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Database of clinical cases cured with homeopathic remedies. Nearly 2000 cases published! Professional homeopaths are requested to send their cases for publication to us at mail@hpathy.com Revisiting: Tearing My Hair Out Case Quizes - . The first quiz in this list is usually unsolved and may have a prize associated with it. Quizzes that start with the word revisiting have the answer at the bottom. Solve these case quizzes to improve your clinical skills. Let the learning GAME begin Homeopath Tana Artus shares a case of tonsillitis that resolved rapidly with the simillimum Tidbits 34-Homeopathy: Case-Solving Acute Prescribing in Homeopathy-Even You Can Learn to Do It! Acute vs. Chronic Remedies, the Hierarchy of Symptoms, and the Kitchen Sin

Dosing In Acute Cases. What potency should we use? How often can it be repeated? Click below: Dosing In Acute Cases: How Often to Take the Remedy and in What Potency Acute Case Questionnaire. If you have an acute case, homeopaths require specific, and often unusual, information. What you tell your doctor won't help you here. That is why I always insist that if you want my help, you must fill out the questionnaire. Here it is now (click below) A CASE OF ENHANCING LESION - HEAD OF PANCREAS. April 17, 2021 by DR.SAPTARSHI BANERJEA. Dr. Saptaeshi Banerjea shares a case or tumor of the head of the pancreas, successfully treated with homeopathy A CASE OF ENHANCING LESION - HEAD OF PANCREAS. April 17, 2021 by DR.SAPTARSHI BANERJEA. april-2021-saptarshi-banerjea-pancreas.ppt A picture is worth 1,000 words! The following cases of mine have before-and-after pictures, click on the links below: Fire Ant Bites! https://hpathy.com/clinical.

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  1. ars & Events Calendar. ADD NEW SEMINAR —- GUIDE FOR ADDING A NEW SEMINAR —- PROMOTE YOUR SEMINAR. Change the month and year to see events in a particular month/year. Click on a se
  2. Powerpoint presentations take more time to load than articles, so please be patient. Slide cursor on right or scroll to advance the presentation
  3. Also, it will serve as a free resource to learn homeopathy online. The best homeopathy books from our master homeopaths like Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Allen, Hering, Farrigton, Kent, Tyler, Boericke, Dewey, Phatak etc are already here. Much more is on its way
  4. A Case of Joint Pains. February 19, 2019 February 18, 2019 by DR.SAPTARSHI BANERJEA. Powerpoint presentations take more time to load than articles, so please be patient. Cllick the four arrows in the upper R. corner to open. Slide cursor on right to advance the presentation
  5. Hpathy.com. Today at 12:13 AM. Homeopath Shirin Akhavi shares a story of her dental implant and ho w homeopathy relieved pain, restored emotional balance and facilitated healing in record time.. See More
  6. Stenosis Case hpathy Feeling glad to share that my article (case study) has been published in world's most leading homeopathy portal resource center which provides services to millions of homeopathic doctors, students and patients around the world
  7. I write for the hpathy.com monthly ezine called Homeopathy 4 Everyone. (Please go to hpathy.com and subscribe-it's free!) One of my columns every month is a case quiz. Readers are asked to guess the remedy; the answer appears in the next issue as: Revisiting: [last month's quiz].


A Case of Cortisonum (The language of Sarcodes, Homeopahic Links, Spring-2010) (D: = Doctor, myself. P: = Patient. HG = Hand Gesture. My comments and my thought Processes during case taking are presented as follows: ( comments ) . The analysis for sensations and levels are presented as: [ analysis ] . The Materia Medica part of the Lesser Writings, Clinical Cases, New Remedies, Aphorisms and Precepts by J.T. Kent (1849-1916). These writings have been condensed from letters, published articles, and lectures. A short Materia Medica with work on philosophy and application of homoeopathy. Originally published in 1926. This volume is published at the request of many of Dr Kent's admirers from. 2 Generations of Homeopathic Doctors successfully serving people with Homeopathic Treatment since past 30 years in Bareilly. Our aim is to only provide people with Honest Result Oriented Treatment & Authentic Information. There has been a lot of false, imperfect & Fraudulent information about Homeopathic Treatment on internet Homeopath Mike Andrews shares his experience with the sarcode Placenta Humanum in cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder. It can be indicated for sleeping disorders with children who want to be in a parent's bed, don't sleep without mummy and wake up frequently, among numerous other symptoms. 33 2 Share

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Hpathy.com, Jaipur City, India. 34,413 likes · 69 talking about this. Hpathy.com is the world's leading Homeopathy Portal. With the largest number of unique services and content, millions of users,.. The cases will be given in audio form, whereas the analysis of the case in video form. The students shall have the possibility to see the complete program within a time period of 24 months. In case they fail to watch the complete program within the aforementioned deadline, the access to the program will be suspended A collection of homeopathic materia medica books. Read online homeopathy encyclopedias from Allen and Hering, pure materia medica from Hahnemann, Hering etc and derived medicine books from James Tyler Kent, M.L. Tyler, Phatak, Boericke, Nash, Allen and many others Dec 31, 2009 · Hpathy.com is an open movement. It is being developed by an open international team of homeopaths. If you think you can contribute to this movement by sharing your articles and cases or if your want to join the Hpathy-Team, do write to us at [email protected] DA: 10 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 59. Hpathy.com Go UR 17B, 17th Floor, Hart House, 12-14 Hart Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong. Phone: +852 6464 3584. email: [email protected

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