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I just recently got a Samsung P2450H 24 monitor and I've connected it into my MBP with a mini Displayport > HDMI adaptor and with a HDMI cable. I've changed the default setting from AV to PC in the Samsung Monitor menu as recommended by others on this forum, and now I'm getting the maximum 1920 x 1080 resolution available on both Windows 7 and. samsung monitor blurry hdmi. Let me reiterate what I said above with a few diagrams from the user manual of Samsung LN40A550 (P3F) so that you can double check your connection:- (click the diagram for a better view) I suggest to try HDMI 2 input first, then also try HDMI 1 and HDMI 3. Using it at 1980x1020 @ 120hz @ HDMI How to correct blurry or bleached out monitor look, works on a single monitor.Also Fixes Pc task or title bar being out of Range.This issue usually occurs wi.. The Samsung have VGA and two HDMI ports. My laptop has DVI and HDMI so I opted to use the HDMI connection. I was extremely disappointed to the quality of the image. Text was blurry / fuzzy and I got it slightly better by changing the subpixel settings in my OS and messing with the options in the OSD on the Samsung

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  1. Here's how to fix the grainy pictures on a HDTV acting as a PC monitor.Will mostly fix samsungs from what i hear and notice, but may fix others as well. Good..
  2. Samsung C24FG73 blurry text - bad text quality. Bought a new C24FG73. Using it at 1980x1020 @ 120hz @ HDMI. (My laptop doesn't have any Displayport input) Image quality is great but text looks like my 14 CRT monitor 20 years ago. I guess I tried every single option in the menu but couldn't get it better. The screen looks just like when you.
  3. Samsung Magic Upscale prevents this by adjusting the quality when an image is upscaled to give you a smooth, clear picture. Access Samsung Magic Upscale by pressing any button on your monitor to view the Key guide. Press Menu, and then go to Picture. Press Down to find Samsung Magic Upscale, and then select Mode 1, which is less intense, or.
  4. Running Windows10 on Dell Inspiron13 5000 Series Intel Core i5 connected via HDMI to Acer KG271B Full HD 27 LED as external monitor. This monitor is blurry. Tried altering the settings on the monitor and also tried the display settings which are both set to each individually recommended setting for the laptop monitor and for the external monitor
  5. The HDMI to HDMI connection between my asus computer and my monitor creates a blurry display on my monitor. The resolution on the monitor and in windows is set to its native 1920 x 1080. Due to the extremely small font after installing the monitor, I had to go to the make text appear larger setting and increase that to make the text.
  6. I plugged in my new monitor with a HDMI cable with a DVI adapter, however upon doing so, the resolution of the older screen was reduced to 1440 x 900 (or something like that) and my new monitor became fuzzy, as in, everything is out of focus and the colours seem dark / unnatural. I've tried using a HDMI cable with the older monitor, where I can.
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USB-C and HDMI ports on your Samsung monitor. 5. Learn more Voice control on your Samsung Smart Monitor. Find resources. Manuals, drivers, and software Get the latest drivers, manuals, firmware, and software. Learn More Request repair service. Blurry fonts on external display - Samsung CF791. I've just bought a 34 inch Samsung monitor (CF791, also known as LC34F791WQUXEN) for my MBP retina 15 mid-2015. It looks a beauty :-) Things started easily enough. HDMI to HDMI, and the Macbook adopted the monitor's full resolution, 3440 x 1440, as I was led to believe by Apple's documentation HDMI PC Connection: Text is fuzzy/ image is not clear Common complaints when connecting a computer to the TV are; the text on the screen is fuzzy or that images seem grainy. This is because the TV's scaling is set for standard HDMI input. To resolve these image issues you simply need to rename the input PC or PC DVI

2nd monitor HDMI blurry - posted in External Hardware: So I set up my new computer and the main monitor which is connected via a serial/DVI port to my Geforce 1070 GTX card looks fine, but when I. ―A digital output device is connected using the HDMI/DP cable. ―The input signal is 480p, 576p, 720p, or 1080p and monitor can display normally (Not every model can support all of these signals.). ―This can only be set when the external input is connected through HDMI/DP and PC/AV Mode is set to AV SUPPORT. 34 SJ55W Ultra WQHD Monitor $ 349.99. Save up to an extra $ 61.25 now with Samsung Discount Program. See discount pricing. LEARN MORE. Price includes $50 instant savings - 13% off. Limited time only. LS34J550WQNXZA One monitor is connected through HDMI and it works and looks flawless. But the second monitor is connected to the same laptop using a VGA cable (since the laptop only has 1 HDMI port). But the monitor using the VGA has a very blurry image. I installed the VGA software that HP recommends for monitors using VGA, but it doesn't make a difference

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  1. in this video we will show how to fix blurry text after connecting tv monitor in pc using hdmi. in this video we will show how to fix blurry text after connecting tv monitor in pc using hdmi
  2. Jun 7, 2013. #1. Recently purchased a 32 Samsung EH5300 HDTV and connected it to my PC with a HDMI-HDMI cable. It's running at it's native resolution of 1920x1080 and so is the computer. It's also running in PC mode. However all text is very pixelated and every game looks terrible now. There's also a 'shadow' underneath the mouse
  3. Samsung Business S24R650FDN SR650 Series 24 inch IPS 1080p 75Hz Computer Monitor for Business with VGA, HDMI, DisplayPort, and USB Hub, 3-Year Warranty, Black 4.6 out of 5 stars 920 2 offers from $349.9

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Hello, favorite community of mine. I recently bought a new 10' HDMI cable so I can dual screen my PC. My secondary monitor is now hooked up with DVI, since it has no HDMI port, and my primary monitor is hooked up with HDMI. Ever since I hooked up my primary monitor with the HDMI cable, the text has been VERY blurry, and can give me a headache if I look at it for too long (more than a 30. T55 Series C24T55. C24T55. 24 FHD Curved Monitor with 1000R curvature and minimalist design with 3-sided borderless screen. The 1000R display fits the human field of view for less eye strain. 3-sided borderless minimalist design complements any interior. AMD FreeSync delivers seamless gaming, while 75Hz makes scenes smooth

The Samsung P2770HD 27 widescreen HDTV monitor features a digital TV tuner and digital device support, so you can connect it to your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, gaming system or computer. HDMI connections and 1080p support ensure that no matter what you're doing, you'll be doing it at the highest resolution possible Far worse than my other displays, which aren't dedicated gaming displays either. It's a shame, because the older Samsung hybrid monitor had a similar problem. Grainy blurry image, albeit motion was handled better. Game mode must be enabled to have low input lagg. Ultimately, I'm glad to see a return of the TV/Monitor hybrid by Samsung Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Samsung 32 inch CF391 Curved Monitor (LC32F391FWNXZA) - 1080p, Dual Monitor, Laptop Monitor, Monitor Stand/Riser/Mount Compliant, AMD Freesync, Gaming, HDMI, White at Amazon.com. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users Quick View. Monitor. Samsung Odyssey C49G95TSSW 49 Inch G-Sync 240Hz 2k Curved Gaming Monitor. ৳ 187,100. Add to wishlist. Quick View. Monitor. Samsung LC49HG90DMUXEN 49 Inch QLED 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor. ৳ 139,300

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Check Out our Selection & Order Now. Free UK Delivery on Eligible Orders I just built a computer last week and with a Samsung 2333HD (which is a monitor and a tv) and when I use it as the monitor, my desktop, firefox, and all text are very blurry. I am using a HDMI cable connected to my gtx260 at native 1080p resolution. I tried using that ClearType option on Windows 7 but it didnt help at all Hi, I've recently purchased a Samsung T23A750 monitor and to my disappointment when I try to watch a movie the built in speakers are not functioning. I have a Sony Vaio Z216GX connected via HDMI to the monitor (HDMI-DVI) port. I can definitely see the video, but no audio is playing from the.. Samsung blurry can't find TV channels: Old monitor, RCA connectors, wave/blurry picture: My Toshiba Regza LCD TV is blurry on the left side. It used to go away after a little tap on the back, but that does't work an: blurry YouTube video: Blurry tv picture from a/v, rca connection: HDMI connected tv blurry: Blurry Samsung 55 LED: i have a. I running Lion on my MBP and have run into the same issue described here with an external Samsung monitor. Adapter is a thunderbolt-HDMI (I did not have an issue with the thunderbolt-DVI) To resolve the blurry font issue I had to change the video mode from 1080p to the max available resolution setting which for me was 1680 x 1050 (60Hz

I have just plugged in a second monitor to my pc and for some reason it appears as blurry I am using windows 10 and I am unsure as to what to do as I have tried to scale dpi chance the resolution and lots of different options such as updating display adaptors, however it is still blurry and I can't find any other methods I am unsure if it is just my monitor or if there is any other options to. T470 fuzzy/blurry display on external monitor via HDMI 2018-02-16, 6:17 AM. Hi, We recently purchased two T470 laptops. Both of these appear to have display issues when outputting to an external monitor. Text will appear fuzzy/blurry and after a couple of minutes your eyes starts to hurt from trying to focus on it.. Jun 14, 2017. #1. Hi, I have a problem with texts being blurry and not sharp (not smooth)when connected to the external screen? I am using Surface book connected via dock to the Samsung 32 inch LED monitor with 1920*1080 resolution but it doesn't look sharp and texts appear blurry also. Is this the DPI problem and or some other issues

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Purchase product, installed and plugged in HDMI port. Moved monitor and HDMI port broke loose from back of the monitor. HDMI port no longer works. Amazon directed me to Samsung because of product defect, Samsung customer support would not replace but was willing to charge me to fix it if I sent the product to them Most sub £600 laptops have a low resolution screen, which do not match TV 1080 or 720 resolutions. The mismatch will be the cause of the blur. Try the function button Normally (fn_+f2) or similar until only the TV screen comes on and the laptop screen turns off. Go to display settings and change the resolution to 1080 or 720 depending on your TV The next best option if you don't have DisplayPort connectors is HDMI. If you have HDMI then you need this Cable Matters Gold Plated Active Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Male to Female Adapter Supporting Eyefinity Technology & 4K Resolution (affiliate link) (active converter) as well as this HDMI 2.0 (4K) Ready cable (affiliate link).Plug the active converter into your Surface or docking station.

The Samsung P2770HD 27 widescreen HDTV monitor features a digital TV tuner and digital device support, so you can connect it to your cable/satellite box, Blu-ray player, gaming system or computer. HDMI connections and 1080p support ensure that no matter what you're doing, you'll be doing it at the highest resolution possible 2. Try connecting to the monitor through other means: Several users have been able to work around the problem by using a different kind of cable for making the connection to their monitor. I was able to fix it by connecting the screen via HDMI through a USBC hub. Once the resolution was back up (but at a lower refresh rate) I was able to reconnect directly via the USBC and keep the same. Check if your second monitor has an Auto Button on it. If it does, you can push the Auto Button to run an auto adjustment. This may fix the monitor blurry issue. The Auto Button can be easily found. If you can't find it on your monitor, you can check the monitor user manual or contact the device support for assistance GPU: ati 5770 Vapor x. Basically the problem is that the image is blurred when connecting the pc to a jvc led tv via hdmi. It´s a if it is as applying some kind of filter. Moreover, when connected by vga everything looks much clearer and defined. It´s not the ccc underscan problem

My other computer that is also connected (hdmi) to this TV is just fine, like it always whas. Both are 1920-1080 resolution. But my older PC has grainy or blurry text with a white hase to it, i can see that the pixels of the fonts are distorted, like they where converted from 7 by 7 pixels to 10 by 10 pixels, some pixels end up in a place where. I'm trying to connect my Samsung 2333HD HDTV/monitor to my laptop via the HDMI port. The native resolution of my tv is 1920x1080 and the resolution of my laptop is 1680x1050. When I tried to change the resolution to my tv's native resolution of 1920x1080, the text look horrible (dark, blurry, blueish tint) but if I decrease it to my laptop's.

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Blurry 1080p text on 32 1080p TV via HDMI. I just purchased a Panasonic TC-L32U22 tv to hook up as a monitor and I am unable to get the text crisp. I purchased a 40 Westinghouse 1080p tv earlier and it had the same problem. HOWEVER I was able to fix it by switching it from HDMI audio enabled to HDMI audio disabled U28R55. 28 UHD resolution monitor with IPS panel, HDR support, eye comfort technology and AMD FreeSync. UHD resolution delivers stunning images composed of 8 million pixels with truly intricate detail. The IPS panel preserves color vividness and clarity across every inch of the screen. HDR brings a dynamic range of luminous blacks, whites, and. My laptop is a new HP 15-db0045ns with AMD Ryzen 5 2500U CPU and AMD Radeon Vega 8 Graphics and 12GB RAM. HDMI port is 1.4 The TV is a new Samsung UHD 4K and when I connect this or older laptops by HDMI the image quality is very poor, as if it was a much lower resolution Such issues include one or both monitors not coming back from sleep or startup, display flickering, connectivity/linking problems, and more. A few users have even reported glitches like display blackouts and fuzzy/blurry screens. This happens especially when increasing refresh rates of 4K monitors anywhere above 30Hz Samsung ultra-wide monitor provides all the workspace you need to multi-task efficiently and in comfort

Disable Overscan in the Monitor/TV Settings. Open the TV menu and select Picture. Then open Advanced Video (or HDMI Settings) and select Overscan. On an LG HDTV, you may choose Just Scan (in Picture Menu > Aspect Ratio). On a Samsung TV, you may set Picture Size to No Overscan or set the Picture Mode to Relax (TV Settings > Menu > Picture Mode) Cable issue (PC to Philips LCD - text is blurry) HELLO AGAIN. I've recently hooked up my PC to a 32 Philips LCD. The telly is 1080p and everything looks very spiffy indeed - except text of pretty much any sort, which is blurry, washed out and almost unreadable. Don't know why the issue specifically affects text, and enabling ClearType doesn't. 25 Aug 2014 #1. Using TV as PC Monitor. Text is a little fuzzy. I wanted a monitor larger than my 22 inch Samsung but reasonably priced 23 inch or 24 inch monitors wouldn't have made much of a difference and a 27 inch monitor was more than I wanted to spend. I had read lots of articles about using a TV as a PC monitor so I was forewarned about.

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Blurry fonts on secondary extended display. i just bought a new LG 27UD58-B 27 inch/4K display and the resolution is gorgeous. however it recommends 150% scaling and the ST2210 Dell monitor recommends 100%. if I have both cards in the NVIDIA GTX 960 GPU and I scale the LG to 150% the Dell does the same and the font size is too blown up After connecting my newly-purchased Mac mini 2018 to my Dell U2410 24 inch 1920×1200 LCD monitor by HDMI cable, I notice that the text is a little blurry and pixelated. The lines aren't smooth, but jagged. The text looks like it would on an old analog TV

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But whenever I connect my mac, the text is blurry and the image quality is low. I have checked both the screen resolution on the system preferences. Its correct. My HDMI cable is brand new and I tested this on 2 different external monitors. I even bought another gaming monitor to see if the problem is on the external monitor. The result is the. Welcome to the Samsung Members Community. Explore your new hub for all things Samsung and beyond. Connect with Samsung experts, super-fans, and other Community members for tips on features and how to get the most out of your Samsung product. Join the Community / Sign in Dell XPS 8100 with ATI 5770 Video card connecting to Samsung 2333HD Monitor/TV using HDMI displays blurry text. Dell has replaced the Video Card twice and the Motherboard once. Issue persists. Samsung 2333HD HDMI port is set to PC Mode and 5770 is set to output 60Hz refresh rate. There appear to be. blurry 1; boot manager 1; Boot problems 1; Booting issues 1; button 1; buzz sound 1; Samsung lu28r550u HDMI issue 1; Samsung Magician 3; Samsung monitor sound issues 1; Samsung Odessy G9 1; Samsung Odyssey G7 2; Samsung Odyssey G9 cable 1; Samsung Odyssey G9 macbook connectivity 1 XPS 13 2‑in‑1 7390 using HDMI to connect through a USB-C hub to external monitor and image is blurry Jump to solution. My two year old Inspiron 3670 gets a much better image on the Samsung monitor than my brand new 7390 XPS 13. Does the XPS have an inferior graphics card? Svc tag is <Service Tag removed> for the Inspiron

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I bought a Samsung 49 Ultra-wide monitor. The monitor has HDMI or DisplayPort inputs. On HDMI it only offers up to 3840 x 1080 resolution which is very blurry font. I tried mini-DisplayPort to full DisplayPort v1.4 and it provides the higher resolution of this monitor (5120 x 1440) BUT everything is extremely unreadable. For example, the . Buy Samsung MONITOR LED 27 at Walmart.com. Pickup Deco Gear DGVIEW101 - LED monitor - curved - 35 - 2560 x 1080 UWFHD @ 75 Hz - 366.8 cd/m - 2000:1 - 4 ms - HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort. 6. $339.95 $ 339. 95. List price $ At first it was kind of blurry or out of focus when looking at text for long periods, but after a couple of days that. I have a MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, 2015) connected to 2 LCD monitors: one through VGA and one through DVI. Text in both this monitors look awfully blurry acer monitor blurry text. February 13, 2021 in Uncategorized. The LCD monitor has shadows, lines, or ghostly, blurry, fuzzy, hazy, tinted, or faded images or colors. Display problems with specific apps like scaling is too large or too small. Other than changing scaling and resolution, Windows also offer few other display settings

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Now I got a new 2nd display and suddenly the samsung display is incredible blurry. The new display is a dell U2515H running 2560x1440@60 via hdmi. So now I have no idea why the samsung display got blurry after adding the dell. The cables are still the same so this should not be the problem. Any ideas First, in the System Preferences > Display > I had to uncheck the High Dynamic Range box because it seems to make fonts blurry. Second, Under Resolution I am picking the second from the left (Larger text), and it was 'clear', any smaller text is a bit too small for me to read. Mac Display Setting LU28R55: Display: Resolution: Scaled (Second. For example, with my Samsung HDTVs (plugged into my desktop PC), I had to specifically name one of my HDMI ports as 'PC'. It immediately went from blurry to crystal clear. The problem was that the term 'PC' wasn't just a name, it actually optimized the video performance for PC to that specific input Anything else will be blurry. An HDMI cable can not cause a blurry image, being a digital connection, it either works perfectly or not at all. The fault has to be with either the monitor or the computer/device outputing the video signal. That is the case with analog signals, but not digital like DVI and HDMI

Answer. Yep it is a hdmi 2.0, it has 2 of them. It also has a displayport 1.2. It comes with a HDMI cable that is high speed and able to do 4k 60hz. I run my pc at 12bit 422 hdr on 4k 60 hz, and my play station pro runs at 10 bit 420 4k 60hz i believe. It wont do 12bit 444 or 12 bit RGB full, on my computer, which I think is a limit of HDMI 2. I've got Plugable UD-CAM dock and it works perfectly fine with my Dell Latitude 7480 laptop and USB, Ethernet and WQHD (2560 x 1440) Dell monitor. Pretty much the same is applicable to my Samsung Galaxy S9 with only 1 exception - HDMI resolutions above FullHD (i.e. 1920x1080) are grayed-out in Dex settings (see attached screenshot). Now given laptop works with the same monitor in its native.

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Blurry image when HDMI Support Data Block is enabled. This is a years old problem that I have, and only now found the incentive to dig deeper and attempt to solve. I have a GA-MA78GM-SH2 motherboard, with ATI 3200 onboard GPU. It is connected to a Samsung Plasma TV (PS42A450) by HDMI cable. In BIOS it is possible to configure the output to be. Text on a smart TV should look good if the equipment is working properly and you do everything right. But there are a few things that can go wrong that will make things look bad. First, make sure the hardware connection between your laptop and you..

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Experience with Samsung U32J590 32 4k VA. Review. Recently purchased this monitor for 550$ AUD. I didn't find much info online beforehand, so I figured I would post my experience with it. Note that the only displays I can really compare it with are a 3 year old 4k Samsung U590, my IPS 1080p laptop, and my iPad An HDMI connector looks almost like a generic USB port. However, it is slightly taller and wider than a USB port. As the HDMI cables come with two ends, each connection is designed to accept only one end of the cable. In your Samsung UHD 4K TV, you can find the connectors at the back of the TV. Usually, more than one connector exists in a line. Using a Samsung Syncmaster XL2370HD. When connecting my MBPR with HDMI, the external monitor looks absolutely atrocious. I've also used HDMI to connect to another screen (a Samsung flatscreen tv), and image quality was equally unbearable. I read that there were some issues with HDMI, so I purchased a DisplayPort to VGA adapter Samsung Space 27 DisplayPort issue. I am having issues with DisplayPort Mini on the Samsung Surface Monitor - I was normally using the HDMI with the usb c adapter on my MacBook Pro but wanted to plug other devices for PIP. I have purchased first a HDMI - MiniDisplay Port cable to connect to MacBook Pro however to no avail - there was no image.

- Changed/checked all cables (connected via HDMI to Samsung BX2450) - Updated ALL drivers and Windows. I suggest to every other victim of this issue that you COMPLAIN, COMPLAIN & COMPLAIN Again. I for one will be requesting compensation for losses and medical/eye specialist fees. FIX THIS RUBBISH ASAP PLEASE !!! Ensure you set the resolution to native for the screen. For this particular TV, it was 1920 x 1080. You can also try lower resolutions to see if the problem is decreased. 1600 x 900 was quite good in this case, but I wanted to keep the full 1080p resolution so it was a compromise. Connect the HDMI cable to the appropriate HDMI port. In my case.

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I then tried to use my TV as a monitor. I have before and it has worked great in the past, however it is extremely blurry. I did some research and found that some people were complaining about the text being blurry when you plug a monitor/tv into the hdmi port, but my entire screen is blurry. not just the text and I have no way of getting it fixed The Samsung QN90A uses a BGR sub-pixel layout, which can affect how text is rendered when using the TV as a PC monitor. You can read more about that here . The pixels look a bit blurry due to the 'Ultra Viewing Angle' layer

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PVC Free: Monitor mechanisms and circuits are constructed without PVC* making for an eco-friendly device, lessening environmental impact. Accessory Packaging: Samsung has reduced the LDPE** in accessory packaging from 100% to 80% by using bio-friendly Sugar cane (20%) as an alternative manufacturing material It's blurry because your are running at 1080p and the monitor is upscaling the image to 4K. PC monitors typically do not have high quality image scaling & instead leave that to the PC. There is no fix other than replace the Xbox One with an S or X model which can output a 4K signal. The S can give the monitor a 4K signal so the display does not. HEy Everyone, recently had a user purchase 2 Samsung C32F391 Monitors, and I'm trying tog et them to work with his current workstation. the monitors only have HDMI, and Displayport ports to work with. the computer itself has one HDMI and one VGA port. i was able to get one of them working on the HDMI port, but am having trouble with the second monitor on the vga port. we got a VGA to display. Closing Laptop Lid, causes both monitors to temporarily reset, 2nd samsung monitor fonts go blurry I have two monitors (1x LG-VGA and 1x Samsung-HDMI) connected to my Dell E5470. Both monitors are set for 1920x1080. If have the laptop screen on/open they all display perfectly. If I close the lid, both monitors go blank for a couple of seconds. A cable cannot cause a blurry signal. An HDMI, Thunderbolt, etc cable is either connected and passing signal or it is not. Replacing a digital cable will help *only* if the cable is broken, causing the screen to go black. It is absolutely 100% completely impossible for a digital cable to ever cause a fuzzy picture

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I had an old monitor (Samsung Syncmaster 910MP) that was still good. Decided to use it in the bedroom as a TV. (I don't watch *much* TV in there, but now and then is convenient, esp. if I have the flu or something.) Took my old Roku 2, which works on non digital TV, and first hooked it up using.. Email Thread. Hello, In an effort to get my Note 10.1 to display on a projector/monitor that only has a VGA connection I did the following: I have connected the Samsung HDTV Adapter to my Note 10.1. I have connected the Samsung HDTV Adapter to Cable Maters HDMI to VGA Active M/F Adapter. I connected the Cable Matters Adapter to a VGA monitor The Samsung Odyssey G9 and the Acer Nitro RG241Y Pbiipx are very different monitors. The Samsung is a super ultrawide with a 32:9 aspect ratio and a 1440p resolution, while the Acer is a 16:9 monitor with a 1080p resolution. The Samsung has a higher refresh rate of 240Hz, a better contrast ratio, and higher peak brightness Q: Question Is the Samsung- T55 Series 27 LED 1000R Curved FHD FreeSync Monitor (DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA) Compatible with a HP - Desktop - AMD Ryzen 5-Series - 12GB Memory - 256GB Solid State Drive - Jet Black Model:M01-F0024 SKU:6366135. Asked 3 months ago by Candice Just got my 360 wired up. It's set to 1080p in settings but I can say for sure its not 1080 as it looks slightly blurry and pixelated as if watching it on SD. I haven't been in game yet but I'll try that now. I'm using a HDMI cable going out from the 360 and a HDMI > DVI adaptor on the end of that which plugs into my Dell 23 1080p Monitor

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XPS 15 hdmi output is blurry? I have recently brought a Dell XPS 15, connected a digital TV monitor via the HDMI output and set up the screens so both are working. Problem is the digital tv (full HD Samsung) monitor is very blurry and it doesn't matter what resolution I make it is still blurry G750JZ to HDMI Monitor, Blurry/Fuzzy/Vibration in games. I connected my G750JZ to my 23inch ACER Monitor via HDMI and when I play my game on this monitor, Mechwarrior Online, most of the lines are fuzzy. It's hard to tell at first but if you look close enough, everything looks like it's vibrating in place. Ideas Samsung's manual for the monitor doesn't offer a clue about this obvious troubleshooting issue that plenty of users will encounter when connecting a PC to the monitor with an HDMI cable. I registered to say 'thanks' and to help bump this post in search ratings so others can find it

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