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Bat Surveys specifications. Date published: 02 March 2017. Topics: Land and landscapes. Development management. On assessing your planning application NIEA considers that there is reasonable likelihood of bats being present on the site and affected by the proposed development. To ensure your development proposal complies with the Habitats. Bat Survey Services include: Building, Site Development and Construction Surveys. Large and Small Scale, Wind farm or single turbine Surveys. All surveys are carried out in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust, Bat Mitigation Guidelines for Ireland and Northern Ireland Environment Agency Guidelines

Welcome to the website of Bat Surveys Ireland. We are the leading independent provider of bat surveys and work throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. We are a business Unit of Ecofact Environmental Consultants - Ireland's leading independent environmental Consultancy. Bat Surveys Ireland is a professional client-focused consultancy providing affordable bat surveys for public authorities. Bat monitoring in Northern Ireland. If you are looking to get involved in bat monitoring in Northern Ireland, there are a number of surveys run by Bat Conservation Ireland and Northern Ireland Bat Group as well as BCT, which are supported by CEDaR. There are several ongoing surveys that you may be interested in participating in Bat activity surveys follow standard methods as described by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) (available here) and the Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) and include conducting a number of walked transects with a bat detector and the deployment of static bat detectors. Walked transects are conducted during the bat active season (Apr-Sep. Professional wildlife ecology surveys in Ireland. Welcome to Hopkirk & Russ Bat Ecology. Established in 2001, we provide specialist bat surveys and reporting with other protected mammal species surveys also undertaken. We will come to your site and carry out a survey of the wildlife habitat for a variety of species, from bats to badgers and more

The Northern Ireland Bat Group (NIBG) is a volunteer-led organisation that helps members of the public with bat queries, provides education, rehabilitates injured bats and undertakes surveys. If there is a NIBG representative in your area, he or she may be able to come to your school or club to give a talk about bats Ecological Consultancy based in North-West. Ecological consultancy, based in Northern Ireland Birds of Prey: Under the terms of the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985 it is necessary for any person wishing to keep a bird of prey which is ordinarily resident in, or is a visitor to, the European territory of any member state to be in possession of a licence issued by the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs EVO Ecology was set up in 2015 by Dr Simon Pickett. Based in Northern Ireland, we provide ecological consultancy services across a wide range of disciplines. Our aim is to provide exemplary standards of service for our clients, which we achieve using our broad base of expertise in academic research, planning and development and the [ Bat Survey and Assessments . Working with Woodrow Environmental Consultants we provided technical training to 15 local authorities in Ireland including detailed guidance on protecting Natura 2000 sites and planning for biodiversity. In Northern Ireland we have delivered training and advice on HRA and the Biodiversity Duty

We need you to survey your local area this summer! Join us for a free training session to learn how to survey for five bat species. There are two training course organised in Northern Ireland; one course in Creggan Country Park and the other in Cultra Sterna Environmental - Ecology Surveys in Northern Ireland. Sterna Environmental is an Ecology Consultancy in Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, specialising in Preliminary Ecological Surveys, Preliminary Bat Roost Assessments, Northern Ireland Biodiversity Checklists and Bird surveys of all types Licenses are managed by Natural England (in England), Scottish Natural Heritage (in Scotland), Natural Resources (Wales) or the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. You should check to see that the bat surveyor you contract has the relevant licenses (if in doubt, check with the managing organisation). What Does a Bat Survey Include? Think of. Sterna Environmental is an Ecology Consultancy in Bangor, Co. Down, Northern Ireland, specialising in Preliminary Ecological Surveys, Preliminary Bat Roost Assessments, Northern Ireland Biodiversity Checklists and Bird surveys of all types

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The survey begins 20 minutes after sunset and usually takes about 90 minutes. Your survey route will have 12 stopping points. While walking between stopping points count any noctule and serotine passes (or Leisler's bat in Northern Ireland). Stop for two minutes at each stopping point and count any common and soprano pipistrelle passes The best places to spot bats in Northern Ireland are Crom, Florence Court, Ardress House, Minnowburn, Castle Ward, Springhill, Rowallane Garden and Mount Stewart. Crom is our top bat site with all eight of the bat species roosting here, often in huge numbers. In one recent bat survey 1200 Soprano pipistrelles were counted in one roost at Crom This is some footage from a recent bat survey conducted in Northern Ireland to inform the need for mitigation measures regarding a planning application for a.. Blackstaff Ecology is an Ecological Consultancy based in Belfast. We provide a range of Ecological Services, which primarily involve Ecological Impact Assessments (EcIA's) for development projects (i.e. Road Schemes, Wind Farms & Housing Developments). In order to inform the EcIA's (for inclusion within any Environmental Statement), a bespoke.

Eolas Ecology was established in 2015 by Catherine Reilly with over 8 years experience working as a professional ecological consultant. Located in Derrylin, County Fermanagh, Catherine is ready and able to deal with all of your ecological needs including Ecological Assessments, Protected Species Surveys, and Invasive Species Surveys Licences in Northern Ireland.....7 Do you need a licence? Some bat work can be carried out without holding a licence of any kind. Both volunteers and professionals can plan surveys and carry out bat detector activity surveys and emergence counts without Level four - to survey bats using artificial light, endoscopes, hand and handheld stati NPWS, in co-operation with Bat Conservation Ireland, is running a nation-wide Bat Monitoring Programme. The programme consists of 4 integrated monitoring schemes: Car transect survey - A novel protocol was devised in Ireland to monitor bats while driving (see Irish Wildlife Manual No. 19 ). This scheme was piloted in 2003 and has continued.

In Northern Ireland bats are listed under schedule 2 of the Conservation (Natural Habitats, etc) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995, as amended. He wished to convert a barn into a holiday accommodation. A bat survey that he was required to undertake revealed the presence of a roost of lesser horseshoe bats. After receiving the report. Need a bat survey for your project? Are you building in a wildlife habitat? Do you need an ecology survey? Need help with a wildlife survey to help with planning permission? Call us on: Telephone: (028) 9029 2138 UK Mobile: 07769 950 758 ROI Mobile: 086 219 387 Bats are protected by law in the Republic of Ireland under the Wildlife Act 1976 and subsequent amendments. In Northern Ireland, bats are protected under the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. In both jurisdictions there is a similar level of protection; it is an offence to intentionally disturb, injure or kill a bat or disturb its resting.

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  1. Where a bat roost is known to occur on the site of a proposed development, the National Parks and Wildlife Service or a trained bat worker should be contacted for advice. It is an offence to intentionally disturb, kill or injure a bat or its resting place, so any work must be carried out with advice and under licence from the NPWS in the Republic of Ireland or the NIEA in Northern Ireland
  2. Established in 1996 by Dr Jane Preston, ATEC is an environmental consultancy firm based in County Down and covering Northern Ireland. ATEC specialise in Environmental Assessments, Protected Species Surveys & Ecological Mitigation Design
  3. Northern Ireland Environment Agency - 0845 302 0008 If you have viewed the survey report and are not happy with how or when the surveys were carried out, you may wish to take a look at the 'BCT Bat Survey Guidelines' to check whether best practice guidance has been followed
  4. Until recently the rare Nathusius pipistrelle was thought to occur only in Northern Ireland but there have been recent reports of the species in the Republic. Bat legislation All bat species in Ireland are protected under both national legislation - (Wildlife Act, 1976, as amended in 2000) and European legislation - (Habitats Directive (92.
  5. This chapter of the Bat Survey Good Practice Guidelines seeks to build on the current European and SNCO Regulations 1994 (as amended). In Northern Ireland, bats are listed under Schedule 2 of the Conservation (Natural Habitats etc) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1995 and in the Republic of Ireland, under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife Act (1976.
  6. Specialists in Conserving bats, Environmental assessments, Mitigation for bats, Wind farm assessment, Planning development, Expert witness. Tweets by BatAuthority Northern Ireland & Ireland.
  7. Carrying out a full bat survey might be justified in these circumstances, and the lack of one might be grounds for objection. The Bat Conservation Trust is a good place to go for more information on this. You should also contact the Local Planning Authority to raise your concerns. The Northern Ireland Bat Group also provides helpful information

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Of these three species, newt surveys are requested most frequently, particularly in Northern Ireland. In particular, the following activities are considered high-risk: In-filling of ponds, drainage ditches or other permanent waterbodies. Drainage or conversion of wetland habitats. Any clearance of undergrowth in high-quality amphibian habitat. Homepage - NM Ecology Ireland. NM Ecology provides. ecological services for. planning consultants, architects and engineers. throughout Ireland and. Northern Ireland. Including a range of Habitat change and management in Northern Ireland in relation to bats. The Northern Ireland Countryside Survey (Cooper et al., 1997) estimated that productive agricultural land accounts for almost 63% of the total land area in Northern Ireland, about half of this being improved grasslands with less than 10% used for arable production, or ploughed Norfolk Bat Survey. Northern Ireland Lowland Breeding Wader Survey. Tawny Owl Calling Survey. Tawny Owl Point Survey. Waterways Breeding Bird Survey. Wetland Bird Survey. Woodcock Survey. 2019 produced a mixed bag for Northern Ireland's seabirds but confirmed the importance of the country's coastline for its 22 breeding seabird species.

Breeding Bird Survey and Wetland Bird Survey; and bat data from the Car-based Monitoring Scheme and the All-Ireland Daubenton's Waterway Survey. Over the last decade, the indicator of butterflies Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland since 2002 and more are planned for coming years The surveys we have been undertaking include electrofishing surveys, kick sampling, freshwater pearl mussel surveys, white-clawed crayfish surveys, river habitat surveys, and chemical water quality surveys. ECOFACT is Ireland's leading independent provider of freshwater ecology surveys, and this is [] Breeding Bird Surveys - Tern Professional, experienced ecologists based in Northern Ireland. Bat Activity Surveys are GUARANTEED* to meet required standards. Get a FREE quote

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Northern Ireland Seabird Report 2020. Volunteer-led monitoring of seabirds was severely impacted by COVID-19 restrictions in 2020, but surveys were able to be carried out by the National Trust and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. These surveys revealed that tern colonies around Northern Ireland had a catastrophic year, with. Become part of the leading professional body representing ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad Find out more Sign up to CIEEM's regular eNews to receive updates direct to your inbox on conferences, training, CIEEM activities, sector news and more Northern Ireland news Key bat habitat 'could be lost' if too much water is drained from reservoir Kilwaughter Lake outside Larne supports bats, swans and breeding otter land survey services and building site services in Northern Ireland. Land Survey Services. Riverview House; 76 Hill Street; Milford; County Armagh; Northern Ireland; BT60 3PB; Phone: +44 (0)28 3752 5045. In Northern Ireland, Leisler's bat is counted instead of noctule and serotine. Data quality. All data were collected using a standardised methodology. Heterodyne detectors are used as this survey method enables a wide range of volunteers to collect data for the purpose of producing species population trends

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  1. Northern Ireland records are from the All-Ireland Waterway Survey run by Bat Conservation Ireland and funded in NI by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency. Geographic Description. UK. The survey collects data using a random stratified sampling approach. Survey coverage is not complete however and is lower in areas with fewer volunteers or.
  2. Bat Survey Season: April - September. The bat survey season began in April and runs until September, during which time bats are dependably active, engaged in foraging and breeding activity. Outside of this period, bats are gearing up for hibernation over the winter and activity surveys are not possible
  3. BOOK YOUR SURVEY. Churton Ecology is a Shropshire-based ecological consultancy offering range of specialist surveys including bat surveys. Churton also provides advice on protected flora and fauna species. Our focus is on ensuring that our clients' projects meet their ecological planning requirements. We prepare, submit and carry out a range.

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Red Squirrel Surveys. Red squirrels and their dreys are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended). It is an offence to intentionally or recklessly kill, injure or take (capture) a red squirrel or to damage or destroy any structure red squirrels use for shelter or protection, and to disturb them while they are occupying their shelter U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service approved for Indiana bat and Northern Long-eared bat surveys in the eastern United States. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Gallery + More Info. OTHER SOFTWARE. Over the years we have written and discovered a wide variety of useful software in all fields of wildlife biology. Bat Call Identification.

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English Winter Bird Survey; European Breeding Bird Atlas 2; Fulmar Study; Garden Bird Feeding Survey; Garden BirdWatch; Gardenwatch; Garden Wildlife Health; Heronries Census; Nesting Neighbours; Nest Record Scheme; Norfolk Bat Survey; Northern Ireland Lowland Breeding Wader Survey; North Wales Urban Gull Survey; Project Owl; Ringing Scheme. Search by polygon. Explore by address, postcode or location. Explore by pre-defined area. Analyse. Get Involved. Submit a sighting - individuals. Share your data - organisations. NBN Atlas Citations. Donate / Support the NBN Atlas and the NBN Trust From the late 1960s to 1998, the Northern Ireland conflict (also known as the Troubles), was a civil war between Irish republican groups, who wanted Northern Ireland to leave the United Kingdom and unite with the Republic of Ireland, and Ulster loyalist groups, who wanted Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK. The origin of the conflict occurred during the Irish revolutionary period of the. A preliminary bat survey will cost around £300, with a full survey of £1,000+ required if this shows bats to be present. A warranty to cover the building work is sensible. Scotland and Northern Ireland. If you are working with a good local designer and builder, they should be able to advise on whether your plans are likely to get.

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Broomrapes of Britain & Ireland gives clear and detailed accounts of all taxa known to have occurred in Britain and Ireland so that they may be identified reliably. The handbook includes an introduction to the Broomrape family, their life-cycle and biology, habitats and ecology as well as past taxonomy. Identification guidance and keys are. The Bat Conservation Trust (BCT) is a registered British charity dedicated to the conservation of bats and their habitats in the UK. BCT was founded in 1991 and is the only national organisation solely devoted to bats. Its vision is a world where bats and people live in harmony

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The Bats of Britain and Ireland. Field / Identification Guide. By: HW Schofield (Author), AJ Mitchell-Jones (Author) 35 pages, colour photos, colour distribution maps. Publisher: Vincent Wildlife Trust. Click to have a closer look. ISBN: 9780946081592 Edition: 6 Paperback Apr 2020 In stock. £7.99 Mitigation. If survey confirms the presence of great crested newts on a site, and the development is considered likely to result in significant adverse impacts on newts and their places of shelter, serious consideration should be given to 'designing out' potential conflicts (e.g. by retaining and protecting key newt-friendly habitat features) both to minimise the impact on newts and reduce. Andrew has been interested in wildlife since an early age and has a particular interest in ornithology. Having worked for the Civil Service and Local Government he had a career change and after gaining a relevant qualification (a BSc (Hons) in Earth and Life Studies from the University of Derby) worked for the RSPB as a field ornithologist in Wales (Black Grouse survey), Northern Ireland. Browse BTO books and guides View BTO publications available directly from BTO and recommended retailers. Fieldguidess for every use, and new books on the best of bird photography and observations on House Martins

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About. With over 20 years of experience in specialist bat surveys and over thirteen years of experience in professional consultancy, CA Ecology offers our clients a full range of ecological surveys, technical advice and support. Based in Overton, near Basingstoke, Hampshire we are well placed to offer services all across the South East, and. The northern long-eared bat is one of the species of bats most impacted by the disease white-nose syndrome. Due to declines caused by white-nose syndrome and continued spread of the disease, the northern long-eared bat was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act on April 2, 2015. We also developed a final 4 (d) rule, which. Our friendly and knowledgeable instructors combine classroom sessions with practical activities; carrying out scoping surveys of trees to build your confidence, skills and knowledge of bats and trees. This course was developed by the Bat Conservation Trust and supported by the Arboricultural Association. It is in line with the British Standard. Sir Bob and Lady Salisbury take you on a tour of their 'Field of Dreams' - Member only event. Wednesday 7 July 2021. Location: Sir Bob Salisbury Field of Dreams, 46 Drumconnelly Road, Omagh, BT78 1RT. More info Costs for bat surveys are worked out in much the same way as for any other professionals working on your project - such as architects, builders, interior designers and planning agents. We have our hourly rates (which vary a bit depending on the level of skill needed for the work, experience of the surveyor or complexity of the survey)

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NORTHERN IRELAND BAT GROUP - www.bats-ni.org.uk . NORTHERN IRELAND WORKING PARTY, UK ENVIRONMENTAL LAW ASSOCIATION (UKELA) GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF IRELAND (GSI) - www.gsi.ie . HEALTH AND SAFETY AUTHORITY - www.has.ie . HERITAGE COUNCIL - www.heritagecouncil.ie For further details and guidance on the protection of bats during development you are referred to Irish Wildlife Manual No 25: Kelleher, C. & Marnell, F. (2006) Bat mitigation guidelines for Ireland. [2,765KB] Article 16 of the Habitats Directive provides for derogations

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spouncerECOLOGY is a dynamic, innovative and independent registered Landscape Practice based in Northern Ireland with an ecological focus to environmental planning and project development throughout the UK. | Biodiversity Checklists, Ecological Consultants, Environmental Consultants, Landscape Desig An ASSI is the Northern Ireland equivalent of an SSSI. This is an area designated by Northern Ireland Environment Agency in order to protect the best examples of Northern Ireland's flora, fauna, or geological or physiographical features. They work to raise standards and advocate best practice, including the publication of Bat Surveys. The problem England population 1,500. In 2005, just six breeding populations were known. Although we have a useful method to survey for Bechstein's bat, it involves attracting and trapping individuals by means of an acoustic lure. Conventional monitoring with a bat detector is difficult because it is hard to distinguish Bechstein's bats from other closely [ All bat species are protected under European legislation (Habitats Directive, 1992), under the Irish Wildlife Act 1976 in Ireland and under the Wildlife (Northern Ireland) Order 1985. Common species include P. pipistrellus and P. pygmaeus , both found in urban and rural areas across Ireland ( Roche et al., 2014 ) (Unpublished Report) Geological Survey of Northern Ireland Open File Reports, vol. 68 McKay, S. 1987: The Chemical Differentiation of Carbonate Aquifers in the Karst of North-West Ireland, with a view to predicting the type and length of cave system under Belmore Mountain

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