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A toxic person's personality is so revolting that the people who have to deal with them suffer and become rude in response to putting up with so much abuse. Tim's daughter was in a baseball league, and he would take her to games and watch her from the bleachers. One of the parents who attended was toxic and rude and wouldn't shut up The right comeback will make you come across as intelligent. It will remind your enemies not to mess with you. It will make you appear strong. Of course, you can also use funny insults on your best friends when they're being a little too annoying. Here are the 80+ best insults to destroy your enemies, or more importantly, your best friends 19 Smart-Ass Insults To Destroy Your Worst Enemies & More Importantly, Your Best Friends. There are a few things that pretty much every person on earth wants to be, but at the top of the list. That obviously doesn't mean profanity is useless, because swear words sure as shit serve a good fucking purpose when hurling around bitchy insults. This just goes to show that they aren't 100% necessary when completely destroying a man's soul with the turn of a phrase. So without further ado, here are the most savage insults a man can say Sick Burns: The 100 Greatest Insults Of All Time. An Open Letter To Everyone Shouting About Their Political Views On Facebook. 180 Best Insults to Destroy Your Enemies. How To Deal With A Terrible First Date. 180+ Love Messages for a Wife Because She Deserves to Feel Loved

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Discuss the head-on best insults. Maintain your sense of good roasts. 3. What is the best insult? An insult is a disrespectful or disrespectful expression or statement (or sometimes behavior). Best Insults can be intentional or accidental. Good roasts could be factual, but pejorative at the same time, like the word 'inbred.' 4 From popular twitch streamers to your normal everyday gamer, gamer culture is more than toxic. It can be absolutely abysmal. We can cite popular youtubers and streamers saying slurs as horrendous as the n-word slur, such as THE most subscribed to youtuber in the world, Pewdiepie The hottest, most baddest insult doing the rounds right now, 'Rust Lord' is inspired by Fortnite, the battle royale behemoth, played by pretty anybody and everybody.. The game has even infiltrated pop culture, with Antoine Griezmann, the Atletico Madrid forward regularly 'taking the L' and mainstream news outlets claiming Fortnite is pretty much liquefying our brains I cannot count the number of times that toxic teammates shouted insults over the microphone or through text, because I chose Lucio rather than Pharah or vice verse. Are you a toxic gamer? I believe that most toxic gamers know who they are, but just in case you are unsure, we have put together a few characteristics to help you identify yourself

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The leader of the tribe took them to the caves, where he said Inside the first, there are three bottles of rum, each 100 years old and said to be toxic. You have to drink one each. In the second is a lion with a thorn in his foot Read on to learn some of the best roasts and insults that will get you through a day where you don't feel like being as sweet as a Georgia peach. 1. If I throw a stick, will you leave? 2. You're a gray sprinkle on a rainbow cupcake. 3. If your brain was dynamite, there wouldn't be enough to blow your hat off. 4 Toxic Game and racist insults. Carlosylu Member Posts: 2,879. August 2020 edited August 2020 in General Discussions. The game went on and EVERY ONE of the survivors teabagged me at EVERY thing they did, either if it was a pallet drop, pallet stun, a gen popping in my face, etc. They did the flashlight CLICKY CLIC CLIC thing too ALL the time Probably the oldest inspiration for insults is to poke fun at the other person's unfortunate physical appearance. #7 Don't ever wear a burlap sack on your head, people won't be able to tell where the sack started and where your face ended.. #8 You won't be able to get a dime prostitute on half-price day. #9 Nice face Toxic people like to get others to agree with them. Like the story of the spider and the fly, they want to draw you into their mean spirited gossip and backbiting. It's easy to be drawn into this scheme. But rise above their toxic attitudes. When they spew their poisonous words, take a deep breath, and respond in a positive, firm way

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  1. g's toxic men are often keen to display offensive opinions about women and people of color. Carolyn Petit ( Petit is a pro
  2. g industry, especially online ga
  3. 7 Signs You're Not a Toxic Gamer. Published on October 25, 2017 by III Strife. The Maternal Insult is­n't some­thing just gamers use. Much like cer­tain ep­i­thets, it's been used for so long be­cause it is ef­fec­tive at get­ting peo­ple angry

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A mystery adventure game set in 1960s West Germany took home the top prize at this year's German Computer Game Awards. The award is the most important prize in Germany's gaming industry. (10.04.2019 7 Types of Toxic Players That Can Ruin Your Game. If you have never encountered a toxic player in Dota 2, you probably have been playing some other game. There are so many people out there that can't contain their anger or at least voice it correctly, that toxicity has become an endless source of jokes and memes Trash talk and competition When I was a young gamer, playing console games with the kids on my block, I remember we would play games against each other and talk trash. It was all in good fun and we would tease each other for an especially poor match. Insults vs Insights: how toxic talk hurts the video game community. Posted by Andrew. Liliana Braumberger is a 32-year-old who works as an IT analyst. Like Van Deventer, her favourite online multiplayer is Team Fortress 2, a game she admits to sinking 700 hours into over the past.

Mortal Gaming is playing PUBG MOBILE. August 30, 2020 ·. TOXIC ATTITUDE GIRLS SQUAD INSULTS ME AS NOOB | I SHOWED THEM WHO IS THE BOSS. <3 <3. 1V3 TDM Back in the days of Halo: Combat Evolved, I would engage in all sorts of trash talk, insults, bragging, and what have you. I was not the best of players, but I was pretty good and held my own most matches. Many others did the same. Thing was, it w.. Top 10 Best Insults, Disses, and Burns. The Top Ten. 1 You must have been born on a highway, because that's where most accidents happen. I'm going to so use this one! This one of the BEST I've heard so far. The thing is... The person's (who you are dissing) friend could say: Yeah, she was, that's why she's on the fast lane In Korea, game publisher Blizzard recently banned more than 18,000 Overwatch accounts for toxic behavior. Those bans often come with an end date, however, and further recourse is, pervasively, far. Buy funny your bad your dogwater toxic gaming insult troll shirt Tank Top: Shop top fashion brands Tanks & Camis at Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchase

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  1. Game Insults and Other You are the worst kind of toxic. Starting an altercation and then reporting them when they defend themselves or fire back. If I was the moderator and you sent this in, you would be the one receiving the temporary ban for wasting time and resources. I've had a lot of toxic and hate tells that were unprovoked and I just.
  2. Over the past few months, I can recall at least 10 to 20 different insults, just off the top of my head, that talk about women in a negative light, such as crazy b*tch, butter face, fattie, and others. While women bear the biggest brunt of the insult game, men have been called their fair share too, such as sissy, pervert, douchebag, and more
  3. As far as the communities toxic chat habits go, many times the insults take the form of personal messages post-game. Small voice clips or text bursts insulting the player's ability to perform in.
  4. What hurling insults reveals about the Verbal Abuser is you already won whatever the imaginary argument or game they played with you in their head. Once they open their mouths or type hateful remarks, know bullies are social con artists who are already a giant loser in their own head
  5. ute training session in the video game to.
  6. These jokes are funny insults for friends! Be very careful who you tell an insult joke to or you may end up really offending someone or even worse, you may end up with a black eye after telling a funny mean joke! We recommend telling them to friends who have a good sense of humour. Now, into the good disses, diss jokes and funny roasts to say..

Yes. You would think that Pokémon Go would attract only nice people, but I have been accused of wanting to murder children who were not present because my social phobia was triggered when I got left out of a raid. I have observed a man verbally ab.. Funny Insults. Light-hearted funny insults written to be purposely less disrespectful while still good to roast your friends with. Use these savage insults in a friendly manor to diss your friends without being too serious! If laughter is the best medicine, your face must be curing the world. You're so ugly, you scared the crap out of the toilet Quotes tagged as insults Showing 1-30 of 280. You speak an infinite deal of nothing.. What's the worst possible thing you can call a woman? Don't hold back, now. You're probably thinking of words like slut, whore, bitch, cunt (I told you not to hold back!), skank. Okay, now, what are the worst things you can call a guy This isn't just academic or a crusade; toxic behavior in online games yanks me out of my immersion and mars what is supposed to be play time. I don't even care all that much about insults. Each time a Toxic developer goes on a tirade, insults their consumers or thumbs their nose at them. They create a negative association with Epic's store and the practice of exclusivity. Epic Games as a company becomes associated with the stigma generated by the developers and publishers, further weakening their attempts at garnering a market.

Following is our collection of funny Toxic jokes.There are some toxic methane jokes no one knows (to tell your friends) and to make you laugh out loud.Take your time to read those puns and riddles where you ask a question with answers, or where the setup is the punchline Content warning: Slurs and references to racist and sexist language.Update 2: Triternion has published a statement reiterating that it won't be adding an option to toggle off non-white and female. This Intel technology promises to filter toxic comments and insults in your game chats. Intel Bleep is still in the testing phase, but promises to detect and redact audio in conversations. Multiplayer games they bring out the competitive streak of many people, for better and for worse. It has happened to all of us to meet during games. Gamer 'Tashbunny' opens up on 'toxic' misogyny in Malaysia's gaming industry. Four years after her first official e-sports gig, Malaysian gamer Natasha Hidayah Hashim is still experiencing misogyny in the online gaming industry. From being sexually objectified on her live streams to skeptics thinking that her success was purely based.

There are too many jokes! Well, ok, there aren't really 'too' many, just too many to keep up to date and organized. So, we've decided to list the best gamer jokes we've found each year in three different formats. So, below we've listed our favorite 50 gamer jokes featured as images through today Luckily, there are a number of ways to avoid letting toxic people rule your life, employed by clever people who have usually dealt with toxic people in the past. 1. They ignore attention seekers. Often toxic people compulsively seek attention at all costs. Even if it's somebody's birthday, toxic people will always find a way of making. Blizzard's most recent acknowledgement is a developer update video entitled Play Nice, Play Fair, which celebrated the release of player reporting on consoles, a feature that should have been. Insults and toxic behaviour [IMPORTANT] I'm not sensitive. I know this is Internet and people like to rage and insult all the time. But this game is chill time for me. Mostly I'm playing it with friends as much as I can. Sometimes my buddies aren't online and I play solo standard or doubles most of the time. I rarely rage and I'm trying not to. But Lo sees things changing: Dealing with toxic game chats doesn't seem quite as impossible as it used to, in many ways because of the research coming out of recent anti-toxicity measures by.

Literally thousands of funny, scary, and downright disgusting words can be found on the Urban Dictionary site, but none are as funny as those whose sole purpose is to insult someone.Like some of the more bizarre web expressions and acronyms, these ridiculous but very funny words are sure to make you laugh...and weep for today's youth.. So here they are, 14 of the greatest insults currently. Fortnite Jokes. This joke may contain profanity. I told my 14 year old son I thought 'Fortnite' was a stupid name for a computer game. I think it is just too weak. I undersnd why kids love fortnite so much. Who doesn't love hoping out of a bus and shooting everyone in sight This game is one of the few games where your team doesn't care if you are horrible, or even disconnect. at least 10-20 players disconnect every game, and teammates are constantly changing. There's usually 12-24 players on a casual game, so people won't point out 1 person being bad, or won't even notice you at all Other games are being creative with some solutions such as matching toxic players with other toxic players or forcing a player to win 3 matches in casual before being allowed to play ranked again. Ultimately, you can start helping by not being toxic yourself, try and be helpful or even invite those toxic players to join your community to allow. Toxic People: 16 Practical, Powerful Ways to Deal With Them. Even if toxic people came with a warning tattooed on their skin, they might still be difficult to avoid. We can always decide who we allow close to us but it's not always that easy to cut out the toxics from other parts of our lives. They might be colleagues, bosses, in-laws, step.

TOXIC ATTITUDE GIRLS SQUAD INSULTS ME AS NOOB | I SHOWED THEM WHO IS THE BOSS <3 <3 1V3 TDM. PUBG MOBILE. Games/Toys. 12,329,377 Likes. 2,863 talking about this. English (US) Español; Français (France) 中文(简体 Cyberpunk 2077 Official PC requirements released by CDPR. NEWS. October 31, 2020 8. Practice self-care. Being insulted can be really tough on your emotional and mental health. Take some time each day to take care of you. Take care of your physical health by going for a run and eating nutritious foods. Take care of your mental health through meditation or joining a spiritual community That was before remembering the insults and toxic behavior. I was pleasantly surprised with the changes Blizzard had made to the queuing system to help combat the toxic gameplay. Previously if you ever wanted to play a DPS character you would have to enter a game and be first to select your character in hopes nobody else decided to also choose. With the advent of digital games came the advent of gamer cultures and identities. A gamer became a new social first for the group of individuals who played video games (primarily in arcades) in the late 1970's. Over time, however, gamer cultures have grown into what is largely discussed as toxic cultures, and come to become more associated with exclusion than inclusion if you.

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  1. 8/21/17 2:30PM. 305. 13. Undertale 's stigma as a toxic fandom arose after incidents involving harassed YouTubers, pornography, and fans who plastered the internet with in-game jokes. Over time.
  2. A game community can never be non-toxic until the authorities do something to make it happen. If you feel like game developers are ignoring everything you're saying, force them to see it. Mass ping this on Twitter, inform everyone about incidents that happen due to their weakness in providing nice moderation, also report those games if these.
  3. By faaaarr the most toxic game / game experience. It's to the point where that is the game experience - you could be the nicest person but still need to be ready to throw down a carpetbombing of insults in order to appear legitimate in that game. What's frightening to me is that so many children / young people play that game. Holy hell..
  4. 5 Games With Toxic Communities. Games that we play often require us to work in teams to find solutions to challenges they face. In some games, this is a joy ride, filled with fun and unicorn dreams. On the other side of the coin, the dark side comes to light. Making you pull your hair in frustration and leave you hugging your pillow when it's.
  5. It is obvious that both of them behave toxic here. I hope such players will be permanently banned from the game. You cannot behave in this way because you cannot kill someone, and if you do, you will show how weak you are. Thank VoGu for letting toxic players. Start at 2.20 seconds and you will see what happens. YouTube
  6. Posted February 28, 2020. Same here, reported him ingame many times. If ingame reports are useless this has two results: 1. People make tribunal reports for insults. 2. Insults in game increase because of No consequenses 3. Link to post
  7. Toxic Needs To Hate | I sexually identify as a Jul

We need to talk about how toxic discussing the Epic Games Store is when it comes to accusations and insults (Read OP and Threadmarks Before Posting) Thread starter Deleted member 42 Start date Aug 2, 201 This forum is wildly delusional of how toxic it can get in the name of being righteous. It's an EGS thing, or a gaming (have y'all read some OT threads?), or even just an era thing. It's internet discourse at large. The toxicity is there in every field of conversation sports, people, politics, movies, games 'Toxic' League of Legends player responds to his 1-year ban. In the ruling from Riot Games, the developer stated that the pro gamer violated the letter and spirit of the Summoner's.

The Dozens, a game of one-upmanship involving insults or snaps usually related to the mother of one's opponent Yo mama joke; References Further reading. Thomas Conley: Toward a rhetoric of insult. University of Chicago Press, 2010, ISBN -226-11478-3. Croom, Adam M. (2011).. The new season of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson finds the sketch comedian digging even deeper under the surface of toxic masculinity to reveal its soft, hilariously pathetic center

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  1. Misfolded proteins serve as 'inherited memory' of toxic insults Date: August 28, 2018 Source: PLOS Summary: Protein aggregates have a bad reputation in conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and.
  2. This is a funny valorant video and is made just for entertainment purposes . All jokes made in this video are just for fun and not to harm intensions of any.
  3. GG, short for Good Game, went from a friendly way for gamers to say goodbye in-game, but it quickly became the internet's most sarcastic insult

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  1. g communities. The company, which is the publisher of games such as the Battlefield series, the football simulation game Fifa and the life simulation game The Sims, has hired more than 1,500 people to work on creating a good atmosphere in the online communities
  2. Coop Servers Rules — Do NOT play as a RAMBO and rush through the map. — Do NOT open a door while a teammate is using an optiwand on it. — Do NOT hurt suspects or civilians who have surrendered. — Do NOT force players to press the ready button. — Do NOT kill or injure civilians deliberatelly. — Do NOT insult or argue with other players. Vote Mod in Gam
  3. ing others, not following through on promises or commitments, insults.
  4. 339. Some girls look beautiful with or without make-up. Neither is working for you so you should go and put a bag over your head so no one else has to suffer. 117. You're so slutty, Santa gonna be going hoe, hoe, hoe. 128. You must get tired of putting makeup on two faces every morning. 222
  5. 5. You will probably feel isolated and misunderstood. A smear campaign is awful, of course, but you may also feel a general lack of support from friends and close others; estrangement just isn't.
  6. Therefore, it is useful to know Spanish insults and swear words to at least drain some or all of your anger. Similarly, you will want to know the right words at the right time and respond to that unpleasant person. You may also want to say idiot in Spanish or other funny Spanish insults to get revenge

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The Drama Magnet. The JJ. The Fibber. The Tank. How to Deal with Toxicity. Do you have a toxic person in your life? Draining, unsupportive, and difficult people are one of life's greatest challenges. In this post, I want to talk about how you can spot, stop, and deal with the toxic people who come into your life Hanzo Main became an insult almost instantly in Overwatch's in-game chat, but it wouldn't be turned into a full-fledged stereotype until a month after the title hit shelves

Speaking of boundaries, a toxic sibling — much like a toxic parent — isn't going to have much respect for your boundaries. So even if you attempt to establish them as a way of maintaining your. This toxic behaviour also takes place on Valve's very own platform, Steam, and in-game. When I spoke to Wade, he told me he receives racist comments on his Steam group like this one about once. 100s of lines of insults, attacking me and my family, calling me the actual r-word (among every other insult), and literally admitting to losing the game on purpose resulted in: MAYBE a chat restriction. 1 line of responding and calling him a mentally challenged toddler? permanently removed from the game. 10/10

If you feel an insult coming, switch the topic of conversation. Bring up the latest music, movies, or TV shows. Talk about news stories or the new assignment you got at work. Say something like Oh I forgot to tell you! I watched Game of Thrones the other day for the first time User Info: LucarioSaga. LucarioSaga 11 months ago #1. As a new player who mostly travels in a solo sloop (occasionally duo with a friend ) i often get sunk by larger ships. That is fine, i understand it is part of the game. What i do not understand, is the amount of mockery and abuse i receive over voice-chat after the deed is done, or god. Toxic people have a way of drawing on the one time you didn't or the one time you did as evidence of your shortcomings. Don't buy into the argument. You won't win. And you don't need to. They are judgemental. We all get it wrong sometimes but toxic people will make sure you know it Follow/Fav Toxic Gamer of Remnant. By: ChosenRedead. A Gamer Fic written by me and cross posted on AO3. Expect cursing, mentions of violence, and dirty jokes in this Action filled Romance (eventually) with all of your favorite characters including Angry Teacher Woman, General Jimmy, Old man Ozpin. Also spoilers

A recent patent filing indicates that Amazon is developing a new matchmaking system for multiplayer video games that aims to separate toxic players into a separate pool removed from a given game's general player population. Related: The Witcher and Superman Actor Henry Cavill Addresses Concerns of Toxic Fando Insult Quotes - BrainyQuote. Taste every fruit of every tree in the garden at least once. It is an insult to creation not to experience it fully. Temperance is wickedness. Stephen Fry. Experience Fruit Tree. Never insult an alligator until after you have crossed the river. Cordell Hull Some of the most flamboyant and loquacious insults on the show were reserved for Jonah Ryan, the White House liaison-turned-Vice President. Jonah was perhaps one of the most incomprehensible characters on the show and had been derided by almost every character that appeared on Veep.. RELATED: Veep: Ranking Selina's Best Employees In season 2, during a meeting with Ben Cafferty, the White. @tidecallerbliss @AmazonFCVenom @bashty92 @Firepup16Cp @LeagueOfLegends @RiotSupport capo i'm from LAS, if System report doesn't work in EUW/NA it won't work here, always saying but here insults are worse you've never been on a toxic game in LAS, where Everybody speaks the same language, but have thousands of ways to call you trash playe

Thanks to the return of Rick & Morty season 4 last night, we're reminded of these insufferable fanbases now more than ever. 1. The Real Ricks - Rick & Morty. Facebook. In 2013, Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon's adult animation about an anti-hero mad scientist and his meek grandson began as an innocuous half-hour comedy Apr 16, 2021 - Support, encouragement and empowerment for those in the midst of, leaving and healing from the damage caused by unhealthy relationships. See more ideas about unhealthy relationships, toxic people, dysfunctional Toxic behavior, which is aggressive and unwanted behavior towards a particular individual or group, is prevalent in many gaming communities. This remains a huge issue for game developers due to multiple reasons: Worsens User Experience - Toxic behaviors negatively impact the gaming experience of surrounding player Toxic players get wrecked: 'Valorant' is now recording your voice chats. Anyone that's ever played Valorant will undoubtedly have experienced outbursts of headache-inducing insults at least once. But that's about to change with the new voice chat rules. In an industry-first move, Riot Games is actively taking a stance against the issue. Side effects of toxic productivity. Getty Images. Working too hard over extended periods of time will drain your energy. And it puts a great deal of stress on your body, leading to both mental and physical burnout. Chronic stress is associated with higher rates of depression and anxiety and an increased risk of heart disease, cancer, type 2.

Super Mario Sports and Video Game Clones. Play; Super Mario Sugar Rush. Play; Super Mario Super Troll - Episode 1 - Fire Flower. Play; Super Mario Super Troll - Episode 2 - Introductions. Play; Super Mario Super Troll - Episode 3 - My First Castle. Play; Super Mario Super Troll - Episode 4 - Soggy Skies and Making Money. Pla 27 Signs of Toxic Relationships. Pay attention to the following red flags: Walking on eggshells - you find yourself walking on eggshells all the time for fear of upsetting your partner. Can't speak freely - you can't speak about your thoughts, feelings or needs openly without fearing negative repercussions Toxic workplaces often lead to employee physical and mental fatigue. So, one of the sure-fire signs of a toxic office is if employees are always calling in sick. Blame Game Is the Order of The Day. It's worse if the insults take a cultural, racial, or religious tangent. 16. Sexual Harassment. Sexual harassment at workplace mostly. 1. Hello everyone i hope u having a great day, 2. not complaining but i going to quit that game it was alot of fun at the beginning but now the game feel to toxic i try to ignored them etc but i cant handle it anymore being insult because i am newby at new stuff etc for dungeon , or event Ninja Responds to Accusations That He is Toxic. The world-famous Mixer streamer, Tyler Nina Blevins, snaps back at fans or detractors that believe he is too toxic while streaming on Mixer

7. Deep down inside, we know they are not good people. When we feel it in our gut that the person we love is not the right one for us, we need to trust it. This is our soul speaking to us and trying to warn us that he is not worth our time, and we deserve much better in love Toxic Ego Games | Aurea via Sharon Stewart. These are not win/win situations. They're win/lose. There's always a winner and a loser, just like in politics. It's a competitive system, not a system of cooperation. The difference between the ego based system and a system of cooperation lies with one thing: the heart FACEIT, the online competitive gaming platform, has announced a new partnership with Google's Jigsaw that will see the two work together to build an AI system that will identify and punish toxic.

Do you like to make mean or sarcastic jokes about other people? is related to Am I Toxic Quiz? | Do I Have Toxic Behavior? Test. Here you can create your own quiz and questions like Do you like to make mean or sarcastic jokes about other people? also and share with your friends. These questions will build your knowledge and your own create quiz will build yours and others people knowledge insult. (ĭn-sŭlt′) v. in·sulted, in·sulting, in·sults. n. (ĭn′sŭlt′) a. Medicine A bodily injury, irritation, or trauma. b. Something that causes injury, irritation, or trauma: the middle of the Bronx, buffeted and poisoned by the worst environmental insults that urban America can dish out (William K. Stevens) Last Activity: Mar 22, 2021 Joined: May 8, 2020 Posts: 0 Sythe Gold: 1 Referrals: 0 Posts per Day: 0.00 Likes Received: 1 Trophy Points:

They become toxic, and toxic people are not worth your time. This take is written in a male point of view. One reason is because this includes some of my personal experiences as well, and the other reason is to make people aware that men too can face abuse in relationships