store and save all files that you throw at it. That includes music, photos, movies, podcasts, documents, and any other file. Just upload it to iCloud Drive and it will stay there.
  7. Locate the item that you would like to share in iCloud Drive to get started. Right-click the file or folder that you want to share and select Share before clicking Add People. The next window provides a number of options for sharing the invitation. Select the one you would like to use. Click Share Options to reveal settings for.

Solution 3: Recover lost files from the iCloud backup. If the Time Machine Restore failed or greyed out, you can rely on iCloud Drive. As the most common cloud storage service on iOS and Mac computers, iCloud drives are used to store and sync files between various devices. People store more and more items into iCloud storage in order to reduce. Delete the Accounts folder here: Library>Application Support>iCloud>Accounts. Then restart. Delete any extra iCloud accounts un Internet Accounts in System Preferences. If you don't have any extra iCloud accounts in the list, you should be able to go ahead and check the box next to all of the iCloud apps and be fine Cannot add iCloud Drive as Location on Adobe Reader for iPad. I used to open pdf files from my iCloud drive directly into Adobe Reader. comment, highlight, etc. and then it would automatically save these changes directly into my icloud. I cannot seem to do that now. What i noticed is that in the LOCATIONS section of Acrobat reader, icloud. The new sharing feature for iCloud Drive folders is similar to how you would share Pages, Numbers, and Keynote documents for collaboration — which can also be done right from inside the Files app. And just like with Apple's office suite, you can let others add to folders and edit the documents within, or you could make them for viewing only


iPhone and iPad. To share iCloud folders with others using the File app for iPhone and iPad, do this: 1) Open the Files app on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 13+. 2) Choose iCloud Drive from the list of sources. 3) Tap and hold a desired folder in your iCloud Drive, then choose Share from the popup menu. 4) Select how you'd like to send a share link, then pick a contact with whom you'll be. Transmit can export files to iCloud Drive and therefore other apps through the document picker. In Export mode, none of my iCloud Drive folders is grayed out and Readdle apps are compatible destinations - I can get a file from a server in Transmit and save it to Documents without leaving the app

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After upgrading to Win 10 I was unable to open my icloud folder from my outlook calendar. After. reading a few posts, I simply opened my icloud app on my pc - disabled (unchecked) the icloud drive tab, then. enabled it again (checked the box) and saved. Voila - I could access my icloud calendar from my. outlook app on my pc The Files app opens up many possibilities for storage and file organization on iOS. You needn't stick to app-based folders for organizing content — you can treat the Files app like you would Dropbox or Box. Launch the Files app; Tap Browse at the bottom of the screen. Tap iCloud Drive in the Locations section. Tap on a folder to open it

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My iCloud is Greyed Out in Settings, how do I fix it

The new download manager includes several powerful features, including default folders, file previews, and downloading in the background. By working with the Files app, Safari lets you download a file locally on your device, to iCloud, or to any supported third-party app I am trying to cancel an upload to iCloud and there is no way to do it. the x in the status bar is grayed out and there are no instructions anywhere on. Home; Search. Apple questions and answers. Home; Home Icloud mac Cannot find iCloud drive user guide. Icloud mac; Cannot find iCloud drive user guide Follow these steps: iOS: Settings>Apple ID>iCloud>iCloud Drive. Toggle to On. [ Learn how leading CIOs are reinventing IT. Download CIO's new Think Tank report today! ] Mac: System Preferences. Recently, my MacBook Pro, running Mac OS X Mojave, got into a state in which the Finder wasn't uploading or download files to and from iCloud Drive. Since I couldn't find any solution to this through Googling, I wanted to document how I solved the problem for others who may be experiencing the same. I Continue reading iCloud Drive stuck uploading and downloading files in Mac OS X Mojav

iCloud Backup Greyed out How to Fix Easily (iOS 14 Included

Can't create or restore an iCloud backup - If you're having problems backing up or restoring from iCloud, try the troubleshooting steps below. Can't create a backup If you're unable to create an iCloud backup: Verify you're signed in with the Apple ID that you use to access iCloud. Verify iCloud Drive is turned on. Go to iPhone Settings > tap your name > iCloud > verify iCloud Drive is. Add folder to iCloud Drive Mac. Add your Desktop and Documents files to iCloud Drive, Add documents to folders · On your Mac, select iCloud Drive in the Finder sidebar . · Drag documents into the app folders in iCloud Drive. Make sure that iCloud Drive is turned on. Next to iCloud Drive, click Options. Choose Desktop & Documents Folders Open Files on your iPhone or iPad. Repeatedly tap the Browse button until you see a list of Locations . Tap iCloud Drive to view all the files in your iCloud account. Tap a file to download and open it. Alternatively, tap and hold on a file to view a popup menu with more actions, like Rename, Copy, or Delete

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MacOS 10.12 Sierra introduced a feature that lets you sync your Mac's Desktop and Documents folder to iCloud Drive. The upside of this is that if you're not employing any other backup method. To test it out, open Pages 7.2, create a new document, add some content, and save it to iCloud Drive, preferably in the Pages folder there. Edit the document some more and save, again and again to build a respectable number of versions. When you use the Browse All Versions. By default, Safari on iOS downloads all files to a folder in your iCloud. This means you can access those files from all your devices. But it also means those files fill up your iCloud Drive

The Electric Educator: 10 Tips for Organizing Google DriveThe New Video Recording Prompt for HTML Media Capture in iOS9Tweaking4All911 by Singer 3D modeling (free model) on BehanceWelcome to this battle: Google Drive vsRunning Out of Disk Space? iPhone Backup May be the

A new feature in macOS Sierra allows you to sync files from your desktop and Documents folder to iCloud, so you can access them on all your device. However, if you went to disable this feature, it will delete them from your computer. Fear not, though: those files still exist. They were simply removed from the desktop and Documents folder and left in iCloud Drive ICloud Drive greyed out on iphone/ipad. Discussions.apple.com DA: 21 PA: 15 MOZ Rank: 36. I am unable to access icloud drive on my iphone 7 running 10.3.2 and I can also no longer download the icloud drive app? I've gone into iCloud in setting and all of the toggles are available to switch on/off with the exception of the iCloud drive; It is greyed out and in the off position but will not. Or, you can tap on the new folder icon (left to the word Save) and create a new folder to save the email attachment. Note: In step #6, if iCloud Drive is grayed out, open the Settings app → tap on your Apple ID banner from the top → iCloud → scroll down and enable the toggle for iCloud Drive Iphone 11 with latest IOS and latest Google Earth version. I have tried to open kmz or kml files in 2 different ways (that used to work): 1: Open Google Earth, My Places, Import file. Not matter where to file is placed (on iphone or iCloud) the files are greyed out. 2: Open an email with a kmz or kml file attached

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