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UCAS points A-Level. If you have taken the same subject for AS and A-Level, universities and colleges will tend to only count the A-Level - the more advanced qualification is the one that is counted. AS levels still count! But they are now only worth as close to 40% as possible of the full A level As it currently stands, the points achievable for each A-Level are as follows: A* grade is worth 56 points. A grade is worth 48 points. B grade is worth 40 points. C grade is worth 32 points. D grade is worth 24 points. E grade is worth 16 points UCAS Tariff tables Tariff points for entry to higher education from 2020 November 2019 . These Tariff points are used for applications submitted for the 2020 admissions cycle onwards (i.e. for students A level and AS qualifications.

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An NUS Card is a form of student identification and can be used to find discounts from certain shops or restaurants. If you are ever applying for a student TV License or need to provide evidence for student council tax exemption, then the NUS Card can often be used for evidence in these cases, they will likely also ask you for your NUS extra. UCAS Tariff - 32 - 40 points. 32 UCAS points from the equivalent of one A Level or 40 UCAS points from the equivalent of two A Levels. A level - C - DE. In addition we require applicants to hold GCSE English Language Grade C or 4 and GCSE Maths Grade D or 4 or equivalent qualifications The points tariff for each exam level and attainment band is shown in the table below. See also the UCAS tariff tables document (number 4 in the Useful Information section, page 76 of the document): Grade bands: 8-10 (Grade 8), 6-8 (Grade 7), 4-6 (Grade 6), 3-11 (Intermediate), 4-12 (Advanced Foundation A = 48 UCAS points. B = 40 UCAS points. C = 32 UCAS points. D = 24 UCAS points. E = 16 UCAS points. It's important to note that although A-Levels are some of the most common qualifications to earn in post-sixteen study, there are a whole range of ways to earn UCAS points from other qualifications, including BTECs and IB AS-levels/UCAS points. A= 60. B = 50. C = 40. D = 30. E = 20. If an AS and A-level has been taken in the same subject, the AS points should not be added to the A-level ones: simply count them from the highest level you have achieved. Not all universities or colleges use the UCAS points system to determine entry, but will simply specify which.

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The Tariff score allocated to T Levels aligns to the standard confirmed by the Department for Education. Further information on this can be found on the Department for Education's website. The Tariff points allocated for each overall grade are as follows: UCAS Tariff points. T Level overall grade. 168 UCAS Tariff points from passes in at least two A2 Levels (or equivalent qualifications). For some courses it may be necessary for applicants to have passed qualifications in specific subjects. Please see individual course requirements on our course pages for more information The new UCAS Tariff is based on a new approach using a qualification's size and grades to calculate total tariff points. Level 3 to level 5** in the HKDSE are deemed comparable to grades E to A* in GCE A level examination. Level 5** in Category A Senior Secondary subjects is awarded the highest possible 56 points Calculating your UCAS points In September 2017, UCAS introduced an updated Tariff system to calculate UCAS points for new university applicants. You can use the tables below to work out your UCAS tariff points. If you have any questions about how to calculate your UCAS tariff points, please contact taster@teachfirst.org.uk. A/AS Level

A-Levels aren't usually multiple choice but they can be an easy way to boost your UCAS points tally! (Image by F1 Digitals from Pixabay) You don't even need to do a full A-Level to benefit your UCAS application. Even doing an AS Level will gain you valuable UCAS tariff points. The UCAS points available for an AS Level are as follows: A: 20 points As a collaboration between the MOE and UCLES, the Singaporean A level is a different version of the international A level. Under the curriculum candidates select subjects from three levels of study Higher 1 (H1), Higher 2 (H2) and Higher 3 (H3). H1 is broadly equivalent to AS and H2 to A level. H3 subjects are taken as an extension to H2 level. Grade boundaries for the A level are defined in relation to the total available UMS points to help ensure consistent understanding of requirements over time. A* at A level requires at least 80% of available UMS for all units, including at least 90% of available UMS in A2 units. A at A level requires 80% of available UMS One qualification should be in a relevant subject. • BBC from 3 A Levels. • A minimum of Distinction and 2 Merits (DMM) from an Extended Diploma or a Merit from a UAL Extended Diploma. • 112 UCAS points from a recognised Access to Higher Education course specialising in art and design with a minimum of 45 credits at level 3 Haven't met the conditions of your offer or applied for a course? Enter Clearing via UCAS. This is a great opportunity to find a course option that is right for you

UCAS Points AS Level. Although all universities will look at your grades and your personal statement to help them decide whether to offer you a place some universities may also use the UCAS tariff points system. If they do use this system then you will need to get a minimum amount of points to be able to be considered for a place You get UCAS points when you pass a qualification like an A-level - the number of points you get depends on the grade you achieve. It's easy to work out how many UCAS points you have or can expect to get. We've made a really handy calculator to help you do just that! Our nifty online tool will take your grades and automatically figure out.

How many Ucas points do I need? If you know your predicted grades (or you can guess), you can calculate your Ucas points here for each of your A-level, Higher or BTEC courses. Add them up to find out how many Ucas points you'll obtain. This total is what universities will look for when they set entry requirements and make you an offer BTEC level 3 courses are the same level as A levels, are more vocationally focused than A levels, and include real-life practical tasks and work experiences. Importantly if you are thinking about going to university you earn UCAS tariff points, depending on the grades you get, in the same way as you do with A levels, and can go on to study a. It provides a level 3 qualification and was mainly created for students to take alongside A-levels, Scottish highers and other further education qualifications between the ages of 16 and 18. It will give you 16 UCAS points. Remember, that's compared with 20 points for an A-grade AS level, or 58 points for an A-level at A* grade The UCAS Tariff is used to assign a points value to certain qualifications in the UK. These are usually qualifications studied after the age of 16 like A Levels or the Scottish Higher. A set number of points are given to every grade it's possible to get from each qualification, making it easier to evaluate and compare different types of. That AS-level qualification for the subject you've dropped is still important in its own way. Whatever Ucas points this translates to may still contribute to the total points you apply to university with. AS-levels are now equal to 40% of an A-level. See what your AS and A-level grades (predicted or expected) translate to in Ucas points

Hi all, I am in the process of making applications for winter Vac Schemes, albeit a limited number of firms offer them. I am terribly keen on some of the magic circle firms but am conscious that 128 UCAS points (3 A-levels consisting of an A* and an A) does not meet their minimum criteria The Advanced FSMQ, Additional Mathematics, is worth UCAS points for university admissions, and introduces students to the power and elegance of advanced mathematics. Also, how many UCAS points do you get for core maths? It is a level 3 qualification, in terms of UCAS points is worth 40% of an A-level e.g

However Unis can also ask for a tariff to be met which is determined by the number of UCAS points you achieve by the end of the 2 years course. Its goes like this: A (Full A-level)= 120pts, B (Full A-Level)= 100pts, C (Full A-Level)= 80pts decreasing by 20 pts each time with each subsequent decrease in the grade The advantage of a UCAS points calculator. Apply to Uni has its own UCAS Points C alculator on the site.. You type in the subject of the course you are taking, choose the course from the drop down box, add your attained or predicted grade and click on the calculate button

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Ucas points, or Tariff value, translates your qualifications into a numerical value that can then be compared to other courses and totalled up alongside your other A-levels and qualifications The number of UCAS points awarded to all qualifications has changed. This includes A levels, AS levels and Trinity qualifications. For example, an A* at A level was worth 140 points under the old UCAS Tariff, but will be worth 56 points under the new system Roughly equivalent to UK A-level, but worth more UCAS points Scotland Advanced Highers 85% and above 70%-84% 60%-69% 50%-59% 45%-49% Scotland.

UCAS Points UCAS tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value, which some universities, colleges, and conservatoires may refer to in their course entry requirements. If students took their Grade 6 and/or Intermediate from 1st September 2010 (when the qualification was transferred to the Qualifications and Credit. The results of AQA Tech level qualifications are reported to UCAS through Awarding Body Linkage (ABL). View the results available through ABL. Certificates are issued to candidates once all components are completed. High-level qualification results data is published on the AQA website shortly after results day

Average UCAS points for an Oxford new student Access course UCAS points DofE = UCAS points? How do some students get 540 UCAS points? Do universities lower their grade requirements in clearing? show 10 more EPQ - Include EPQ Ucas points when applying for a job? Can someone confirm something for me? Is 4 A* at A-Level the norm for Cambridge. A Level UCAS points. GCE AS & AS VCE: A*: 140: A: 120: 110: B: 100: 90: C: 80: 70: D: 60: 50: E: 40: So 3 As at A level equate to 360 points. 3 A*s at A level equate to 420 points. An international baccalaureate score of 29 or more equates to 3 As at A level. Is this correct? Who knows. Life was so much easier 20 years ago with just A levels to. Well if you have an A level in Human Biology at a grade B then you'd get 100 UCAS points. If that's not what you're asking, then I don't get the question! 0. reply. spamking Badges: 13. Rep:? #4 Report Thread starter 12 years ago #4 (Original post by georgia) Well if you have an A level in Human Biology at a grade B then you'd get 100 UCAS.

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  1. UCAS Tariff points, a system that is sometimes used by universities or colleges for entry level requirement has changed. The new method of calculating has been adapted to include a wider range of vocational, international and reformed alternative qualifications, and provides a broader and more impartial ground for the calculation of UCAS Tariff points
  2. What are the UCAS Points for a Foundation Degree? The UCAS Tariff Points for a Foundation Degree are all depdent on how you do in the specific modules of each course. The Foundation Degree is graded in the same way a normal A-Level would be, which is as follows: A * = 56 points; A = 48 points; B = 40 points; C = 32 points; D = 24 points; E = 16.
  3. LAMDA and UCAS Points. As the table below shows there is now a big incentive for any student, whether they are studying Drama at school or not, to do a LAMDA exam. A young person can take a Grade 6 (sometimes as young as 13) and earn 12 UCAS points. By the time they do a Grade 8 they can earn nearly the equivalent of an A-Level (30 UCAS points)

The new tariff points are considerably less than the previous year's i.e. 112 instead of 280, This is because the new UCAS tariff points system is based on much lower numbers. For example, an A* at A level gets 140 points under the old UCAS tariff and will get 56 points under the new UCAS tariff point system UCAS points. Trinity College London's Level 3 qualifications (Grades 6-8) in music performance and theory are included in the UK Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) tariff, and attract UCAS points for university and higher education entry. UCAS has introduced a revised points tariff for courses starting from September 2017 onwards A T-level pass will either give students 72 or 96 Ucas points. Two students could both achieve a pass in their overall T level, but one could be given 72 Ucas points and the other 96. The difference comes in the core component: if a student has a B or C in the core, they will be assigned 96 Ucas points (which is equivalent to 3Cs at A level)

The best UCAS points tariff calculator for uni applications, based on A-Levels, AS, SQA, BTEC, IB (international Baccalaureate), music, and more. UCAS Calculator Calculate your UCAS points score and find the best and most relevant courses for you DfE equivalences published in the 16-19 Accountability Measures indicate that 45 points is equivalent to 5 A* at A Level, 24 points is equivalent to 5 Ds. In the higher level individual courses 7 is equivalent to A Level A* and 3 equivalent to E. In the standard level individual courses, 7 is equivalent to AS Level A and 3 equivalent to E Entry requirements range from 16 and 96 UCAS points (E - AA-ADD) at A-Level or P - MMM-DD at BTEC level 3 extended diploma. They are ideal for those who didn't get the grades for entry onto a degree or for mature students looking to re-enter higher education. After completing a foundation degree, students can progress onto further years of a. Grade D - 15 UCAS points. Advanced Highers. Grade A - 56 UCAS points. Grade B - 48 UCAS points. Grade C - 40 UCAS points. Grade D - 32 UCAS points. To calculate your full UCAS score just simply add up all the grades, so if you are expecting ABC at A-Level then you will get 120 UCAS points

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There are many different ways of achieving 120 UCAS Tariff points. Some of the most common ways are: 3 A-levels - Grades BBB, or A*CC. 2 A-levels plus 2 AS - Grades BB+aa, or AB+bb. 2 A-levels plus 1 AS plus Extended Project - Grades BB+b+A, or AB+b+C. 1 A-level plus BTEC Diploma - Grades A+DM, or D+DD. BTEC Extended Diploma - Grades DDM Consideration of the UCAS Tariff points available for GCE A Level and Pre-U qualifications broadly recognises these equivalencies but we would note that, at equivalent standards, the Pre-U tariffs are slightly higher. Cambridge Pre-U Principal Subjects are slightly bigger than an A Level in terms of size (380 guided learning hours as opposed to. Broadly comparable to RQF Level 3 and SCQF Level 6/7 qualifications. Regarded as similar level to the UK qualification benchmark of GCE AS. Institutions wishing to accept the Gaokao for direct entry to the first year of undergraduate programmes may want to consider a very high score (above 85%) in addition to a very high English level UCAS Tariff - 72 - 80 points. 72-80 points to include 2 A levels or equivalent, with 32 points in a pure Science subject. All shortlisted applicants are subject to interview. Applicants must pass Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and Occupational Health checks before starting the course D*D* = 112. D*D = 104. DD = 96. DM = 80. MM = 64. MP = 48. PP = 32. We haven't included all of the qualifications that can be converted into UCAS points, but you can find them here. Bear in mind that some universities won't recognise some qualifications, or might specify exactly what qualifications and grades you will need, regardless of.

96 UCAS Points from a minimum of 2 A Levels (or equivalent), including grade C in English Language or English Literature. Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma (first teaching from September 2016) 96 UCAS Tariff points acquired from BTEC Level 3 Diplomas in a related subject are accepted. Access to HE Diploma. UCAS Tariff Points accepted Grade UCAS Tariff Points Level Compulsory Extended Remarks Part Part 5** 65 80 • 145 points (65+80) for 5** in both compulsory and 5* 60 70 extended parts - slightly higher than grade A* in 5 45 60 GCE A level examination • 120 points (60+60) for 5* in 4 35 50 the compulsory part and 5. UCAS tariff changes made in 2017. In 2017, UCAS made changes to their tariff for students entering Higher Education. These are now the tariff points offered to A-level, BTEC and International Baccalaureate grades Our Level Three qualifications (that's Grades 6 and up) are included in the UCAS Tariff. This means that if you pass those exams you can claim points to help you with university entry in the UK. If you've taken exams from different syllabi, UCAS points can even be stacked to gain more points For example, an A* at A-level is worth 56 UCAS points, an A 48, a B 40 and so on. For the IB, a score of 45 equals 720 UCAS points, a score of 40 is 611 points, a score of 35 is 501 etc. Personal details. Once logged into Apply, applicants complete a number of personal details - including their current qualifications, employment and.

UCAS Tariff. To help you understand what UCAS points are equivalent to, in terms of grades, we have created the webpage below with some examples of grades from popular qualifications. Please see the UCAS points you want to achieve to see what grades you will need. The full UCAS tariff can be found on the UCAS website An A Level grade A* gets 56 points in comparison with 140 before. The value of the Cambridge Technical and the A Level is the same. For help and support for Level 3 Cambridge Technicals students and completing their UCAS application forms, please visit our dedicated webpage UCAS tariff points have changed for entry to Higher Education in 2017 and beyond. All qualifications in the new system carry far fewer points than was previously the case. All qualifications have been reassessed by UCAS and had a new rating applied

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  1. Learn from experts in medicine, science & health at the UK's specialist health university. Register your details if you'd like to be kept up-to-date on Clearing for 2021 entry
  2. To view course-specific entry requirements, please visit the relevant course page on the UCAS website or find your course on the Solent University website. UCAS also have a tariff calculator to help you calculate your points. If you require any more information please contact admissions@solent.ac.uk
  3. The total number of UCAS points available for each full A level therefore = 120. In the table below there are some combinations which people in the real world actually get. A key point to note about the table below is that not all points combinations are regarded in the same way by the institutions you are applying to
  4. Minimum 10 A-level points. 160 UCAS points. York. AAB-ABB. York St. John. 200 UCAS points. Comments. Sign in | Recent Site Activity | Report Abuse | Print Page | Powered By Google Sites.
  5. I don't have any official transcripts of my A-level marks - can employers with certain requirements get them from UCAS? Yet another thing I'm now regretting about being a lazy arrogant teenager is mucking up my A-levels thinking that if I did a degree, only my degree marks would count

Ucas tariff points or a level grades Watch. Announcements Get prepared for Results Day - download our template now >> start new discussion reply. Page 1 of 1. Go to first unread UCAS points calculator for old A-Levels Related articles. Applying to. What happens to the UCAS points I got from AS if I fail A2? A-Level Hinduism UCAS points Btec and as level grades together Can you do a level 3 BTEC extended diploma in 1 year? Is a level 3 Subsidiary and Extended City and Guilds Diploma A-Level Equivalents Under the new UCAS system starting in 2017, an A* grade at A Level is worth 56 points, while an A is worth 48, a B is worth 40, a C is worth 32, a D is 24, and a E is worth 16; so a university may instead demand that an applicant achieve 112 points, instead of the equivalent offer of B-B-C. This allows greater flexibility to students, as 112. For example, an A* at A-Level will give you 56 UCAS points, while a B would give you 40 UCAS points. So, good grades at A-Level, can often be the only type of qualification that is necessary for you to gain enough points to meet your University's requirements (though if you have the chance to gain some additional points from other activities.

If you are applying to a RG Uni, then A level grades are what matter. Ucas points are only relevant to the less sought after unis. What jeane said. Although the EPQ is well regarded and may result in a fractionally lower offer, only one grade though, for applicants with decent and relevant EPQ However, unlike AS Levels in the old modular courses, they are now worth only 40% as many UCAS points as a full A Level (from 50% in the modular courses), as content from the second year of A Level is considered more academically challenging than that of the first year. As these reforms took place in stages, many students took a combination of. The UCAS points are from 3 A-levels together with either 1 AS-level or Extended Project Qualification (typical offer BCC, including Grade C in History at A-level, plus a C in either an AS or EPQ). Surely in that case you would need BBCc BTEC V A Levels and UCAS points. DD is currently trying to decide between a Level 3 BTEC extended Diploma in Photography (grotty college but fab and well equiped course) or A levels in Photography,Media and Textiles. (Amazing college, but poorer art facilities and broader subjects than she would like

Calculating your UCAS points. If you're not sure if your A level or BTEC grades meet the entry requirements or you've studied other qualifications, you can see if you'll meet the entry requirements by calculating your UCAS points. This system assigns points to the qualifications you can study after the age of 16 UCAS tariff points table for A-levels, AS levels and BTECs in 202

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UCAS Points Scottish Highers. If you've studied in Scotland you might be wondering how having grades from another country affects your chance of getting into UK universities. Don't worry, the UCAS points system will make sure that your qualifications are recognised on the same level as other post-GCSE qualifications Level 3 qualifications in any subject(s) that equate to 64 UCAS points (or a full level 4 or 5 qualification) - these points could be from your A Levels, Level 3 Diplomas and International Baccalaureate to name a few. Level 3 (Advanced) Apprenticeships will also satisfy the Level 3 requirement This is a fully recognised AQA A Level Biology course and you can earn up to 56 UCAS points in support of your application for higher education. If you're interested in learning more about biology but you're looking for a more flexible approach to learning that fits around your busy schedule, this is the ideal course for you Half-GCSE points equivalents and rules for calculating the percentage of GCSE candidates achieving 5+ A*-C grades,GNVQ intermediate and foundation, GCSE national average points per pupil,Student Performance Analysis, examination results service, A level UCAS points

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  1. As with GCSE grades, A-Level grades form part of the selection criteria for many firms. We look for around 340 UCAS points as a benchmark and use a contextualised recruitment system to understand each candidate's achievements in the context in which they have been gained
  2. To provide another example, grades ABC or AAD still equate to 120 UCAS Tariff points. If you are undertaking a combination of A-levels and other level 3 equivalent qualifications, we will use the Tariff points calculator to convert your qualifications and grades into points
  3. The tables show the number of UCAS tariff-points Level 3 BTEC Nationals that will be awarded on applications for 2017 submissions onwards. A new UCAS tariff has been introduced for HE courses starting in 2017. The UCAS tariff-points for the BTEC Nationals are aligned with A levels in exactly the same way as they were previously on the old tariff
  4. AS teenagers get their 2019 A-level results TODAY, they may need to use the Ucas points calculator to see if they can get into uni. The handy tool converts grades into points

Level 3 qualifications where the grades total 120 UCAS points or higher. Your Tariff Points can be made up of a number of different types of qualifications. Please utilise the UCAS calculation tool to help you Different A-Level grades are converted into different numbers of UCAS points in the following ratio: A* grade - 56 UCAS points; A grade - 48 UCAS points

UCAS Points Calculator. Working out your UCAS points can be a pain - especially when you have different types of qualifications. Luckily, our calculator is here to help. Just add your qualifications and let our UCAS Calculator do the maths! Select an Qualfication A level A level (9 unit award) A level Double Award AS AS Double award Pearson. UCAS Tariff points translate your qualifications and grades into a numerical value, depending on the level of qualification and the grade you achieved. Most - but not all - qualifications have a tariff value Performance Arts Award's Level 3 (Grade 6, 7 & 8) Examinations carry UCAS points, enabling them to help with entry to university. The following is a list of all our Performance Arts qualifications which carry UCAS points: Musical Theatre Grade 6. Musical Theatre Grade 7. Musical Theatre Grade 8. Jazz Dance Grade 6. Jazz Dance Grade 7

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  1. imum of 104 points from the UCAS Tariff (at least 88 points must be obtained from qualifications with the volume and depth of A level or equivalent).' In this case, 88 UCAS tariff points could come from GCE A Levels or equivalent qualifications, the remaining 16 points could come from Key.
  2. UCAS points allow universities to be able to compare points that are indicating different qualifications set by UCAS points tariff. Around a third of the courses are known to make reference to the tariff. It is noteworthy to include that not all of your qualifications gain UCAS points. In fact, in a lot of the cases, only the top level.
  3. Solution Banks for A-level Maths. Past GCSE/IGCSE and A-level papers. Revision. Revision notes, key points, worksheets and questions by topic from past papers. Maths | Physics. Biology | Chemistry. Economics | Geography. English | Psychology. Computer Science. University Admissions. Guidance on UCAS applications and resources for admissions.
  4. Changes to the BTEC UCAS points in 2011. Firstly, there was a new grade introduced, the D* or Distinction* grade, to match the new A* A-level grade which was first introduced in 2008. This means that there are now four grades of BTEC that qualify for BTEC UCAS points, ranging from D*, through distinction and merit to a simple pass
  5. d that universities will take your entire application into account - including your personal statement
  6. Official Edexcel Politics A Level. Gain up to 56 UCAS points to help you land your dream place at university. Same course as sixth form or college. Enrol today and start your studies straight away. Full tutor support. Study at your own pace. Choose to include exams and fieldwork and save up to £400 *. Study A Level Politics from the comfort of.
  7. UCAS A-LEVEL POINTS. UCAS A-Level Points are what UCAS use to convert grades into numerical points as part of the UCAS application process. Find out why universities use UCAS A-Level points here. UCAS A Level Points
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The UCAS Tariff was designed to allocate points to a number of post-16 qualifications used for entry to higher education. Universities and colleges want to attract the best students, so the UCAS Tariff allows them to make comparisons across a wide range of qualifications, and find out the academic abilities of every applicant The standard minimum requirement is 34 points overall, with a combined score of 16 achieved in three higher level subjects with no grade lower than five. However, many of our programmes have higher entry requirements than this. Requirements for specific programmes can be found on our degree pages The government uses the Ucas A-level points system in its secondary school performance tables and has no plans to change it. Mr Higgins said: The current A-level points scoring system is a crude. UCAS Tariff Points A level BTEC equivalents; BTEC and UCAS points. In applications submitted for 2017 admissions onwards, the new Level 3 BTEC Nationals will qualify for the following UCAS tariff points. Extended Diploma . Calculate Your Entry Requirements

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